CVS Extreme Couponing (Week of 8/12): $5.00 or Less

Welcome to this post where we will lay out some extreme couponing deals that will cost you about $5.00 each week! First, here’s everything you need to know about shopping at CVS:

CVS allows one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per product. You may use CVS Extra Bucks (EBs) in addition to these coupons. Extra Bucks are their rewards that are printed at the end of your cash register receipt. These coupons can be used on your next purchase. Remember, if there is a limit in the ad for the Extra Bucks items, this limit is per CVS Extra Care Card.

The best deals to be had at CVS are “Extra Bucks” offers. The best thing about CVS is their rainchecks, which include the “Extra Buck” offers, so you can still get the offer when they have more stock! Get your CVS card so you can enjoy these extreme savings! Be sure and read the CVS coupon policy. You can also go here and review the CVS How To Video.


Buy 1 Good N Natural Bar, $1.29
Use one $1.29/1 Good N Natural Bar from RP 8/12 (exp
Pay Nothing

Buy 1 Suave Invisible Antiperspirant Solid, 1.4 oz, $1.00
Use one $0.75/1  Suave  Deodorant Product excludes trial and travel size from SS 7/29 (exp 8/26)
Pay $0.25

Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, $9.99
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks, limit 1
Use one $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, excludes Fusion ProGlide Styler and trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from RP 8/12 (exp 9/30)
Pay $5.99, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks

Total: $6.24, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks


Buy 1 Physicians Formula Lip Gloss $9.89
Spend $10.00, Receive $7.00 Extra Bucks Limit 1
Use one $1.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetic product, excludes trial sizes, limit 1 coupon per item purchased, not valid with any other offer from SS 6/3 (exp 9/30)
Pay $8.89, Receive $7.00 Extra Bucks

Total: $8.89, Use $4.00 Extra Bucks from transaction #1, Pay $4.89, Receive $7.00 Extra Bucks

Grand Total: $11.13 with $7.00 Extra Bucks remaining so $4.13 plus tax for $22.00 worth of product at sale prices!

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17 thoughts on “CVS Extreme Couponing (Week of 8/12): $5.00 or Less”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My SS does not have most of these coupons!  I don’t have the Suave or PF cosmetic coupons. 

    • joyjoy1417 says:

      I don’t get a lot of the coupons mentioned either but getting $7 ecb for purchasing $10 is still a really good deal.  I got lucky this past week and got a 30% CVS coupon emailed to me.  Since this item is not on sale, I can use it and get the lip gloss for free.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of the coupons are regional…  So, sometimes you might see a deal that might not work for you because you didn’t get the Qs…  :-/  Maybe you can get newspapers from different cities where you live?  :-/

  2. Iancoupon says:

    Just wondering, but can two different people sign up for a CVS card from the same household and get the same deals?

    • Montbec says:

      Technically you can, although the deals that the card limits are intended to be per household. 

    • joyjoy1417 says:

      CVS policy states that you can only have one card per household.  Having more than one, technically, is breaking the rules.

  3. Tshockey346 says:

    but if the lip gloss is only 9.89 it is .11 short of the 10.00 needed, so would you not have to buy something else to quilify for the $7.00 rewards? I believe you would, I ran into this problem with an aleve deal I was only .02 short and had to purchase something else for the rewards. 

    • guest says:

       With CVS you only have to hit 98% of the total needed for the ECB deal. So for the Physicians Formula, you would need $10 x .98 or $9.80 to trigger the ECB.

      • stampergal says:

        Thank you, that makes is a lot more clear for me.

        • Cdb6c says:

          I was .05 short with the garnier sale last time but didn’t receive the ecb :( do I have to inform them? Or that will automatically print on th e receipt?

          • Anonymous says:

             It should automatically print.

            • bhrixy says:

              Hi, I was wondering if the razor is considered part of the cosmetic item? Because I still have the $5/$15 and I would like to use it on this deal if possible…

            • joyjoy1417 says:

              No.  Razors are not considered cosmetics so you can’t use that coupon.  Nor is it considered beauty so it doesn’t count towards your Beauty Club points.

            • Bhrixy says:

              Joy, so shaving cream isn’t considered as well right?

            • Anonymous says:


  4. stampergal says:

    Just wanted to be clear on something for myself…..I can spend 9.89 on PF lip gloss at CVS and get the $7.00 eb?  If so, I am going first thing in the morning!

    • Hope says:

      the deal is spend $10 on any physicians formula and receive $7 eb… so yep you can get the lip gloss and get back $7.