Lightbulbs are handy stockpile items, which is why I’m excited to announce that a hot new GE Lightbulb coupon is available! When stacked with the Target store coupon, total savings rise to $3.00, making this a freebie.



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37 thoughts on “Free GE Reveal Appliance Lightbulb at Target!”

  1. Stephanie Wyant says:

    I found them at my Target in New York State! Yay! :)

  2. nycolen says:

    So I couldn’t find these at my target but I was able to find some GE Halogen light bulbs, the long ones that are usually 9 dollars or more, were clearanced for 3.07 at my target today. Minus the 2.00 coupon and only paid 1.07 per package or .53 cents per bulb. Thanks KLC.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My local Target would not take both coupons because they refused to mark them down. First time I’ve had this problem at Target. Spoke with the manager of the store (who wasn’t too friendly) and she claimed they had recently changed their policy, took her about 5 minutes to “find” it, couldn’t show it to me, but still refused to take the coupons even though I had the coupon policy on hand. Quite disappointing, just days ago they were able to mark a coupon down… anyone else have this issue?

    • courtingcouponing says:

      Did she try scanning it? This happened at my target and my cashier said I wouldn’t be able to use it. I showed her the coupon policy and when she scanned the item, the register automatically adjusted it down.

      Bring your policy, apologize for the trouble, and be firm and polite. If they still won’t do it, ask to speak to a manager or call corporate. You aren’t doing anything wrong and are just following the policy they made up! Lately, whenever I go to target I try to find young, male cashiers (as KCL suggest in their book) and the guys are usually SO nice about it! And like that we used coupons!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh no, I’m sorry that happened. Isn’t it frustrating? I hope that next time is a better experience!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the response, inspired me to give it another try :) I Went to a different location and it was like night and day! Had absolutely NO problems, friendly service and the cashier actually rolled over the overage to the rest of my purchase instead of marking the coupons down. Thanks for all the great info!

  4. my Target priced these light bulbs at 4.19 for 40 watt. Still 1.19 for a 4 pack isnt too bad.. Thank you

  5. Anonymous says:

    if you still have that $2/1 GE Energy Smart CFL or Energy-Efficient Soft White Manufacturer’s Coupon that expires in 2014, match it with the target coupon and they have single bulbs for $3.79

  6. jessica says:

    My store did not have any bulbs for under 8 dollars. I asked the manager at customer service to look for it, when he did he said that they didnt have anything. So I left with nothing. Also the Jingos crackers were not there…Target has really failed me.

  7. Ami <3 says:

    The Target coupon specifies certain bulbs. But I’ll still be happy to save what I can! Thank you!

  8. rebekahj says:

    every target can have different prices. depends on the state, district, & mainly theft level. baby crib mattress are $5 more in a store 10 minutes away from my main target i shop at. this is because they have a higher theft level. the store needs to get there money back some how.

    • Candace says:

      Theft level is not what determines prices in a particular store. Theft level is only one component of inventory shrink in retail stores, and even a high shrink level will not just affect that one particular store’s prices. Shrink will affect prices company-wide. At the store level, it will affect the employees of that store in the form of no bonuses and reduction or elimination of raises. The largest factors in individual store prices are median income level and cost of living in that area. If you go to a neighborhood with a lower median income, lower home prices/rent, you’re usually going to find lower store prices regardless of the theft in that particular store.

  9. heart says:

    Just came back from Target… they weren’t on sale at my Target, so not free :(

  10. Anonymous says:

    they might actually be that price at kcl’s target. i can go to say for example each store near me, one is one town over. they have different prices it seems and not the same things are on clearance at the same time either.just use the phone and call target, they are more than willing to answer your questions on stock and prices.

  11. Paula says:

    They were $4.19 at my store but I was still happy to have saved $3.00. Thanks KCL.

  12. Samantha♡ says:

    Every Target has a different price. Even the local Targets in my area have different prices from each other.

  13. Guest says:

    they are $2.79 at my store

  14. Anonymous says:

    Leslie.. Your comment is a mean spirited and unnecessary. It can be frustrating to hunt down deals but thanks to KCL we don’t have to go on too many wild goose chases. The ladies post the latest deals all the time. This one may have had a regional price or been mis-marked, but there is no need for negativity. In the end saving money, finding great deals, and providing for our families is what is most important :)

  15. Ktay says:

    Thats pretty harsh lesile… TKCL is trying to be helpful.

  16. heather says:

    ehhhhh calm down geez….

  17. courtingcouponing says:

    Please, no need to be rude. Remember, this is a free service, you are not paying for it.

  18. chochi says:

    where is this coupon found on under household? thanks!

  19. pearlspark says:

    Does anyone know where in the store these are located??

    • Anonymous says:

      The lightbulbs tend to be located near the auto supplies, tools, and so forth…the section of the store that I frequent the least!

  20. Would this deal apply to any of the 60 watt or higher bulbs?

    • Paula says:

      Yes it does apply to the 60 watts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Shannon, the Target store coupon applies to GE Energy Smart CFL, Halogen, Reveal or LED. The manufacturer coupon applies to a GE Reveal Lightbulb. So, to stack the coupons, be sure to purchase a GE Reveal item. If there are Reveal 60 watt and higher bulbs, this should work!

  21. chinchilla says:

    yes thanks!! I needed some!! :)