Chicken, beef and pork are staples of the American diet. But buying meat for a family can be a budget-buster for Krazy Couponers. With sporadic sales, hard-to-find coupons and steep prices, stocking up can frustrate even the most die hard shopper.

Zaycon Foods is a new approach to buying fresh meat at wholesale prices. These deals are incredible, lower than even the grocery store blowout sales. An extra benefit: the meat is fresh from the farm, never frozen and raised hormone free. Zaycon just might be one solution to meat-buying woes without choosing to go vegan.

Most buyers can expect to save up to 50 percent off of store prices, especially when buying in larger quantities.

How Zaycon Works

Farmers send meat to a butcher for processing and sale preparation. Zaycon Foods then buys the meat directly from the butcher at discounted wholesale costs. Zaycon schedules truck deliveries in certain cities all around the country. Consumers register and order meat and fruit. Meats are carefully packed in a refrigerated semi tractor-trailer.  All meats come in large 20 pound to 40 pound cases. Just place an order, meet the truck, and take home fresh meat!

What Zaycon Offers

If it’s ready to leave the farm or sea, the Zaycon truck will have it. Zaycon is most known for its well priced meat. However, fruits are available when in season. Here are some sample prices offered:

  • Chicken: 40 lb case for $1.79/lb. Grocery prices: $3.39/lb
  • Ground Beef 93/7: 40 lb cases for $3.79/lb. Grocery prices: $4.29/lb
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon: 2, 15 lb cases for $2.99/lb. Grocery prices: $4.81/lb
  • Salmon Filets: 25 lb cases for $7.99/lb. Grocery prices: $8.99/lb
  • Cod Filets: 20 lb case for $5.29/lb. Grocery prices: $6.99/lb
  • Strawberries: 8 lb flats for $1.49/lb. Grocery prices: $1.99/lb


  • Visit the website.
  • At the top right click “Register now.”
  • Fill out all information and get started.
  • Immediately after registering, all local events will appear. Events indicate the day Zaycon trucks arrive with fresh meat from the butcher.

Earn Rewards

Zaycon offers a rewards program. For every 100 points earned, $1 is credited on orders. Here’s how to earn.

  • Register: 50 points (for signing up)
  • Log in: 10 points every day you log in and check events
  • Like Facebook: 100 points
  • Purchase Foods: 2 points for every dollar spent on an order

Tips and Tricks

Maximize your Zaycon experience with these simple strategies:

  1. Consider splitting an order with another household to minimize pricing and reduce waste.
  2. Log in Daily. Check back often for more events in the area. Zaycon updates their site daily.
  3. Bring bags to pickup. Meats have never been frozen and are in cases. Bringing freezer bags to split meats up quickly will save time later. Also, cut meats into correct portions for the family before freezing.
  4. Reminder Calls. When registering with Zaycon provide a cell phone number. A call or text will be sent to remind of the truck’s arrival.

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8 thoughts on “Meaty Savings: How Zaycon Foods Can Fill the Freezer for Less”

  1. sprinklelady says:

    I have ordered the chicken breast (awesome!) and the ground beef (amazing) and ordering more! Love. Zaycon Foods! Here’s a link for ya! #amazingmeat #sprinklelady #onlywaytogo

  2. Lynn says:

    I have been signed up with zaycon for about a year and half now, it has been a big let down. They only show up in my area about three times a year and so far out of the 4 times they have sent an email stating they will be having a pickup 1 was rescheduled for another area of the state, 1 was cancelled altogether and the other 2 ended up changing what they had available at the last minute. So far the only thing I have actually ordered and recieved was bacon and it was not a good quality, it was mostly small fatty pieces all vaccum sealed in a huge package. Its what I would think most butchers refer to as end pieces. Some may have better luck but I wouldn’t get my hopes up unless you live in an area where they have lots of deliveries.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These prices aren’t cheap at all compared to Indiana’s meat prices, unless they are special cuts. Chicken here is always under $1, hamburger is usually $2.39 for lean, and bulk boxes of bacon can be found for around $2. And the Amish butcher sometimes has beef cheaper than anyone.

  4. they are 4hrs away for me :( i wish they could come further south!

  5. Bhappy says:

    They are offering the Ground Beef in my area for $3.29 instead of $3.79/lb ! I’m now waiting for the chicken and strawberries to be in stock. I’m curious to see if they’ll be cheaper too :)

  6. donna says:

    its free..swipe that ebt!

  7. August says:

    For anyone who was wandering, I saw on their facebook that they will start accepting EBT this time next year. No reason you can’t eat good cheap!

    • Brooke says:

      Good to know. I haven’t tried Zycon, but I’m hoping to give it a go this year if I can split a case or two with my mom! :)