Here is a list of the coupons reported to be printing from the “Magic Coupon Machine” this week. They vary by customer, so this is only a list of what you may receive. To be sure you have received all coupons available to you, keep scanning your card until you get the “No coupons available, check back tomorrow” message. Good luck! These coupons are considered CVS store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. Hopefully, you’ll be able to stack them with some of this week’s deals! Please feel free to comment below to let us know which coupons the machine is printing out for you.

The following expire 1 week from the day they print:

$3.00/$15.00 Caliber Stationery

The following expire 2 weeks from the day they print:

$3.00/1 CVS Brand Hand or Body Lotion Purchase
B3G1 Free Hallmark Cards
$2.00/1 Sally Hansen Nail Treatment
$2.00/1 Any CVS Brand Body Wash Purchase
$2.00/1 Any Rimmel Purchase
$2.00/1 Flintstone Vitamins
$2.00/1 Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish
$2.00/2 Stayfree, 28 ct or larger, or Carefree, 92 ct or larger
$3.00/1 Any Full Size Nuance Salma Hayek Hair Care Purchase
$3.00/1 Any Nexxus Shampoo or Conditioner
$3.00/1 Nailene, Fingers, or Revlon Artificial Nail & Lashes, No Glue
$1.00/1 Any Olay Body Lotion, Body Wash, or Bar Soap
$3.00/1 Any Covergirl NatureLuxe Cosmetics
$2.00/1 Any Aleve Product
$3.00/1 New Gillette Clear Shave Gel
$2.00/1 Zzzquil
$4.00/$8.00 Tide Liquid
$1.50/1 Visine AC Eye Drops
$2.00/1 CVS Brand Multi-vitamin, 100 ct or larger

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35 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Machine: Week of 8/26”

  1. guest says:

    Hi, is the gevalia coffee bogo coupon gone?

  2. Larissa says:

    It seems that I get less coupons the more often I scan my card, and they’re not the good coupons either! Is this happening with anyone else?

    • Anonymous says:

      I scan my card every weekday on my way to work and there are weeks where I get all the coupons and weeks where I don’t get any good coupons. It’s just random.

  3. Anonymous says:

    would the $4 off $8 Tide work if i buy 2 since its on sale for $5.99 this week?

  4. Scrappinjay says:

    make sure to keep scanning your card until it says no more coupons. I scanned mine 6 times in one day last week! They just kept coming!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got the 1.00/1 Olay, 3.00/1 Covergirl Natureluxe, 2.00/1 Sally Hanson Magnetics, and 3.00/15.00 Caliber Stationary. :)

  6. I never got Tide Q and I spent $30 on Tide today. WTH!!!!???

  7. Lulubell445 says:

    I got the 3 dollar off any cvs lotion so I got the biggest one under $3 which was 2.19 and had them adjust it so I got it absolutly free

  8. Dee says:

    I have been scanning my card 2 times each visit. I get the caliber and dove coupon only.

  9. normaapril says:

    I got a bunch of good ones, seems to be the norm. yay! Got the $3.00 /cver girl, $1.00/ Olay, $2.00/stayfree, $2.00 for $5.00/ carefree liners, etc! I did exceptionally well today, bought $67.00 worth of product and walked out paying $6.90 oop and received $4.00 in ecb. my cpn skills are getting better and better :) the cashier I usually go to always knows that I’ll be walking out paying very little and she is always impressed by it…very nice lady, love my CVS

  10. Anonymous says:

    I also got a $1 off hosiery which I used for one of the last tights on clearance for $1.32. Got 2 pairs of tights for $.32 + tax! Woot woot!

  11. yolanda says:

    i never get the real good ones i keep getting 40 cent on dove or the stationary one and i got 1 coupon yesterday is it by state or something that they distribute the high valued coupons i am sick of this

  12. Alyson says:

    I got $1/1 any body wash purchase. It was awesome as I was doing the spend $30/ get $10 gas card deal and was using the old spice as part of my filler. Love to be able to stack!

  13. Anonymous says:

    all of you do know to keep scanning your card at the red machine until it says no more coupons available , right? i only get like one or two the first time i scan and then several the next time. sometimes i can scan 3 times and keep getting coupons.

  14. nikkio312 says:

    I got the Stayfree coupon and one for $1 off Olay bath wash Can I use the Stayfree coupon with the Free Stayfree deal this week giving me a $2 Overage to put against something else?

  15. Sandy says:

    Received a $3 off Covergirl Naturelux cosmetics

  16. mardette says:

    I got the stationary cvs Q a number of times, I’m crossing my fingers I’ll get different qs today.I’ll go after dropping off my daughter to school,I’ts the first day of school here in Vegas.

  17. margoh78 says:

    I got $1 off any Axe Shower gel, and $2 off any CVS brand body wash.

  18. sully says:

    i got only one coupon yesturday a $4 off centrum vitamin

  19. Karen says:

    I got only 1 coupon yesterday, the stationary 1, have gotten it about 5 other times. I need the Tide one!!!

    • Caitlin says:

      I’m right there with you! I have gotten the stationary one for the past 2 weeks. That and the dove chocolate coupon… Wish I could tell the machine I just started a diet and trade it in for a tide coupon lol

    • Guest says:

      I thought I was

    • Anonymous says:

      I keep getting the stationary coupon also, I’ve been getting it for weeks. I finally got some good coupons yesterday, but no Tide coupon. :(

      • Anonymous says:

        Every time this one prints for me, I try my hardest to find a good deal for it, but I just can’t :( We need a great Caliber EB deal!

    • Caitlin Huard says:

      Well, I’m really starting to think the coupon machine doesn’t like me! I scanned yesterday and today, hoping with the reset I would get some good coupons. Sadly, both days I only received the stationary coupon. The second scan each day said there were no more coupons for the day :( I told the girl that was checking me out today ‘CVS REALLY wants me to but some stationary!’ and she said she had been getting that one a ton too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Caitlin – what did you DO to the machine? ;)

        • Caitlin Huard says:

          Lol, I’m not sure… but went again today and got the same Q. From everything I’ve read on this site I definitely do think the more you shop there the better the coupons you get. I’ve only been couponing for a few weeks and only went to CVS for the freebies with coupons before this week – so maybe that’s why it’s so stingy. I did get a variety of items this week between getting items for the Olay, P&G, and Pfizer rebates + gas card items. Hopefully it will give me a better chance at good coupons next week. If I get the stationary coupon when it resets on Monday, I may just scream though haha.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, it definitely will start being more generous. It gives out very little in the first few weeks – it’s still learning about you and your shopping habits :) It’s a little slow to warm up to new people ;)