What a fabulous week! So many moneymakers! Not counting the tax I paid on my merchandise, I got paid to take over $150.00 worth of product home. Incredible! I’m not even sure what my favorite deal was. How about you? I hope you had as much fun couponing this week as I did!





Bought 1 Renew Life Heartburn Out, 1 oz $10.00
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Paid $10.00, Received $10.00 Register Reward
Final Cost: Nothing

Bought 1 Zentrip Motion Sickness Prevention Thinstrips, 8 ct $3.00 
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Paid $3.00, Received  $3.00 Register Reward
Final Cost: Nothing

Bought 2 Visine Eye Drops, 0.5 oz $4.99, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 9/1
Used one $2.00/1 Visine, 0.5 oz or larger or (1) Visine Soothing Wipes product, limit one coupon per person, no more than 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction from RP 6/10 (exp 9/30)
And used one $2.00/1 Visine (1/2 fl oz or larger) OR (1) Visine Soothing Wipes product, excludes travel/trial size, limit 1 coupon per person, no more than 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction from RP 7/29 (exp 10/1)
Final Cost: $1.00

Bought 4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner, 12 oz $2.00, when you buy 2, sale price
Bought 4 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, 30 oz $2.50 each, when you buy 2, sale price
Buy 6-9, Receive $5.00 Register Reward
Used four $1.00/1 – Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing, 30 oz or larger – (coupons.com)
Used four $1.00/1 – Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner – (coupons.com)
And used $1.00/2 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe 14oz, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, 12oz or Homestyle Dinner 3.5 to 12.6oz, Walgreens store coupon from September Coupon Book
And used $1.00/2 Kraft Mayonnaise or Kraft Dressing, Walgreens store coupon from September Coupon Book
Paid $6.00, Received $5.00 Register Reward
Final Cost: $1.00

Bought 1 Dimetapp, 4 oz $5.00
Bought 2 Thermacare Heat Wraps, 2 or 3 ct $6.00
Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 Register Reward
Used one $2.00/1 – Dimetapp Product – (dimetapp.com)
And use two $3.00/1 – Thermacare Product, Excludes Trial Size – (facebook.com)
Paid $9.00, Received $5.00 Register Reward
And submitted $10.00 Mail-In Rebate when you buy 3 participating Pfizer Products from RP 8/26 (exp 9/14)
Final Cost: $6.00 Moneymaker

Total Cost at Walgreens: $4.00 Moneymaker


Bought 1 ZzzQuil LiquiCaps, 12 ct $4.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Used one $2.00/1 Zzzquil product, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
Paid $2.99, Received $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Cost: $0.99

Bought 1 Gillette Venus Embrace Razor $7.99
Buy 1, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Used one $4.00/1 Venus Refillable Razor, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from RP 8/12 (exp 9/30)
Paid $3.99, Received $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Cost: $1.01 Moneymaker

Bought 2 Dawn Dish Detergent Olay Hand Renewal, 9 oz $0.99, sale price through 9/1
Used two $0.75/1 Dawn Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 8/26 (exp 9/30)
Final Cost: $0.48

Bought 1 UNREAL Candy , $1.19
Used one Free UNREAL Candy Item up to $1.19 – (facebook.com) (exp. 8/29)
Final Cost: Nothing

Total Cost at CVS: $0.46


Bought 2 Super Poligrip, 0.75 oz $2.49, regular price
Used two FREE Super Poligrip product, 0.75 oz, up to $2.60 from RP 8/26 (exp 9/26)
Final Cost: Nothing

Bought 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 2 pk  $2.47
Used one $1.00/1 Mr. Clean Liquid, Spray or Eraser, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
And used $1.00/1 – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original, 2 ct, limit one per customer Rite Aid coupon – (selfconnected.com)
Final Cost: $0.47

Bought 1 Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse, 1 L $4.99, sale price through 9/1
Bought 1 Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse, 473 mL $4.99, sale price through 9/1
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 9/1, Limit 2
Used one FREE Crest Rinse, 500 mL or smaller, up to $5.00, when you buy (1) Crest Rinse, 946 mL or larger, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
And used one $1.00/1 Crest or Oral-B Complete or Pro-Health Oral Care Product, excludes trial size, limit one coupon per customer from Rite Aid Oral Health Coupon Book (exp 10/13)
Pay $3.99, Receive two $4.00 +Up Rewards
Final Cost: $4.01 Moneymaker

Bought 3 Bic Brite Liners, 5 ct $0.99, sale price through 9/1
Buy 3, Submit for $3.00 Single Check Rebate, Limit 2 
Used one $1.00/2 – Bic Stationery Products – (coupons.smartsource.com)
Paid $1.97, Submit $3.00 Single Check Rebate
Final Cost: $1.03 Moneymaker

Bought 6 Leggs Trouser Socks, 1 pair $3.49, regular price 
Buy One Get One 50% Off
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward, Limit 3
Paid $15.72, Received three $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Cost: $0.72
Bought 2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 5.7-13.5 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward, Limit 2
Used one $3.00/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie products, excluding trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from RP 8/5 (exp 9/30)
Paid $3.00, Received $2.00 +Up Reward
Final Cost: $1.00

Total Cost at Rite Aid: $2.85 Moneymaker


Bought 1 World’s Best Clumping Formula Cat Litter, 8 lb $8.49, regular price
Used one $5.00/1 – World’s Best Cat Litter™ Clumping Formulas – (smartsource.com)
Paid $3.49, Submitted Mail-In Rebate 
Final Cost: Nothing
Bought 2 Febreze Noticeables Scented Oil Warmer Starter Kit $2.99, regular price
Used two $3.00/1 Febreze Noticeables Warmer Pack, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 8/26 (exp 9/30)
Final Cost: Nothing
Bought 3 Stayfree Ultra Thin Maxi Pads with Wings, 18 ct $2.89, regular price -took my husband along for this deal!
Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Used two $2.00/1 Stayfree Product, limit one coupon per person, limit four coupons per transaction, from SS 8/26 (exp 10/15)
Paid $4.67, Received $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Cost: $0.33 Moneymaker
Total Cost at Target: $0.33 Moneymaker
Grand Total: $6.72 Moneymaker except for tax paid on all merchandise for about $155.00 worth of product at sale prices!

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30 thoughts on “Let’s Shop: Results of Week 8/26”

  1. Paulino Rdz says:

    Thermacare coupon 3? I never found that coupon…where is it? I did not see on facebook

  2. Renee says:

    Question on the cvs venus razor deal…we have a BOGO Q on venus disposable razor…can I use that with a $3 off Q for Gillette disposible razor Q?

  3. missyjones says:

    I have a question about the b1g1 eye drops at walgreens? Why use two coupons, if it is buy one get one free? I’m still new to this and everytime I go to walgreens it never turns out right , I also have a have $4.00 PnG dollar rr I would like to use

  4. Anonymous says:

    My great deal at Walgreens this week (they were out of Miracle Whip so I couldn’t do the Kraft deal) was razors. The custom3 were B1G1 1/2, Fusion was $9.99 with a $4 RR, and the Mach 3 were $11.49. The deal went like this:
    Bought 2 Custom3 disposables
    bought 1 Fusion
    bought 1 Mach 3 disposables
    Used 1 $3 off 1 disposable (could have used 2, but saved it to do the deal twice)
    used 1 B1G1F disposable
    used 1 $5 off Fusion wyb 1 disposable
    used 1 B1 System razor (such as Fusion) G1 Mach 3 free
    used 1 $3 off Mach 3 disposable
    Had to get a couple or three filler items for about .25 each and my OOP was just the tax, about $2.70

  5. ash says:

    I dont understand…I thought that when you buy the crest mouthwash and use the MQ for buy one get one free, then those are both used up in the one Q…how can you use another on a product that is already covered by another Q??? Is this cheating or is it ok….if it is ok, then i want to do that deal!

    • RA allows the stacking up to (3) coupons per item of purchase according to their coupon policy. She used a store coupon plus a manufacturer’s to reduce her OOP.

  6. Shandi says:

    I am new to couponing and wondering why i didn’t get into this sooner! But In my little town of New Castle, IN there is only a walgreens, cvs, walmart, kroger, Aldi, and Mainstreet market (used to be marsh) So I get alot of my deals at walgreens and cvs, however as you know I can’t do my grocery shopping as a whole there. I am starting couponing because I have a household of 6 and got tired of never having anything or running out of everything all at once. Also alot of our stores here won’t except online printed coupons even tho the coupon policy for that store in general says that they do. Can someone give me some advice as to how to get the good deals on groceries? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the deals I am finding for soaps and such but I can’t eat soap. Please help.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Shandi,
      I live west of Crawfordsville about 30 miles and have to go either to C’ville or Terre Haute or Danville, IL to shop. Kroger still doubles coupons and I usually go once a week if I have lots of coupon matchups for sale items. I don’t buy much of anything at Walmart unless it is on clearance and I have a coupon. The one time I went to Marsh in Noblesville, they were so expensive I felt like paying full price at Kroger! You just have to be diligent about using coupons for virtually everything and not buying stuff that isn’t on sale. Don’t you have Amish businesses in driving distance to Newcastle? The ones in our area have cheap meat and bulk foods, plus they have produce auctions. Also, if you want to buy in quantity, N.K. Hurst next to Lucas Oil Stadium sells lots of things like dry beans, peas, rice, popcorn, oats, etc. in 25-50# bags. hth

      • Shandi says:

        thanks I will look into that :) I try not to drive to Indy if I can help it cause with gas as it is with my vehicle it costs me around 30$ or more to get to Indy and back. However If I can save lots of money It may be worth it :) Thanks again

  7. ana says:

    i need help! i still have my write bros coupon for $1/2 and with the pencils being .29 at walgreens, i was wondering if i could possibly get them and it possibly be a bit of a money maker or get a filler item?

  8. Kylie says:

    I just am so curious I have to ask you, KCL… why didn’t you buy two more boxes of velveeta?! If you would have with only the IVC for the two you would have paid $9 and gotten back the 10 RR…

    • Anonymous says:

      I only had 4 coupons and when I realized I could do the deal you mentioned, it was gone. Oh well, I was just happy to get what I got!

  9. Anne Cline says:

    Someone please tell me im not losing my mind – I tried to get the advil rr at walgreens – bought advil 6.99 and centrum silver 8.99 – used a free advil coupon and 2.25 centrum -rr didn;t prtint – cashier said I had to have $15 after coupons – all this time i thought it was total before coupons like at CVS!

    • Kylie says:

      Your cashier is WRONG! There have been reports of this particular RR not printing all week. If your store manager won’t take care of it you can go to support dot Catalina marketing and they can mail it to you after they verify you made the correct purchase!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is so wrong. It is just the easy excuse they use a lot.

  10. Tacticalshopper says:

    Great job! Love how you didn’t clear the shelf of any one item. Was your husband embarassed to buy the pads? So what was your total oop before getting back rr’s, ecbs. In those instances you have to spend money to get $ unless you’re using rr or ecbs to cover the oop? I like to “recycle” my rewards so if I pay 5 ecbs on a product I want to earn that back or as much as I can..

    • Anonymous says:

      I use my rewards from one week to pay for the next week. My husband is beyond embarrassment with my couponing schemes! lol!

      • Anonymous says:

        so do you pay out of pocket one week and then use a lot of RR next week? I ask because I paid about 40 OOP at Wags today and got about 20 RR. This happened becasue I am fairly new but I pretty much get it but when a cashier offered to “Help” I should have just stuck to my way :(
        I got 5 fructis spray, crest pro health, venus, biore strips, biore wash, and the nausea strips, used 5 1.00/1 fructis, 3.00/1 venus, 5.99/1 venus and paid 34.77 oop! I almost passed out but I just paid it and took the RR. Then I got venus, crest, biore used 3.00/1 venus, 5.99/1 biore, RR $3 and RR$5 and paid 10.67 oop, then I bought crayola markers 3.99, roseart glue 2.97, 2 kraft dressing, 4 velveeta mac, fiskars 1.49, energy shot .75, used 2 kraft 1.00/, 1.00/1 velveeta, RR 2.5 , RR 2.50, RR 4.00, RR 5.00 and paid 1.93 oop. I feel like I want to return it all but then how much $ do I get back with my coupons gone? :( so sad

  11. Linda says:

    I did the Stayfree pads with wings this morning. I showed them Walgreen’s add and they price match 1.99 each. buy 3, Pay $6.35 and get $5.00 gift card.

  12. betsy says:

    do you know how long to receive the maxperk reward? i have been purchase 4 weeks ago but didn’t see the coupon to print. thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      It shows up at the end of the month following the month of purchase. For example, the stuff I bought in July didn’t show up until the end of August and they sent me an email with a link to print the reward.

  13. Binah says:

    I’m new to rite aid and have some questions: when do i request a single check rebate? Does it have to be at the end of the month? (what if your receipts are not yet processed?)
    Where do you get the 15% off Friends and Family Coupon?

    • Anonymous says:

      I put in my RA rebate info right when I get home and request the check when all my receipts are processed.

  14. Kyle McAllister says:

    All went as planned. I actually was able to use the 15% off Friends and Family Coupon for today on top of the savings which means I paid $1.40 OOP for the 6 boxes of Velveeta and walked away with a $5 RR! Perfect Deal!

  15. CrazyMomOf11 says:

    The Bic 10 ct. pens are on sale 2 for $1.00 at Dollar General, FREE pens! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah i went to 2 DG and they r not in there at all. they run out and I didnt get to use my coupons.

  16. In Regards to the Walgreens Velveeta Deal. Could i not buy 6 boxes. Use my 6 coupons with the walgreens store coupon. Pay $3 OOP and get the $5 RR for purchasing 6 Kraft Items?

    • duplicatem07 says:

      Yes, if your store allows it. Nothing on the coupon restricts it, but some stores only allow up to 4 of the same coupon or think that the coupons are copied. I did this deal this morning!