Check out this high-value yogurt coupon! You can save $0.30 on one cup of Yoplait Simplait yogurt. Plus Walmart sells Simplait for $0.58 a cup making each just $0.28 after coupon.

Yoplait Simplait, $0.58, regular price
Use $0.30/1 – Yoplait Simplait yogurt – (
Final Price: $0.28

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13 thoughts on “Yoplait Simplait Cups, Only $0.28 at Walmart!”

  1. q of hearts says:

    I went looking for this at my local Wal-mart yesterday but didn’t find them… but I’m glad I didn’t, because I went to Safeway today and found them on sale for 69 cents… so I used my 30 cents coupons which they doubled, and only paid 9 cents per yogurt :D

  2. cibm0430 says:

    I got these for free at Safeway.

  3. hbaughn says:

    im in ohio and cant find these at walmart or kroger. anybody in ohio who knows where i can buy these?

  4. balihaiqueen says:

    stop and shop has it for $.75, there are $.40 coupons that double to make it free, and $.30 coupons that make it $.15.

  5. ssgtsdaisy says:

    Tom thumb- FREE!

  6. Emily says:

    On sale at Safeway for 69 cents. I was able to use last weeks coupons plus printable ones and they doubled for me.

  7. Melanie says:

    My Walmart doesn’t even stock them yet, and I’m kind of glad… it’s a circus even trying to get them to accept internet coupons anymore. They look at you like you’re some kind of criminal for wanting to use ONE coupon. I tried to get two tubes of Chapstick there just now with that $1/2 coupon that’s been floating around, and when it wouldn’t scan (likely due to their terrible machines, NOT anything having to do with me!) they accused me of making copies of the coupon and offering them a fake because “that’s the only way it wouldn’t scan.” I was furious. It’s one thing to reject a coupon… another thing entirely to insinuate a customer is committing FRAUD over $0.50 off of a couple items!

    They carry these at Meijer, and they wind up to be similarly priced after the coupons double (up to three at my store) so I’m happy to take them there to avoid the headaches and abuse!

  8. TEERESA says:


  9. 3ducks says:

    I got the Simplait today at Safeway for just $0.20! They combined my $0.30/1 coupon with a J4U $0.19 discount. It was my very first day trying to use coupons and I got $28+ worth of groceries for just $6.62. Thanks everyone for all the tips!!!!

  10. shadowmario9001 says:

    these are on sale 10 for $5 at my Fred Meyer and a couple weeks ago, there was a coupon for $0.40/1 cup of yoplait simplait yogurt on that i saved. Yay $0.10 yogurt!

  11. asher07 says:

    We got a BOGO Simplait in my paper. Ought to be able to work out a great deal with all the Simplait coupons