Update: This deal is no longer valid.

I am like Mary Poppins. When I start pulling things out of my purse, even I wonder how it all fit in there! (Okay, so maybe I’m not pulling out lamps, coat racks, wall mirrors, and house plants, but fitting all my mommy necessities is no small feat, either!) I am going to stock my purse with these travel-size Cottonelle moist wipes. They are free after a Register Reward at Walgreens! I tried it myself this morning! Run to Walgreens to pick up three packs of travel-size Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes.

Buy 3 Cottonelle Fresh Care Moist Wipes, 10 ct $0.99, regular price
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Pay $2.97, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.03 Moneymaker 


Click here to see a list of cheap Walgreens filler items!

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87 thoughts on “Dead Deal: Better-Than-Free Cottonelle Wipes at Walgreens!”

  1. Gg says:

    Did not work in Corpus Christi, TX

  2. andy says:

    how about you take this
    ‘great deal ” off the headline page it appears that now alot of people are just wasting money.

  3. Chavilla says:

    Ok, so I went and bought three wipes yesterday and the $3RR did not print. Instead, it printed a “Catalina coupon” that says you could save $6 when you buy certain items in your next trip but it has “nonredeemable coupon” written on top and has no barcode which I can’t understand how it could be a coupon but yet not redeemable? makes no sense, and on the side it has purchase requirements….did anyone get this at all? or is this some type of info print? HELP!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is like an advertisement telling you that if you make the required purchases you will receive “x” RR. They pop up once in a while like a “secret” sale or something. If you make the required purchases in the time frame designated, the RR will print. The more you purchase, the more RR you receive as indicated on the Catalina.

  4. Travis says:

    FYI, it was working until yesterday late morning; I did 2 transactions on Tuesday which went fine, then no-go yesterday; someone must have caught on to us! :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    i was lucky i Cincinnati;the rr didnt work and they were 1.29;the cashier was nice enough to ask the manager and he let her give me $3 off the next transaction..I got away with 12 packs and used cp:(.50 off 3)paid .37 for 3 (about $1.48 oop). So it was ok!

  6. b says:

    yup dead as well in silver spring, md

  7. Iluv2save says:

    None of the Walgreens deal posted hear ever work in MA …it’s too bad…I went to 3 different ones just trying to find the wipes and when I did they were 1.50 each..I still wanted to try and when nothing printed the cashier said its only on the 42 ct or larger wipes…also said Walgreens deals have always been regional:(

  8. Tatyana says:

    I asked a cashier & she said they already put a “fix it note” on it meaning it stopped.

  9. Connie says:

    Didnt work for me. It was a gamble I took and lost. ;)

  10. Savannah says:

    my walgreens didn’t have the trial size !

  11. simple says:

    I just bought three today, did not work, the print out it says you have to buy the 42 ct to get the 3RR :( I go the that walgreen so much that I’m embarrass to return now :(

    • Anonymous says:

      If they know you are a habitual saver, they probably don’t care. Not that they (or you) should care anyway. :P

  12. SlinnAnna says:

    These are $1.50 each at my store in SoCal : (

  13. chiyo559 says:

    My store does not have it for .99 it’s 1.49 and there are no rewards. I asked and they did not know. Can it be regional? I’m in CA.

  14. Alicia says:

    No rr for me did tried it last night

  15. kv says:

    This did not work for me today

  16. Stephanie says:

    I tried it here in MI and it did not work. :( Oh well, I still got some other great deals!

  17. courtneymarieclare says:

    Didn’t work for me. =( I paid with a RR from the Carmex deal, so that shouldn’t have affected it, right? I’m just going to return them tomorrow and buy one pack of toilet paper, which was my goal anyway, I was just trying to get a $3RR to use toward it instead of a $2RR. I got excited because the Catalina machine started printing, but it just printed out an ad for the Cottonelle promo, which specifically states that you need to buy at least the 42 ct wipes, so I guess those of you getting it with these are just lucky! Even though I paid for part of the transaction with a RR, when I return it they will give me the full value (.99 x 3 plus tax), right?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ll have to ask your store how they process returns when you used Register Rewards as payment. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! It seems to have recently become a dead deal. Paying with the Carmex Register Reward would not affect it.

      • LAURA says:

        This is true. Each store processes the returns differently. When I tried the Truvia deal at 2 stores and a RR did not print, I returned them. Because I used a RR from previous deals on both transactions, one store gave me cash back and the cashier stated that I had to pay cash to get the RR in the previous deal so I should get my cash back. The store that gave me store credit said I used a RR so I could not get back my cash. Didn’t bother me, I’m gonna use it right back the following week for another deal ;)

    • MaryCupone says:

      Same exact thing happened to me. I got the regular catalina ad for the promo. I’m not even going to deal with returning them- I’ll just chalk it up to a busted deal (I paid with RR from the Chex deal, so I’m also not sure how they will refund).

  18. keg1979 says:

    This worked for me yesterday (in the St. Louis area) and today it didn’t. Must have been an error in their system.

  19. Monica says:

    It did not work in Delaware. I tried at 2 different walgreens.

  20. sphillips says:

    One idea is to purchase 2 suave shampoo/conditioner, pay $2.14 and receive a 2RR… then use that on a second transaction where you purchase 2 cottonelle wipes and a filler item (mine was 19cents), use the 2RR from the first transaction and pay 19 cents. then do a third transaction and use your 2RR from Cottonnelle to pay for 2 more Suave products = Free and you will receive another 2RR from Suave…. then do it all over again. In all you will spend 19 cents and will receive 2 suave products, 2 packages of cottonnelle wipes and a filler item (I got neon leggings for 19 cents each…great stocking stuffers). I got 40 shampoos 40 conditioners and 80 cottonelle wipes… I have 2 kids under 2 so we will definately use the wipes with our potty training as they are flushable and I have already give away 20 shampoos 20 conditioners to co-workers.

    • MADC says:

      No offense, but I think it is ridiculous that you bought so much- really…save some for the rest of us!!

      • sphillips says:

        First of all, if you read the post I went to 10 different stores, I used gas which did cost me some money… I have never cleared a shelf because those people drive me crazy. Don’t be jealous because I figured out a way to roll RR and not put that much money out of my pocket. I put a shampoo and conditioner on all of my coworkers desk and a bag of simple pleasures chocolates that I also got for free at Target (I live around 10 targets). My coworkers love me bc I pay it forward.

      • JB says:

        lol, you snooze you lose. Step up your game if you want some. Good Job Sphillips!

    • NYleve says:

      Unbelievable! My WAG store limits the number of transactions to 3 or 4 and even then the cashiers sometimes roll their eyes. My store does not even have room for 40 Suave shampoos/conditioners or 80 cottenelle wipes—Did you pre order?

      • sphillips says:

        No, I did not preorder. I went to a bunch of different stores…10 so I did pay for gas on all of this as well but my Wags are all within 10 miles of me (we dont have CVS or Riteaid…that sucks). The deal is now dead, so I am glad that I got on it right away when I saw the promotion.

  21. sigue says:

    I tried 20 mnutes ago and is no longer printing the reward here in NY.

  22. Bess says:

    They were $1.59 by my Walgreens. Oh well!

  23. Karin says:

    FYI: This deal worked for me yesterday but did not work this morning. They must have figured it out and changed it.

    • cibm0430 says:

      Thanks for posting, I was going to pick up a few more later in the week.

    • stefanie says:

      did you go to the same store or was it a different location? I noticed that not all locations printed it but some did so trying to figure our if I should test this again at a walgreens that I already went to that still has stock on hand…

    • Melanie Mafuahingano says:

      Same here…i will be returning the wipes i got today because they are not printing the RR…i got lucky yesterday..also they were selling for $1.50ea when i bought them yesterday and this morning.

    • Natalie says:

      I think this deal is dead as far as buying the travel ones goes. I tried buying 3 this morning and no RR printed.

    • Anonymous says:

      same here sent my mom in because I had yesterday and today she said they didnt ugh

  24. Lauren says:

    for the people who got the RR, was this marked on the shelf that it would produce RR? Do these things sometimes give RR and its not marked on the shelf? I ask because I’ve tried checking out a few RR deals that have been posted in the past and I don’t see the price on the shelf marked.

  25. Linda says:

    not working for me. My walgreen sale them 2/3 and get 2 RR…

  26. SMH says:

    Does anyone know if the RR is rolling for these?

  27. Anonymous says:

    worked for me I was so excited rinky town too :)

  28. Brookeanne Walters says:

    It worked! And I brought my coupons which worked fine too. The cottonelle coupons say not for trial size,but they don’t say not for travel size. I brought in a coupon as an example that clearly states not for trial/travel (my Simply Olay coupon) to show how it should be noted if it didn’t take a travel pack, but I didn’t need it :). Just an idea for a higher value money maker if the cashier says they don’t think they can take it :).

  29. Jlynn says:

    Worked great here, in Metro Detroit, went to check out another walgreens and they were $1.29 so I didn’t buy them but I walked around and found out Herbal Essences is still 2/$6 with $2 RR So I’m gunna go get those with the cottenelle RR :)

  30. Griselda says:

    if i purchase these with toilet paper say 3 packs of toilet paper & 3 travel wipes will i only get one $3 RR or 2 $3RR?

  31. Lauren says:

    I see some people saying that their walgreens had a higher price than $0.99. The walgreens by me was selling them for $1.99. I’m a newbie and trying to wrap my head around all of this!! So, it seems that prices may vary depending what store you go to…. is this true? Also, even if the prices vary, will all walgreens produce the same RR? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
    P.S. Great site KCL!! Thanks for all the awesome info!

    • Jlynn says:

      Yea same $3 RR. There are 3 by me, 1 had them for $.99 1 had them for $1.29 and one had them priced for $.99 but rang up $1.29 so I got that fixed and it still came out with the $3 RR

  32. jc says:

    In Modesto, CA I paid 1.29 e x 3, got 3 RR. Thanks KCL.

  33. Wubbems West says:

    Worked here in B’ham, AL

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thank you KCL..I got some today..yay :)

  35. tac says:

    Didn’t work in fl??

  36. nikkio312 says:

    I have a $3 RR left from the Starbucks deal this week. Can I use it to purchase these even though the total will be $2.97 or do I need to add a filler to get over $3? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      you will need to add something to bring the price to $3 or more.

    • Anonymous says:

      You will need to purchase a small item to take your subtotal to $3.00 or higher.

    • Jason Smith says:

      In my area, the Walgreens stores that I go to in Southern NH will reduce the value of register rewards by any amount necessary (which is usually only 1-2 cents. This morning, the cashier told me that in her old store they wouldn’t allow them to adjust any coupons, so clearly it varies by region. Just a plug for the state of NH — we have no sales tax here, so free really is free. This is far and away one of my favorite things about living in this freezing state, along with zero income taxes

    • cibm0430 says:

      You can buy a Dawn hand renewal dish soap & use the .75 cents off coupon for it, that’s what I did!

    • nikkio312 says:

      Thanks for all of the info! They were actually $1 each at my Walgreens so I was able to use my $3 RR from Starbucks to pay for them but the new RR didn’t print :-( I did get 4 bottles of the Wet & Wild nail polish FREE while I was there though!!

  37. Jennifer says:

    could i use a $3 RR that i received from a previous transaction to pay for the 3 packs? could they just adjust it down?

    • Anonymous says:

      No. They will not adjust RR at all. You will need a filler item.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you will need to buy another item to take your subtotal to $3.00 or higher if you want to use that Register Reward as payment. Also, make sure not to use a Register Reward from Cottonelle as payment for this transaction. If you do, the second Register Reward will not print.

  38. Mel Uzcam says:

    It worked for me SLC,UT.

  39. Adriana says:

    Has anyone tried to roll this rr

  40. jrose1931 says:

    the 10 count is that considered trial size cause i have a .50/2 coupon i could use??

  41. lizcole85 says:

    Worked for me like a charm!! :)

  42. Anonymous says:

    These were 2/$3 or $1.59 each at my store, so not free :(

  43. Daphne says:

    I know u could get the 42 ct. wipes on the catalina coupon deal this month if u buy three. i’m gonna try this at my store. i hope it works. I love cottonelle!

  44. Mama Couponz says:

    Can you roll over the rr to purchase 3 more and recieve another $3rr??

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably not. You can always try, because there is a slight chance it might work. 95% of the time, though, the second Register Reward won’t print if you do that.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Where could I find these in walgreens? I looked this morning but couldn’t find them.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my store, they were by the rest of the toilet paper and moist wipes products. You could also check in the travel section!

  46. lili says:

    did not work for me, I had to return it :(