We teach our kids not to double-dip. “Only dip your carrot into the ranch dressing once. That way we don’t spread germs.” But when it comes to double-dipping deals, I’m all for ‘em! Listen to this one: the Libman Wonder Mop is printing a $5.00 weekly +Up Reward and a $5.00 monthly +Up Reward! Hurry to the store before these disappear!

Libman Wonder Mop $13.99, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 9/29, Limit 2
Buy 1, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 10/2, Limit 2 
Spend $13.99, Receive weekly $5.00 +Up Reward and monthly $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $3.99 


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44 thoughts on “Libman Wonder Mop, Only $3.99 at Rite Aid!”

  1. s_glitter says:

    I went to rite aid yesterday the 29th and got two of the lipman mops. I recieved two $5.00 up rewards, however, the monthly rewards did not print, do you suggest to contact customer service?

  2. Jennifer A Guers says:

    I’m in NE PA and I went in on Saturday expecting my Rite Aid to be out of stock on the mops. Amazingly they had plenty of stock. I bought the mop which was priced at $13.99 and a broom @ $9.99. I received three $5 UPR and I had a$5 UPR from a previous purchase. $3.98 for a mop and broom I’ll take it!

  3. Elayne says:

    I got mine for $1.19! I got 2- $5 UPS and I have gold status.

  4. mia says:

    I’m in socal and I got this today! I paid 11.19 with gold discount (reg.13.99) and got back (2) $5 ups! There was only one tag but I both monthly and weekly ups printed. Yay!

  5. stephanie says:

    where do you find the monthly rewards?

    • Anonymous says:

      Most monthly rewards aren’t published in any weekly ad or anywhere online. So it’s up to us to find them in the store! They should be tagged to indicate that the +Up Reward will last all month.

  6. teresa says:

    I believe there is a 2.00 Rite Aid Video coupon for the Libman mop.

  7. Alice Pin says:

    i went early today only to find out its 15.99 with a 5.oo up reward!!!! an is the crapy paper like mop thing! i was disappointed!

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s for a different product. Sorry.

  9. Anonymous says:

    That rebate is for the Freedom Spray Mop. The mop in this deal that we published is the Wonder Mop. Since it’s a different product, it will not work.

  10. karen says:

    does anyone know if this deal is working in northern CA also?

    • Anonymous says:

      It should be working everywhere! The monthly and the weekly +Up Reward promotions run all over the country.

      • karen says:

        Nice! the weekly deal isn’t on my ad so that’s why I started wondering.thanks!

        • Anonymous says:

          In my ad it’s on the right-hand side of page 10. Check there and check the tags at your store if you’re unsure.

          • karen says:

            Yeah,its.not on mine.thats why im unsure

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s not listed in my ad here for Southern California, and my store didn’t have any signs on the product. Could there be different sales for different regions? I saw somewhere else where you had said it was a national sale…..I guess I can always do a price check to see if it’s on sale at my store.

            Thanks, as always, for all of the great deals you let us know about!

    • strawberry_nd says:

      I just got this in Central Cali. I love my Gold discount!!

  11. jenn CA says:

    anyone in California do this deal

    • Alice Pin says:

      i tried but here they are 15.99 with the 5.00 up+ reward….

    • Alice Pin says:

      im here to correct myself they were misplaced they were 14.29 with the 5 up rr plus the monthly 5.00 up rewad. plus my 10% which i did not know i had! i still paid 2.8 something! with tax 3.99 not bad so i bought 2! the only 2 they had! let me tell you why i use 1 for the bathroom and one for the kitchen! dont mix those! yuk so thanks for that!!!!!

    • Elayne says:

      yes I did yesterday and got mine for $1.19!

  12. betsy says:

    if i buy 2 do you think four 5 up-reward will print out?

  13. Anonymous says:

    found and done did this one last night… (had 10.99+ups from before too…) charmed how it worked… .22 OOP and got $10+ups back… this morning i woke and came back to RA this morning and got it again… yet paid 1.17… paid total of 1.39 for 2 of these… with another $10 back to me in +ups… unreal! KCL is the sheite! none better!!!

  14. Alice Pin says:

    im running off to rite aid, lol

  15. Alice Pin says:

    oh wasn’t there a rebate offer through the company that makes it? i deleted it….sorry but if any one know please let us know

  16. Laura S says:

    If you get the 20% discount only 1.19 after UPs :)

  17. Alice Pin says:

    no coupons for this one i need 1 like right now> lol

  18. Alice Pin says:

    ok i dont get this offer?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a monthlong $5.00 +Up Reward offer when you buy one of these mops. AND there is a weekly $5.00 +Up Reward offer when you spend more than $10.00. Because this mop is over $10.00, you’ll receive BOTH $5.00 +Up Rewards when you buy one of these mops. That takes the price down from $13.99 to $3.99. Does that make sense?