If you’re still scratching your head over the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program, watch our video and then read this!

About a month ago, Walgreens launched a new customer loyalty program called the Balance Rewards Program. Essentially, this is a program where you earn “Balance Rewards Points” for buying certain products. You can redeem these Points at a later date for in-store dollar credit.

If you have not yet signed up for the program, do so in a Walgreens store or sign up online. If you have already signed up online and would like to receive a physical card, you can attach your account to an actual card in the store. Every time you check out, be sure to swipe your card or enter the phone number that is attached to your Balance Rewards account.




To Earn Points

Each week, there will be several items listed in the weekly ad that will earn you Points. For example, here is an old promotion on Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes. Earn 500 Points with the purchase of two.

You can earn multiple Points in a single transaction. Certain items, such as soda or bottled water, do have a limit listed in the ad. Other than that, there is not a limit on how many times you can receive Points from the same promotion.

Manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards do not interfere with any Points earned. In other words, you will still earn Points when using manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards. As an example, take a look at this old promotion for Gas-X and Prevacid. Note that the total is greater than $30.00 before the use of manufacturer coupons, and the deal still generated 10,000 Points.

Buy 1 Gas-X, 18-20 ct $4.99, sale price 
Buy 1 Prevacid 24 Hour Acid Reducer, 42 ct $25.99, sale price 
Spend $30.00, Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points 
Use one $1.00/1 – Gas X Product – (bricks.coupons.com)
And use one $3.00/1 – Prevacid 24 Hour Product, 42ct, Redeem at Walmart  – (coupons.com)
Pay $26.98, Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points (10,000 Points = $10.00 – $12.00)
Final Price: $13.49 each, when you buy both, Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points

The monthly Walgreens Savings Book coupons are the exception to this rule. They do count against your total. If you are doing a “Spend X amount of dollars, Receive X amount of Points” promotion, you need to meet the specified total before manufacturer coupons but after the monthly Walgreens coupons.

Your Balance Rewards card does not keep track of purchases. If you need to spend a certain dollar amount to receive Points, you need to reach that dollar amount in a single transaction.

At the end of your transaction, the Balance Rewards Points you earned will show up on your receipt right away! If they don’t, call Walgreens Customer Service, and they will credit the Points to your account.

You can also log on to your account online and view a summary of your available Points, look up your Balance Rewards activity, and request any Points that may be missing.

To Redeem Points

Once you reach at least 1,000 Points on your card, you can redeem them. 1,000 Points equal a $1.00 reward. 40,000 Points equal a $50.00 reward. It is advantageous to save your Points so you get more bang for your buck!

(1) 1,000 Points = $1.00
(2) 2,000 Points = $2.00
(3) 3,000 Points = $3.00
(4) 5,000 Points = $5.00
(5) 10,000 Points = $10.00
(6) 18,000 Points = $20.00
(7) 30,000 Points = $35.00
(8) 40,000 Points = $50.00


To redeem Points, follow the prompts on the debit card pad or ask your cashier.

If you are using your Balance Rewards Points reward dollars as payment in a transaction, you cannot earn additional Points. In other words, Points cannot be earned when you are paying with Points. However, you still can earn Register Rewards even if you pay with Points.

As long as you shop at Walgreens and use your card at least once every six months, your Points will not expire for three years.

You cannot redeem or earn Points on purchases of: dairy, stamps, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, phone cards, lottery tickets, charitable donations, transportation passes, or money orders.

To read more, access the full Balance Rewards Terms and Conditions or read Walgreens’ Balance Rewards Q&A.



  • You will not earn Points in a transaction in which you redeem Points.
  • You will earn Points in a transaction in which you use Register Rewards as payment.
  • You will earn Register Rewards in a transaction in which you redeem Points.

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110 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop on Walgreens New Balance Rewards Program”

  1. Danno says:

    Walgreens points rewards is erratic. I’ve earned points and received a cash discount, when it works. But, I’ve also come in, bought products worth lots of points and ended up with fewer points than I had from the previous purchase. Example, last week, I was given the option of taking off $10 from the total purchase, or taking off $5 so I could take the re having $5 during the next purchase. Today I bought over $20 of products and there was no record of my having any redeemed points. So, when you are offered any amount, take it all! It may otherwise vanish.

  2. Aisha says:

    I just got a new card today . Will I be eligible for this weeks rr’s, or do I have to wait ? T.I a

  3. Precious says:

    How many time of the same deals can you do on the same card

  4. Jen says:

    Does anyone know…can you buy a Walgreens Gift Card with Balance Rewards Points?

    • TLNun says:

      No you cannot redeem points on Gift cards, tobacco, alcohol, dairy, and smoke cessation ie. nicotine gum, patches, vapor cigarettes etc..

    • Andrew says:

      Point blank Walgreens is a fucked up company. I wouldn’t give them a penny of my money after working for them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I am new to using Walgreens so I am wondering if I had two dollars of points, it says I cannot redeem them on dairy. Is Silk ALMOND Milk considered dairy?

  6. Anonymous says:

    do the paperless coupons from walgreens.com (the ones you can load onto your card) cancel out the balance rewards like the Walgreens Savings Book.

  7. alyssabowen318 says:

    Where can I find out how the points convert after 40,000 pts?

  8. nghandy2 says:

    I am new to couponing but I cannot locate the coupon for the 50 point reward when $1 is spent

  9. nghandy2 says:

    I am new to couponing but I cannot locate the coupon for the 50 point reward when $1 is spent

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you pay the dollar and they give you a coupon good for a dollar off anything at walgreens. I believe you can only get one register reward per transaction for each deal. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just purchased 5 Rock stars and did not receive the rewards, I did however get $1 coupon from Rockstar to use on a future purchase at Walgreens. I don’t know if it is only $1 or $5.

  12. courtney spiers says:

    Ok so there is a deal this week that you get $1 rr when you buy rockstart energy drink for $1. So will i actually be paying the $1 out of my pocket? or is that like an automatic reduction done at the register? Sorry I am new to this. 

  13. gizzyb says:

    do i need to use all my reward points in one transaction or can i use a portion?  thanks

  14. Kia0214 says:

    still confused :/ 

  15. mandie760 says:

    can you buy gift cards at walgreens using reward points?

  16. warriorone says:

    This comment is for Tigra: If you were spending 30 mins. per customer doing business buying multiple products from Walgreens, then you should be thankful for us couponers patronizing the store to keep you in a job! I anticipate lay offs when so much of our business is going to stop suddenly! I too hate the new system. And if you are complaining about customers frustration about product availability, get a grip! It’s not the customer at fault, but corporate, who limits the product on the shelf in the first place! My experience is that most Walgreens limited the RR’s so people couldn’t wipe out the shelves, so not sure what your gripping about! And as far as customers yelling at you; how about this one; I am a couponer and because I asked the manager to adjust my receipt so it would print the RR that was advertised, she went ballistic on me and called the police!!! I was so frightened and appalled at her over reactive response, that I called corporate and I was considering a law suit against that Walgreens. Corporate had a talk with her, and transferred her to another store, thank God! And they sent me some free gift cards to appease me! So put your big girl panties on and deal with the difficult customers! But do it in a professional way, and not combative!

  17. madanna says:

    Shopping at Walgreens has always been more difficult than CVS or Target. The rewards expired too quickly and you could only use the amount of coupons per items purchased–no doubling up to maximize savings. Now, this new points system just makes me even more adamant to NOT shop at Walgreens. It is too confusing and requires the buyer to keep track of their points and purchases–do they NOT want us to shop there? Too bad, because the staff is friendly and it is convenient to where I live. When a policy is this detailed and with this many scenarios and exceptions of when you can use points vs. coupons, they lose me as a customer. Keep it simple!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, I mean it makes buisness sense for them in that they want to encourage you to buy the regular items (no points items) but in actuality, the main people buying regularly from Walgreens are couponers who this system won’t work for long term. Unless, of course, you want to go clearance crazy every now and then (assuming they can be used on that)

  18. Erin says:

    I am a bit confused about redeeming points. Say I want to get to the 40,000=$50 level. That would mean that I would need to spend at least $50 at Walgreens, in one transaction, in order to redeem $50 worth in points? If I only spent $10, then I would lose the $40 in rewards? I am wondering because I don’t spend a lot of money at Walgreens typically, especially not in a single transaction, so it might make more sense for me to redeem at the $5 level, even if it isn’t as cost-effective. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Anonymous says:

      It sounds like it would deduct $10 in points, but the way it works is that the points are worth more when you save more.
      so, if you don’t use the 40,000 at once, you might as well not save up to it because using them all at once is what makes them worth $50 rather than $40

  19. uthorns1976 says:

    Did anyone call the 800 number about only being able to redeem points every third transaction??? What’s up with that?? I would call but I don’t have any points to redeem. I’m about to say to heck with Walgreens points and CVS, too.

  20. hopiety21 says:

    I went to Walgreen’s today to take advantage of the 15% off coupon valid only for today. I did 2 transactions…1st transactions I declined to use my balance rewards so I could earn more rewards…then was going to redeem rewards on 2nd tranactions…however the cashier told me I could only redeem every 3rd transaction. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • uthorns1976 says:

      What???? That’s news to me. Call the 800 # and report her if she’s wrong.

    • susiq says:

      I had the same problem today. I used my 15% discount an earned
      My points then for my second transaction i wanted to redeem my points and the cashier couldn’t he said he dint know why since the points did show up in my receipt for the1st transaction…..he called another cashier and she couldn’t either at that point I got frustrated (im new) so I paid and left :( I’m probably going to shop 1 more time just to redeem my points and then just stick with tire aid and cvs.

  21. Greenham9987 says:

    so that was one thing i was wondering if it was possible to keep earning points after the 40,000 points to where lets just say you could have 160,000 points and do a $200 transaction, or 4 $50 hmmmm… I ask because i am close to the $50 and i dont want to have to spend it or quit shopping because like most i am saving it for black friday!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe I’ve seen anything that high on a chart. I would contact the sompany if I were you

  22. Kerrie says:

    I was told at my Walgreen that if I used a coupon on an item that should print a register reward, that the coupon use would cause the reg. reward to NOT print. That this was a change since the start of the Balance Rewards. I did not try it to test it. Also, she was telling people ahead of me in the checkout line that they only way to get the sale prices at Wags was to use the Balance Card. This lady refused to sign up for one, so I guess she paid higher. Anyone else hear of either of these things. I am a frustrated coupon user right now at WAGS

    • uthorns1976 says:

      That’s total bull**** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tigra says:

      If the coupon you wanted to use was a RR of the same offer or by the same manufacturer (i.e. Kellogs, Proctor and Gamble) then you run a high risk of not getting a second RR. This has always been that way even before balance rewards. Yes the lady that refused to sign up paid a higher price on sale price items only.

  23. jaggersmom says:

    Can you trade your Balance rewards in for a Walgreens Gift Card and then in turn use the gift card to cover your oop expenses?

  24. supercheapmommy says:

    I have to say, I love the balance rewards! They don’t expire for 3 years if you shop at walgreens once every 6 months. I took advantage of the balance rewards when they first started. I payed $30.00 OOP for my favorite deodorant that happened to be on sale that week only to receive 30,000 balance reward points. To me, this equals free. I plan to buy only the extremely good deals paired with coupons to maximize my savings even if OOP initially is high but the balance rewards looks great. Yes, this requires more thinking but I plan on using all of my points on the black Friday deals to maximize my savings even more. Oh, I also plan on buying my daughters Christmas gifts with my balance rewards, of course in increments of 40,000k at a time so I can receive $50.00 worth of items. However, I don’t do my regular shopping at Walgreens. With coupons and BR’s items become incredibly cheap. You must THINK before you shop. Map out your plans for maximum savings! Happy Shopping and may the saving be tremendous for all :)

    • uthorns1976 says:

      Points that last 3 years sure beat Register Rewards that are good for only 2 weeks. You just have to avoid the gotchas…don’t use points to buy items for which you get points and remember that the value of Wags monthly coupons is deducted from the value of your purchase that counts toward points.

  25. lujulian says:

    I guess I won’t be shopping at Walgreen’s anymore.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I love this new system. I have already gotten a $50 transaction free and I’m only 3,000 points away from a free $70 transaction. I like to save the points for something I want that never has a RR or coupon. I have only spent $65 OOP since the program started

  27. Sara says:

    Is there a limit on how many RRs (not points) can be earned per balance reward card if I do different transactions? For example, I already bought one colgate toothpaste at $3.99 and got $3 RR, but I want to go buy another one but Im concerned whether RRs will print out again.. Im wondering if the Walgreens loyalty card keeps track/limits like the CVS card?

    • Anonymous says:

      At least for now, the card is not keeping track of your Register Rewards purchases like CVS does. As long as you only try to earn one Register Reward per offer per transaction, you can still earn multiple Register Rewards. For now, the rules for Register Rewards haven’t changed.

  28. jesmitty says:

    The Balance Rewards is a good deal, I think. Your points don’t expire for 3 years, so long as you shop at Walgreens every 6 months. Fine by me. I probably only shop there once a quarter, but to let my spending accrue, and to gain points EVEN when I use manufacturer coupons… You get cash back to spend at the store. Why wouldn’t that be a great deal?! It is! And around the holidays, they do have some most excellent deals too. Happy shopping/couponing!! :)

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don’t expect to shop at Walgreens much anymore unless they’re having a good sale on something which they sometimes do. There are only 2 Walgreens in my area. There are tons of CVS stores and a few Rite Aids.

    To me the Balance Rewards are designed to make you think like you’re getting something that you aren’t. I don’t know if it will affect Walgreens sales except for couponers. Most of the people I see shopping in there don’t coupon and aren’t shopping their sales so for them maybe they like it. Who knows?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you might be right–this program probably wasn’t meant for couponers. We’ll try to use it anyway!

  30. RenDeals says:

    I have more than 50000 pts… I don’t know what to spend it on … lol … Also I’m scared that I won’t earn any balance rewards points if I use them as my payment… I guess I’ll buy something special that is about $50 but does not earn any points sooner or later.

  31. CouponJoe says:

    Somebody call the WAAAAAAHmbulance! If you don’t like it then don’t shop there. We dont need to hear your story on how you don’t shop there and you don’t miss it and how you dont look at their circulars… cause believe it or not…NOBODY cares.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Seems unanimous nobody likes the new system!! 2 positive comments out of 46! I stopped shopping there 2 months before they started this because I was spending too much OOP and was tired of them rejecting my coupons. I haven’t missed it AT ALL and don’t even look at their circulars anymore!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in the same boat. it felt like I couldn’t go there without half the items being out. I would also always mysteriously end up spending more than the math said I should have and I’ll never know why

  33. gsherrel says:

    Today was horrible I have $20 in RR and i was trying to spend them all today and the cashier only acept me $1 and he toldme that i have to bu .y 20 items or 20 transactions. I was on shock. I need to know if that is true and how I am going to redeem them.

    • Alice says:

      gsherrel, you will need 20 items if you are using 20 $1 RR. You need one item for every single RR you have. In other words, you can’t use $20 in RR on one single item. The number of RR needs to match the amount of product you are buying.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alice is absolutely right. You can learn more about using Register Rewards by clicking on the “101″ tab at the top of our Walgreens page. This will be very helpful, gsherrel!

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot have more register reward coupons than items in your transaction.

  34. sully says:

    its 40,000 pts the max you can earn and then you have to redeem your points? or you can accumulate as much as you want.

    • Anonymous says:

      40,000 is the max. Of course if you have more than that, they won’t disappear. You can simply redeem them later.

  35. nd says:

    I really don’t like the new system. They did need something to prevent people from buying multiple items, but I think that they would have been better off implementing something like Rite Aid or CVS. I don’t think I am going to shop there too much anymore.

  36. paramy blake says:

    What’s the reason for points system when u can’t use ur points to pay for purchases & get more points?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, looks like its byebye Walgreens. I understood them not wanting you to roll RR on the same item but this is so counterintuitive to couponing.

  37. wardo1985 says:

    I was very excited about the balance reward points initially, but now I’m not so keen on it. I earned 10,000 points in the first week which equates to $10. I’ve since tried using them twice by showing my card first and both times it wasn’t showing on their computer system that I had them. I had to call customer service twice, both times telling me that I need to call while I’m at the register so they can talk to the associate and tell them I do have the points. Since I don’t like to hold people up, I guess I’m going to have to make a late night trip to be able to cash in on those points.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry! That sounds super frustrating.

    • Melissa A says:

      This happened to me on Sunday. Luckily for me there was an associate working who knew how to fix it. She said if you decline to use your points (in order to build them up) they have to push a “payment” button and then select rewards. When they did this, I was able was given an option to use $5 or $10 of my rewards. It was such a pain, that I decided to use all $10. It will be a long time before I cash them in again. Hopefully they all are trained by then.

  38. Julie says:

    I’ve learned the hard way that you can not spend your points and receive points at the same time. If you are expecting to receive points then don’t use them.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think that they are going to make their money when people redeem their points. I made a purchase for $1.29 and was asked if I wanted to pay with my points. I almost said yes, until I realized that it would have taken 5,000 pts making me loose $3.71 in points. So does that mean that in order to maximize my rewards points I would have to make a purchase worth $50 after coupons and everything else?
    I like the RR, I can take them to my local grocery store to use towards my groceries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. My children needed the iPod charger thingies and I got some of the paper plates and some other non point items. Went back for the orange juice and brownie mix.

  40. Bette says:

    Thanks for this! I am enjoying the challenge of earning points and still keeping my OOP low. I’m liking the new system so far. Thanks so much for all your help and good tips! You’ve really helped my family save alot of money with all your good advice.

  41. Heather says:

    I never shop at Walgreens because it is too difficult! This change just seems even more difficult! Sneaky that they started slowly offering less register rewards. I like to stick to Target and Kroger for my coupon shopping! I find more of a thrill in finding a fabulous deal and getting it for low price out of pocket up front. The only thing I roll is the target giftcards, but these never expire and can be used on anything! We just have to learn to adapt to changes. They’ve always been around and things will change again!

  42. uthorns1976 says:

    In the Prevacid/Gas-X example, what does this mean: (10,000 Points = $10.00 – $12.00)?? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      According to the chart that is a little later in the post, 10,000 Points can equal between $10.00 and $12.00, depending on the point at which you choose to redeem your Points.

  43. holly says:

    i know i haven’t shopped there as much. i think they are using this to generate more money, definitely harder to shop for free or really cheap. maybe after they see they are losing more money than making they will bring back more register rewards.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be nice, wouldn’t it?!

    • Logan says:

      My friend and I talked to a lady that we know really well from couponing that works at our walgreens and she said on sunday they were down 4000 dollars. Besides the colgate, this week was not a good week for RR! bummer….

      • Anonymous says:


      • Tigra says:

        It’s rumor only but the trend seems to be holding true. RR is being replaced by BR. I know in a lot of cases RR was a couponer’s dream come true but for the average person and the cashier trying to figure out why something didn’t ring on sale, RR was always a nightmare. Lost track of how many arguments I’ve gotten stuck in over RRs.

  44. lauracousins says:

    I hate the new rewards program. Yesterday my receipt printed “offline” for the rewards. Who knows if I will ever see them. Then on a previous transaction, I forgot to give the cashier my card. I know it is my responsibility, but every where else you go, there is a prompt to enter phone number or card number. I was pretty loyal to Walgreens, but I think I need to find a new coupon spot!

    • Anonymous says:

      As it says in the post above, you can contact Walgreens Customer Service if your Points don’t show up, and they will be credited to your account. And I have forgotten to put in my phone number a couple times too! Pretty soon, though, we will all get the hang of it. The cashiers will also get better at prompting us to enter our number!

      • love cvs says:

        Do you think so (re: the cashiers)? Personally, I think this was really smart for Wags. By implementing the card and not prompting you to enter the number, think how much more money they’re making w/overcharging folks (i.e., my elderly grandparents). Between the issues of not being able to flip points into other point deals, having to redeem $50 worth of points to get the max value, lesser point value than the old RRs, etc., Walgreens has nearly completely lost my business. I do still stop by to get cheap milk (my Wags consistently overorders and marks the gallons down to $2 two or three days before they date out). Manager commented on my lack of couponing the last time I was in, and when I explained the above, he said his store’s revenue is markedly down. I take a good deal of satisfaction in knowing that a few hundred of that used to come from my coupons!

      • whovier88 says:

        i was told by one of the customer service reps that the managers at walgreens can credit you the points if you didn’t receive them but i am not sure about this

        • kellyann says:

          the manager at the wag i went to yesterday was able to credit the points i didn’t receive. he had a piece of paper with a bar code on it worth 500 points (i needed 1500), so he scanned my card, then his bar code three times and i was all set. so the points should be able to be taken care of in the store by the manager. hope this helps!

  45. uthorns1976 says:

    I don’t understand the calculations on the Prevacid and Gas-X deal. How does $26.98 become $13.49???

  46. uthorns1976 says:

    Do Walgreens in-ad coupons count against your total like the coupons from the monthly coupon booklet do?????

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they don’t. For example, this week there was an in-ad coupon for a Dove Chocolate Bar for $0.59. They also advertised that you will receive 100 Points when you buy one. The in-ad coupon did not interfere with receiving the Points!

      • uthorns1976 says:

        So, the Dove bar is $.59 with in-ad coupon but it rings up $1.99 or whatever. If this was a deal where you had to buy $30 worth of products, how much would count toward the $30…$.59 or $1.99?????

        • sully says:

          only the .59C would go toward the $30 worth

          • uthorns1976 says:

            That’s what I figured. I guess the points will be less hassle than keeping up with the physical RRs that expire in 2 weeks.

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s a good point! I didn’t think about how these don’t expire for 3 years, whereas Register Rewards expire in two weeks!

            • sully says:

              yes you are right sometimes i will go to the store not because i needed something but because my rr’s were expiring . once i realize at 9pm that my rr’s were expiring that day i grabed my car keys and run to a 24 hours walgreens my husband though i was nuts but hey i had $16 in expiring rr’s. thats the most crazy thing i done so far glad that is over ja ja ja

    • sully says:

      nice question? it was a total suprise to me that montly coupons count against your total for points

  47. melsanchez2 says:

    I dislike that you can’t receive points when you pay with points. I didn’t know this. I just though it was a mistake. Last week I purchased multiple nabisco cookies hoping to receive the points for each product; I used previous point to pay for them and was disappointed that I didn’t get any new points. I really dislike Walgreens now! CVS will be getting so much more business now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry! It does require a little thinking-outside-the-box to make it work well.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. That means more money OOP, which, to me, is not the point of shopping with coupons.

      • Lindsay S. says:

        I am with both of you. The point of me shopping at Walgreens was to spend very little OOP there (their prices are so high on some things!). I was hoping that with the change, we could roll back and forth between points and RR, so I figured it was still a good change. Now the RR are few and far between, and I’m not willing to pay so much OOP just to build up points. I wanted to stay positive about the change, but so far I’m not impressed and they’ve lost my business for now unless the rewards get better. I’ve also noticed that the points deals are not nearly as much as some of the RR we used to get. You have to buy so much or spend a certain amount to only get around 500-1000 points now, which is very little if you compare the value to what we used to get in RR. I’m feeling pretty bummed about the change. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

  48. Karen says:

    my question is for example the betty crocker, you have to buy 2 to get the points, what if i but 1 from one walgreens (as they are all gone) and one from another walgreens, thats 2, will i get the points like CVS?

    • sully says:

      no they don’t track

    • Anonymous says:

      Walgreens doesn’t keep track like CVS. You have to make your entire qualifying purchase in a single transaction to get the Points, as it says above.

    • whovier88 says:

      you could always buy it and then go to another walgreens that has that item but there is only one left, just return that first one then buy it back along with the other item to get the points, i had to do that with the perts plus shampoo. there are 4 walgreens in my area and they all had 1 perts plus shampoo left, so i would just buy it then return it then buy it back with the other one to get it or 24 cents apiece. of course the cashier was looking at me like i was crazy

  49. sully says:

    you know i like this points program the only thing i dont like is keeping track of my points is so stressful to keep checking if you got your points it seems like every week i have to call customer service becuase i did not get the right amount on points. and i lost 2,ooo because i did not kept my receipt. the week i got them they were there and then a week later they disappear and were never credited back

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh no! It is a lot more work if you have to keep calling Customer Service like that.

    • Stacey says:

      I have to agree with you on this one. I’ve bought multiple things w/ pts and I don’t keep track of the receipts until later on, but I’m not getting my points either. I’m only at 1,000 pts and it’s not changing. I’ve decided to shop more so for RR instead of relying on the pts to pay me later…since it’s not adding up and I don’t have the time to be fixing them all the time. I don’t really like the new program & feels rushed all the time at the register.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know how you feel. I’m hoping that they’ll iron the kinks out, and that the program will become a bit more second-nature to us all in time!

  50. wendyn says:

    I understand the program, but it seems like it’s more of a hassle to keep up with. Maybe, in time it will seem easier. I think alot of people will be complaining. Register Rewards were alot more simple than this program. Hope they don’t lose alot of business b/c of the changes.

    • Anonymous says:

      It will definitely be interesting to see how it all shakes out!

    • Tigra says:

      I think it will be pretty much an equal trade off between people who got POed / confused by RR that might come back with BR and vice versa. At least BR works on prescriptions. :o)