I just found a super bargain on the small tubes of Carmex Healing Lotion! First, head to the Carmex Facebook page and print off two coupons. They don’t have any size restrictions! Then take them to Walgreens. When you buy three, you’ll receive 1,000 Balance Rewards Points! We’re not sure how long this Points promotion will last, so don’t delay! Remember, 1,000 Points equal $1.00 – $1.25 in reward dollars, so this deal is as good as a $0.26 moneymaker! I found these lotions in the travel size section at one of my Walgreens stores. At the other, I found them hanging on an endcap with Carmex lip products. They’re so cute–perfect for your purse or a stocking stuffer!

Buy 3 Carmex Healing Lotion or Cream, 0.75 or 1 oz $0.99, regular price
Buy 3, Receive 1,000 Balance Rewards Points 
Use two $1.00/1 – Carmex Skin Care Product – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.33 each, when you buy 3, Receive 1,000 Balance Rewards Points 


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Thanks, Reader wfteresa

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43 thoughts on “Free Carmex Lotion After Points at Walgreens!”

Cant you just buy 1 and get it free?

When is this deal over?

I was able to score this deal today. I bought three of the travel-size lotions (found them with the other travel-sized items). I used 2 $1 off coupons and when the 3rd one wouldn’t go through I asked the cashier to adjust it down to $.97. She did and I paid $.15 in tax, got my three lotions AND the 1,000 points. Yay!

In my experience, I was only able to find the Carmex Lotion/Cream travel-size either in the travel-size section, the cosmetics counter (plastic bin), or checkout (plastic bin). My local Wags doesn’t carry it anymore, but at another Wags near my classes, they had a big display behind the cosmetics counter labled “travel-size & stuffing stockers”. They had soo many it was near bulging out of the buckets. I ended up getting one of the lotion and one of the cream.

Of course, as usual I had my 10-15 minute argument with the cashier and her adviser about the coupon. She said it wasn’t for travel-size (you know the deal) eventually the manager came, and I mentioned that at another Wags, they didn’t accept it either until I called Consumer Relations. He just told her to mark it down .99 cents.

I had to manually restore my transactions on Wags Balance online because I forgot to use my card. I purchased 2 lotions in one transaction, and 1 cream in another, but I didn’t get anything. It didn’t even say anything on my receipt like “if you had used your card and purchased two more…” blah blah. When I forget to use my card and the item offers points, it usually tells me on the receipt.

No longer producing points, but I kept the 3 since I got them all for $1. The employees in my store didn’t know where the small tubes were, but I found them in the makeup/gift set section where the new holiday/stocking stuffers were.

Mine were in plastic bins, too. Not in travel section, new to holiday section. HTH! Note that mine didn’t product the points tonight. Anyone else do this today and get points?

Did anyone in Upstate NY find these in their stores? I cannot find them anywhere, I even asked a cashier, she had no idea what I was talking about :(

I actually live on the west coast, but they are in kind of a wierd place in my store. They were in a plastic container setting in with a mixture of misc. items in the beauty area.Not in the lotion area.

Thanks! :)

I couldn’t find these tubes at my store, but got the .75oz Healing Cream tins (retail is $1.09) for only $.09 each after this coupon. Still a real good deal :)

I had a hard time finding them too, and was going to buy the tins for 1.09.. Until they magically appeared somewhere in a shampoo isle I was walking by.

But did they still give the 1000 Balance Rewards Points for buying the tins?

I’m glad you stumbled upon them!

I didn’t get the points either (I’m in NY, must be regional) but $.09 lotion is fine by me :)

That is a great deal!

I found the tins too, they are similar to the Nivea tins!

So I went in today and bought 3 of them,,
I had 3 of the $1.00 off coupons,, but when the cashier scanned the third one, it would not go through,, she said because the item was $0.99 but the coupon was for $1.00 so I was only allowed to use the 2 coupons.
Bummer. Couldn’t she have adjusted the third coupon down to $0.99?

She could have, but often cashiers don’t know how or they’re afraid they could get in trouble if they’re not supposed to accept it.

urgh great I had a paper jam and I didn’t even get 1 :-(

Bummer! I hate it when that happens!

how many ounces are these bottles?

They are 0.75 or 1 ounce, as the post above says.

Couldn’t you just buy 1 and use 1 coupon and get it free?

Yes, but if you buy 3 of them, you get 1000 points in balance rewards.. So it’s free plus a moneymaker when you spend your points. :)

Right! You can just buy one if you want, though.

I don’t ever remember seeing the small tubes at my Walgreens,, What part of the store is it located at?

The reader said she found them in the travel section and hanging with the other Carmex products

Yes, that’s where I found them!

I did this deal today with the 2 coupons, worked great, spent 97 cents and picked up my free photo from the weekend. I am almost ready for Christmas baskets! Thank u!


just got mine and love the fact the expiration date is long. thanks.

Oh good!

No longer available :(

I just printed mine.

I printed some to.

Hmmm, it looks to me like it’s still there. Is there a chance you already printed it?

I just printe mine also.

I couldn’t get mine either Tina!

Why did you only use 2 coupons?

I was wondering the same thing? I printed 2 out and read them and it doesn’t say only 2 per customer or anything like that. so why not use 3 pay nothing and get back 1,000 pts?

Most people can only print two coupons because they only have one computer and Facebook account.

I’m constantly going on my husband’s Facebook and liking things to get freebies and coupons!

Great! (As long as your husband doesn’t mind “liking” Carmex, lol.)

Most people can print two coupons because they only have one computer and one Facebook account.