Walmart has released its Black Friday Ad! Unless noted otherwise, sale prices are from 11/22 at 8 p.m. until 11/23 at 11 p.m. Here is a summary of the hottest deals!

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Valid 11/22 at 10:00 p.m. to 11/23 at 11:00 p.m. Only

iPad 2, 16GB $399.00
In-store only
Buy 1, Receive $75.00 Walmart Gift Card
Final Price: $324.00 


Emerson 32″ HDTV $148.00
In-store only


HP 2000 Laptop $279.00
In-store only


Orion 24″ HDTV $78.00
In-store only


Philips 3D Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Home Theater $128.00
In-store only


iLive 37″ Sound Bar $38.00
In-store only


McAfee Total Protection 2013 Software $9.98
In-store only


Nook 8GB Tablet $99.00
In-store only


Valid 11/23 at 5:00 a.m. to 11/25 at 11:00 p.m. Only

Select DVDs $0.96
In-store only
Starsky & Hutch; The Amityville Horror; and More


Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone $79.88
In-store only


Samsung Captivate Glide 4G Smartphone $0.97


Kenwood AM/FM/CD/MP3 Receiver Plus 2 Speakers Bundle $88.00
In-store only


Halex Striker Electronic Dartboard with Darts $9.86
In-store only


Artificial 5′ Pre-Lit Christmas Tree $20.00
In-store only



XBox 360 SkyLanders Bundle $149.00
In-store only


Sony PS3 Bundle $199.00
In-store only; Includes two games


Nintendo DSi XL $99.96
In-store only


Wii Console $89.00
In-store only


HP Deskjet 3056 Wireless Printer $39.00
In-store only


Sylvania 7″ Digital Picture Frame $20.00
In-store only


Toys & Games

Select Board Games $3.88
In-store only
Hello Kitty Pop-Up Game; Candy Land; Ants in a Can; and More


Hot Wheels Cars Collection, 9 pk $5.00
In-store only


Disney Princess, Bratz or Barbie Fashion or Movie Doll $5.00
In-store only


Disney Princess Cash Register or Shopping Cart $15.00
In-store only


Disney Princess Activity Set $15.00
In-store only; Includes over 1,500 art supplies


Crayola Twistables, SuperTips Color Wheel or Cra-Z-Art Super Art Studio $8.88
In-store only


Select Vtech Learning Toys $10.00
In-store only


Power Wheels Barbie or Hot Wheels 6-Volt Jeep $89.00
In-store only


Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen $50.00
In-store only


DVD and Blu-Ray

Select Blu-Ray Combo Packs $8.96
In-store only
Brave; The Lorax; Captain America; and More


Select DVDs $1.96
In-store only
The Green Lantern; Taken; Bad Teacher; The Blind Side; Sherlock Holmes; and More 


Select Blu-Ray Movies $3.96
In-store only
The Dark Knight; Unstoppable; Die Another Day; The Lord of the Rings; and More 


Select DVDs $4.96
In-store only
The Lucky One; Despicable Me; The Smurfs; Moneyball; Crazy Stupid Love; and More 


Select TV Series DVDs $9.96
In-store only
True Blood; How I Met I Your Mother; Heroes; Sons of Anarchy; and More



Select Music CDs $5.00
In-store only
Albums by Kelly Clarkson; Carrie Underwood; Pitbull; Rod Stewart; and More 



Rival 5-Speed Hand Mixer, Mini Slow Cooker or Mini Food Processor $3.88
In-store only


Rubbermaid 28-Piece Food Storage Set $6.92
In-store only


Select Appliances $9.44
In-store only
Crock Pot 6-Quart Slow Cooker; Tru Nonstick Griddle; Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker; Sunbeam Belgian Waffle Maker


Corelle 12-Piece Dinnerware Set $14.44
Valid 11/11 through 11/17


Disney Bean Bag or Musical Rocker Chair $18.00
In-store only


Beautyrest Full/Queen Down Alternative Comforter $14.96
In-store only



Toddlers’ or Kids’ Non-Slip Character Slippers $3.00
In-store only


Jordache Skinny Jeans $9.50
In-store only



Children’s Story Book Collection $5.00
In-store only; Assorted titles


Sunpak Digital Camera Tripod $10.00
In-store only


MD Sports Ice Zone 48″ Air Powered Hockey Table $29.86
In-store only


Essentials 32-Piece Tool Set with Bag $14.88
In-store only


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47 thoughts on “Walmart Black Friday Ad 2012”

It wasn’t that bad! This was my first black Friday type experience. I arrived at 6:30 and not that many people were there. I put everything I wanted in the cart and was able to check out early at 7:30! But by 7:30 it was crazy but I had already checked out and left!

Can I price match a black Friday ad that isn’t active til midnight? For example, I would like to price match the 40′ Toshiba tv on sale at best buy; however best buy sales don’t start til midnight and Wal-Mart is open for electronics at 10:00 Thursday night.

Hi Melissa, that’s a great question. You should probably contact your local Target and verify if you can do that!

I don’t think they’ll do that buy you could call your local Walmart and ask!

Another option for those of you that do not want to shop on Thanksgiving day-I confirmed with two store managers that I can put items that will be on the BF sale in layaway and get the sale price whenever I get it out that Saturday. The trick is to make sure you’re picking out the exact item that is in the sale ad. Some of the workers even told me they were doing this as well. Of course, the doorbuster items, like tv’s, etc. won’t be available. But, you can pick up quite a few things in the ad for great, inexpensive gifts.

Just make sure your layaway will be open. I tried this, but was told they will not have layaway open during this time, not even to take something out of layaway, and anyone wanting to will pretty much be S.O.L. because they will have to wait til black Friday is over!

That’s why I said to pick it up Saturday. I was told by walmart that layaway would be closed on Friday, but the sale price would be honored on Saturday.

I was wondering the same thing. I thought they had a 50″ t.v friday at 5:00am for 298.00….did not see that here at all.

Samsung Captivate Glide 4G Smartphone for $.97??? really?

That’s what I was about to ask. Are you sure? Or is it like $97.00? Because if not, I might need to stock up on them lol.

I figured that involved a 2 year contract or something similar. Although, I don’t know for sure.

Can you explain to me if I put something on layaway at Walmart and then find it on sale at target during black Friday. Will they give me this difference. Example. I put a wii bundle on layaway at Walmart for say $149 and I see it at target for $119 if I take the ad into Walmart will I get the difference back if I get it out of layaway then? Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Harley, that’s a great question. I’d contact your local Walmart about this. That way you’d know for sure and wouldn’t have any trouble!

I tried to price match a Nintendo 3DS XL last week. It was on sale at Best Buy for $179 and I put it on layaway for $199. The manager told me that they don’t allow price matching with layaway purchases, but if the price goes down at Walmart it will automatically adjust the price of the layaway purchase. Good luck!

I think it’s good they’re opening on thanks giving it gives people who work on friday a chance to get good deals too

Price-Match Guarantee – the Disney Princess and Barbie dolls are $2.99 at KMart, so bring in their black friday ad and they should deduct the $2 difference!

Thanks for the tip!

This will be a first for me. I’ve never been Black Friday shopping on my own. I can understand why some people would take issue with having to work on Thanksgiving but I’m not overly upset over it. My husband works at a pharmaceutical company and he’ll be working that night as well as Christmas Eve/Day. We make due with the time that we’re given and keep moving forward. Black Friday might be a PIA but it also helps stimulate the economy a bit. Plus Thanksgiving is a really morbid holiday but that’s a whole other topic.

I’m mainly going for the dvd sales. I would never ever pay $19.99+ for a movie and Walmart is offering a bunch of titles that I would like to own for some really bottom barrel prices.

I work at a major retail department store. They are making everyone work split shifts, so we work all day Thanksgiving, and Black Friday plus the whole weekend. So no time for any of minimum wage workers to have any time with their families. I bet the corporate people get to enjoy theirs. While we listen to customers complain and cuss us out for not having the merchandise that the company didn’t send or only sent three of. Well anyways Happy Thanksgiving, oh I sorry what is Thanksgiving> *sarcasm*

Everyone seems to think this is a bad idea…but I bet the store is swamped at 8pm. The only way to make this type retail rush ‘non-profitable’ to the store/company is for everyone to stay at home. I would be willing to bet that won’t happen. Anyone that shops on Thanksgiving is just perpetuating this trend. And NO, I won’t be shopping. So have fun trampling each other.

You are EXACTLY right!! So many are complaining about it yet they will still go shopping. Don’t go! Seems kind of simple really. lol I won’t be going either.

I for one think it’s better. I have a hard time getting up and being at the stores at 4 a.m. to get a 5 a.m. deal. I would much rather be there at 7 to get an 8 p.m. deal.

Unfortunately I will be there at 8pm Thanksgiving night to get my kids a PS3 system, and again at 5a.m. to get the 50 inch television.

can yall make a vid i am lost with all the bf changes..

What can I help explain for you?

I’m so glad I am not the only one who thinks this way. I understand grocery stores being open and all if people need a couple of things, but Department stores?????

I wonder what genius thought that this was a good idea.

Competitors aren’t thinking about how it affects their customers.
I guarantee that stores won’t see much business on Turkey day.
That’s just me talking. What can I say????

Unfortunately you are wrong…they were packed last year.

Not many people spend time with family on the exact date of the holiday, like my family did when I was young. Hopefully they do have a family dinner and fun on an alternative date. Some people find shopping with family….good family time. Being packed in a store with people elbowing you is not my idea of a good time.

Samsung Captivate Glide 4G Smartphone $0.97, this probably requires a contract ?

That is what I am wondering – if it doesn’t I will be snatching me up one of those – But I am pretty sure it will require a contract.

It’s an AT&T phone so it will require a contract

I think it’s so sad that they are starting their “Black Friday” sale on Thanksgiving! I think all stores should open at 6am Friday morning. Just my opinion. =)

I agree! It’s called black FRIDAY because it’s supposed to start on friday. We are probably the only country that gives thanks early in the day and then tramples over people later that night for these crazy deals!

I’m all for a great deal, but if it means I need to cut family time short or push and old lady down to get the deal…count me out! Ha ha! =)

SOOO true!!!

I agree! The 10:00 last year wasn’t too bad, but now that it’s starting at 8:00, it’s cutting into my Thanksgiving time!

It only cuts into your Thanksgiving time if you choose to participate in the sales. Nobody forces anyone to go shopping.

No they aren’t but employees are forced to work. If they are put on the schedule to work they have to. Only a certain amount of employees are allowed to take that time off. It’s just sad they can’t spend the whole day with their families.

When I worked for the USPS we would fight over who got to work holidays. I guess it really boils down to the pay.

I thought you were just referring to shopping time. But in regards to employees losing Thanksgiving time, yes, that is something else altogether different. You’re right, they have no choice.

I agree. I’m planning to not shop on Thanksgiving and I hope many others do the same so the retailers get the message.

I happen to love this idea. I am a home health care provider and my shift starts at 7:00 a.m. on Friday and ends at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. I am stuck in someone else’s home for 60 hours a week, and can’t leave. I have never been able to take advantage of one of these sales and I am really looking forward to getting some good deals :) This will be my first one and I am very excited :) I hate those sales, like the ones Macy’s and Penny’s have, that are only on the weekends. I feel it’s a form of discrimination against people that work a 60 hour shift on those weekends. Well, not really, but it sure feels like it lol :)

For anyone thinking that I “chose” this job, before you respond I would like to state that I did not. After losing my fabulous job in 2008, I have had to take what I can get. :( It’s not my forte, and it’s not what I want to do, and making 2/3 less money that I used to REALLY sucks :( This might shed light on why I am so excited – lol. I don’t have much to look forward to in life.

I do to b/c for those that have to work they are spending most of their day sleeping instead of with their families:(