Head over to Walmart (the coupon expires 12/31), and save 96% on Curad Hydrogen Peroxide!

Curad Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz $0.52, regular price
Use $0.50/1 – Curad Product – (curad.com)
Final Price: $0.02

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35 thoughts on “Curad Hydrogen Peroxide, Only $0.02 at Walmart!”

nope. just beeps and beeps and beeps and they say no cuz the picture says it has to be a boxed item. I know they are in the wrong, but if the coupon wont scan at all, it wont work

Well, I tried again today at a DIFFERENT Walmart. (where the price was also .68 cents. They FLAT OUT refused to take it when it wouldn’t scan. They tried scanning each code separately, but their computer said the coupon was not for the items purchased. Oh well….

Here is the dealeeeo at Walmart. It says right on their policy that they do no accept coupons without a scannable bar code. Also, as stupid as it sounds, their policy also says the coupon must match the product depicted on the coupon (color etc).

See the Wal Mart coupon policy at the top of the page.

This is why many of you are having issues. But, as many of us couponers do, sometimes you just have to cross your fingers and hope the cashier either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care enough to stop you.

my walmart only sells the alcohol by curad. I think it was around $1.50? I may check other stores, especially Krogers, since they double!

I am concerned about this coupon. hope someone can help me out with a reply please!!!! When I print this coupon out…it has the same bar code over and over. I thought each bar code had to be different in order for the store to get credit for the coupon???? I don’t want to do anything wrong. Please advise me cause I know that some of you are much more knowledgeable than I about these things. thanks in advance! Debbie

mine has the same bar code as well. i wouldn’t really be too concerned about. you can check out with a clear conscious because it’s a legitimate coupon :) if all else fails, pull up the webpage (although annoying) on your smartphone.

this coupon is a pdf file and will have the same bar codes. I assume since it is on the Curad web site, it is valid. I wonder if the reason the coupon beeps is because of this? I hope the store gets full credit.

all pdf coupons are unscannable at Walmart. I don’t even waste my ink anymore!

Wal mart’s price in my area was .68 cents. Still a good deal after taking .50 cents off. Problem? They wouldn’t accept it, claiming the coupon was only good for the items SHOWN on the coupon… (bandages). When I pointed out that the coupon clearly says “ANY curad Item” they didn’t care.

Walmart’s price in my area wa 68 cents also. They accepted my coupon.

I had the same problem at Walmart, the supervisor insisting the I had to buy only the product shown on the coupon. That lady was so ignorant. I lost my cool.

Try a different checker…some just push it through manually. I have went 4 times with this coupon. Twice it has been pushed through, but yes, it can be irritating!

Maybe I’m a goof, but when I tried to print one, it was the size of the page. Did this happy to anyone else?

My first one did this too. When I printed my second one, I made sure the “Fit to page” box was UNCHECKED. The second one came out the right size(actually a bit smaller than a regular size coupon). I then printed another and won’t use the JUMBO sized one :)

PS. If my Walmart won’t accept these for Peroxide, I’ll have a couple boxes of bandages standing by just in case. Thank you for sharing this coupon :)

The coupon says 12/31/13, so its good for a while. I have used these coupons a lot in the last year. You can print as many as you need and they all work fine. My albertsons puts them on sale for $.50 occassionally and that is when I stock up fo free.

Thanks :)

Im curious.. I thought that everytime you print an online coupon, it changes the coupon number so that its not as if you are photocopying it?

This one is the same exact number everytime I print one out. Is that not the same as photocopying it? Im afraid to use the 5 I printed out at the same time!

There are several types of coupons. Coupons from Coupons.com or Smartsource.com will generate a new code every time you print because they track and limit how many each person can have. This one is a pdf so it doesn’t generate a new number every time you print, but Cuard hasn’t placed limits on the use of this coupon.

The difference between printing a pdf multiple times and photocopying a coupon (which is a no-no) is the limit.

I hope this helped!

do they really? i just looked at coupons i printed off those websites that i have more than one of and they have the same code? im confused??

I cant get this coupon to print at all! HELP!

I tried twice trying to buy hydrogen peroxide . The register beeped angerly. It’s a no go. However, you can buy bandages, %50 off with coupon.

Tried this deal and they refused to take it. The register beeped and they said if that happens there was nothing they could do. Hope others have luck.

I used some of these coupons two weeks ago on the curad band-aids. When the coupon beeped, the cashier looked at the coupon and immediatly recognized this type of coupon. She explained to me that these coupons are from Canada and therefor have two bar codes, one for Canada and one for the US. To get the coupon to scan correctly, she simply covered up the Canadian barcode with her hand and scanned the US barcode and it worked just flne. So if the coupon beeps at the register when a cashier scans them, just kindly explain to the cashier the situation and ask her to cover the barcode with the 10033 above it and scan the other barcode. The coupon should work without any problems. I hope this helps.

Omg, I never knew that. Guess I’ll have to go try it now to see if it works… Tried 2 times in the past and it beeped. This time, I’ll let them know and see if it works.

Site doesn’t open. Anyone having same problem?

When you go to print this coupon, make sure to click on the “actual size” button in your printer menu before you print, Doing this will save you alot of ink, otherwise you will end up with a full page spread. Or you could just let it print big, its always fun to see the look on the cashiers face when you hand them one of these oversized coupons. =D

At the bottom of the cpoupon you will see an arrow pointing up and down. Change the numbner to 100% and it will shrink the coupon for you. I printed out 3 coupons.

You can print more than two as well, this is a really good thing to stock up on.

No need to rush, it expires 12/31/2013 :)

I saw that too! =) Yay! Sometimes the colored variety of the “band-aids” go on clearance so I’m hoping for that!

wow the coupon prints big…it is as big as the whole piece of paper!

Yeah it is. I does say, “click here for big savings”. lol

When you print, unselect the “size to page” option and it should print much smaller 😉 I did the same thing lol

Lol. I did the same thing, i got a giant size coupon. Lol, im thinking about framing it.

Select print. When your printer menu pops up (where you select how many copies to print, etc.) you will see a “Page Scaling” dropdown menu. Select “Tile all pages” and print. This will print them at the perfect size!

PS – I don’t think this will make a difference, but I am a Mac user. Good Luck!