Now through 2/5 get free Bounty paper towels at Albertsons. Remember, all coupons up to $0.99 are worth $1.00 this week at Albertsons; use a $0.25 coupon which will be worth $1.00 to score a free roll!

Bounty Paper Towel, 1 ct $1.00, regular price
Use $0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 12/30 (exp 1/31)
Or $0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 1/27 (exp 2/28)
Final Price: Free 

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30 thoughts on “Free Bounty Paper Towels at Albertsons!”

  1. ohfadedjade says:

    How do you get more than one package if you can only print one coupon?

  2. Doesn’t apply in AZ

  3. LISET says:


  4. Does not apply here in Colorado either.

  5. very confused couponer says:

    I NEED SOME HELP, albertsons is having this sale, but also on some popcorn. if you buy one box then you get one box free. well there is a manufactor coupon that states if you buy one box of popcorn you get 2 sodas free, sooo would that mean you get 4 sodas for the price of one box of popcorn since it is a store sale?

  6. guest says:

    does this work in cali?

    • cin says:

      just called Albertson spoke to there customer service and they are not doing this promotion currently in southern calif. she told me to keep a look out that it might come here. so sad

  7. Kari2012 says:

    Does this also apply to TEXAS? I know my Albertson’s will not mark it to $1.00 like most other states.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try calling your local store. It looks like NW Albertsons stores are doing this promotion and select others throughout the country, but other regions are not.

      • kari2012 says:

        Just called my local Albertson’s and wow were they rude! They started to laugh at me and told me no, they don’t do that coupons scan what they are and that is it. Corporate will be getting a message from me, that was really really rude! :-(

      • Sandbear says:

        Does your Albertsons store double Krazy coupon lady? I live in Idaho and my store doubles.

      • yessophia says:

        how did you find out about it did it say it on your local ad

  8. cin says:

    my Albertsons said they are not doing this promotion I left very unhappy

  9. alydarling says:

    My Albertsons isn’t doing this? I just called to check because it isn’t on the ad and they said no ;/

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice work! Normally you have to do a special order through your local store. Call and see if your Albertsons will do this for you.

  11. Bobi says:

    Our local Albertsons refuses to accept the PG Bounty coupon. They say its only for the pick a size kind.

    • Shani Perry says:

      Mine has sign posted that highlights the select a size….they will not accept coupon for the reg bounty…was very disappointed

  12. Stephanie says:

    Got 20 rolls yesterday!!!! Someone said you can order these by the case. Anyone know how?