There are some things that seasoned couponers know you should never pay for. One of those things is pantiliners. Wait for a sale or use a coupon without a size limit, and you can often get pantiliners for free! Here’s a way to get Always pantiliners for free at Dollar General:

Always Incredible Thin Daily Liners, 20 ct $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 Always Feminine Care Products, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 1/27 (exp 2/28)
Final Price: Free 

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25 thoughts on “Free Always Pantiliners at Dollar General!”

I live in Florida, I do not have this coupon either, I went crazy looking for it lol,,,,

Not in mine either and I’m in CA

I don’t have this coupon either and I get numerous inserts each week from family and friends! I was really excited when I saw this too :(

Sorry you didn’t get it! =( Maybe next time!

Im a man and I dont know what Q to use on this one. I got the PG 1/27 for 50 cents…It says One always pads or feminine cleansing cloth..can I use this one? Theres a lot of them kinds…one tampax one infinity one one always pantiliners one always pads or feminine cleansing cloth and one tampax Q. Help !

Haha- no worries. KCL is here to save the day! You may use the pantiliners. generally the package will say specifically if is considered a “pantiliner” or a “pad” so that should help.

Thank you KCL !!!!

I have two coupons, but I don’t remember where I clipped them from. Like someone said, they don’t look like regular coupons. Mine are very small. BUT, I tried to use the two at my local Dollar General today & they would NOT accept them. Two different clerks said I had to use the coupons on larger packages, but the coupon does not say that. No size is specified. Was told DG would not accept them b/c I would get the items for free!!! Nothing I said changed their minds. I’m going to check DG’s coupon policy. This is not the 1st time I’ve had trouble using coupons there.

Please make sure and contact corporate. Managers at any store sometimes alter a coupon policy for reasons unknown, i.e. they do not understand coupons very well, they think they are catching something the corporate office missed, or they think that the coupon policy is up to their discretion. When you contact corporate make sure you know which store you visited so you can give them that information because they will email the manager directly. Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. Their coupon policy, as you can see above, does not exclude where you can get items for free with a coupon. Remember that sometimes managers and cashiers are just afraid that you are getting away with something wrong and may be afraid they will lose their jobs if they don’t catch something. KCL’s are just savvy shoppers! =)

The Always coupon was in a small section of a Fred’s flyer stuck within the P&G insert (unusual size coupon, too). I also tried to use these at Dollar General and two different stores were very, very, very difficult and refused to accept them stating “you would get them free…you can’t get nothing for free.” I even sent my husband in (much more diplomatic than I am) and he was met with frustration as well.

There is NO $1 coupon in the PG 1/27. There IS one for 50 cents in the previous issue. but $1? no

Maybe it is just a typo.

I live in Tennessee and I didn’t get it either ?????

I’m pretty sure I don’t have it either, need to double check. This has been happening to me a lot lately. =(

I got them almost a year ago when I received a sample box from P&G, it was a one page flyer

Hang in there, you won’t miss out on all the good deals! =)

i don’t have this coupon in my insert

Wow…let’s make up a coupon then lol….eBay doesn’t have this so that means just one region didn’t get it and I have a stack of p&g inserts with none in them…

One person on ebay has these coupons. They do not look like a typical P/G coupon though.

It’s not from p&g though

Neither do I!

Am I going crazy? I have 3 copies of PG 1/27 and can not find this coupon. Will they vary by region, even within the PG insert? I’m in KY and get Courier Journal.

Yes, they vary by region. Generally not by much, and rarely if they do, but they do. Sorry you missed out on this one! It’s not a rare occurance, so maybe next time =)

I went on to ebay and ordered them

I do not see an Always coupon in P&G from 1/27