If you’re a CVS ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes member, you can score a fantastic deal by stacking a CVS coupon and manufacturer coupon with a BOGO sale this week at CVS! If you’re already set up with your membership, go here to print the coupon for $10.00 off Nature Made Full Strength Minis and follow the scenario below. If you haven’t signed up yet, follow these steps:






  1. Sign up for the ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes Program (for those with Diabetes and their caregivers), by entering your ExtraCare card number and email address.
  2. Print a coupon for $10.00 off Nature Made Full Strength Minis (valid for ECAD members only).
  3. As an added bonus, be sure to check your email for a confirmation and a coupon for $5.00 Off your health care purchase!
Buy 2 Nature Made Full-Strength Minis $14.49, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 2/9
Use two $2.00/1 – Nature Made Full Strength Minis – (naturemade.com)
Or $2.00/1 Nature Made Full Strength Mini’s Product from SS 1/6 (exp 3/6)
And use one $10.00 Off Nature Made Full Strength Minis – (cvs.com)
Final Price: $0.25 each, when you buy 2


Thanks, Reader chucko326

Update: Participation of certain items seems to be varying quite a bit by region. Be sure to double-check the BOGO sale at a price scanner before purchasing! Without the BOGO sale, you can still save 83% on one bottle! Take a look:

Buy 1 Nature Made Full-Strength Minis $14.49, regular price
Use one $2.00/1 – Nature Made Full Strength Minis – (naturemade.com)
Or $2.00/1 Nature Made Full Strength Mini’s Product from SS 1/6 (exp 3/6)
And use one $10.00 Off Nature Made Full Strength Minis – (cvs.com)
Final Price: $2.49


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57 thoughts on “Nature Made Full-Strength Minis, As Low As $0.25 at CVS!”

I have a question. When a coupon says: one coupon per purchase does that mean that i can’t use two coupons for two items in the same transaction?

In NC, BOGO and it is only $10.49 ea so I didn’t even have to use my Manufacturer Q (which is $3 for me).

On BOGO item in cvs, what usually happens if only 1 item left on the shelf? Can i pay it first, get only 1item and then get a “notes” that allow me to take the free one next time (when they have stock again)? i want to pay in advance coz it makes my total shopping $40 and will get $10 off, instead of getting the raincheck. My cashier didn’t let me to do that.

there is a new $3.00 off qpon on the nm minis should be overage for another product maybe a free bottle of nivea!

KCL- planning tobuy this, m&ms scenatio and a few items for the cash card so i can use my $10 off $50 cvs q-is it possible? Can i use the nature made, m&ms mcm and $10 off $50 in the same trans?

I found that the super B Mini’s are $9.99 so I used it towards those. The multi complete are $15 !

I did!

NE Ohio has only the Omega 3 variety on sale BOGO, the multi-minis and Vit B were regular price.

Can you do this more than once??

For those who have not signed up for the Diabetes emails from CVS, you can get a $5.00 coupon sent to you for just signing up. Got mine yesterday. I took my 3 ($17.00 total) coupons for the minis’ at $15.49 a bottle and purchased my Dial for men at 1.44 a bottle. bought 2 dial and the Minnnie’s making my OOP $1.37 Not a bad deal.

No BOGO in northern indiana :( and they were 15.49

The omega 3 is bogo in Nor Cal and found them for $15.99 so I used $10 and (2) $3 mq

The omegas were BOGO at my store so free with the $10 and then 2 of the $3 coupons, thanks KCL!

Does anyone know if you can use the NM q in another transaction with the same card?

The $10 off coupon states “limit one per customer.” Does this mean I can only use this coupon once EVER or per visit? It’s letting me print it again.

I can’t find the coupon! Help!!

I got the $10 coupon without signing up (it didn’t prompt me to sign up)…will the coupon still be valid if if lets you print without signing up?

nature made minis are not bogo here in NH :( They are $10.99 regular price

I have the Coupon Machine coupon for “$3 off $15 and Vitamin or Diet
Nutrition purchase” and the printed coupon off the cvs website for $10
off nature made minis. I can’t use both of those coupons on two of them
correct? I didn’t think it was aloud but I wanted to double check before
I miss out :)

Also would these even reach the required price for the $3 off $15 coupon?

there is a new $3 off nature made minis printable that makes this deal even better

No BOGO in Ohio. $14.99 ea. :-(

Yep. Only certain NM products are included in the B1G1F deal, and no Minis.

i got omega 3 minis for free

Nice! Do tell us how your transaction went. Thanks :)

I’m in Ohio & mine were except they were $15.49 each!

If you read the cvs ad, these are not part of the bogo. However, at my cvs in fl, their 15.99. So I used the $10 off & $5 off coupons and it only cost me .29 I only got one but it was still a great deal on the one!

Seems like the CVS coupon is a .pdf, could we use 2 CVS coupons and 2 manufacturers coupons? My store usually applies the overage to other items instead of adjusting down.

I believe there’s a problem with this transaction. CVS coupon policy states that you are only allowed to use 2 coupons for a B1G1 promotion. ONLY 2. That’s what it states. Wouldn’t using 3 coupons on this promotion be misuse toward there policy? I had a problem the other day because KCL posted a similar transaction and CVS would not let me use 3 coupons on a B1G1 promo.

You can use one manufacturer coupon and one CVS coupon per item. In regard to BOGO promotions, the policy states that you may use coupons on the item you’re buying, as well as the free item. If you’re having problems doing this at your CVS, you may want to ask to speak with a manager or elevate it to corporate. Hope that helps.

From CVS Policy:
“Multiple Coupons

CVS/pharmacy accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable CVS/pharmacy coupon(s) per item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.”

That’s what I was trying to understand and explain as well to the manager but it still didn’t work out :(

Did you have a copy of the coupon policy? So far, that has gotten me use of a few coupons I wouldn’t have without it.

I have never had an issue at my cvs. They let me use I mq and one cvs coupon. On a bogo sale the extra was applied to the rest of my transaction.

I made a trip to get this deal but it’s not BOGO in our area. It was 15.99 each so I went to go ahead get one of it and have the 2.oo off fr nature’s made and the 10;.. fr cvs. when i get to the casheir this 10.00 coupon wont scan???? Cashier told me that the scan doesn’t recognized the bar code!!!! So didn’t get the deal @ all.

I haven’t used my coupon yet, but I did see that on the bottom of the CVS store coupon it says: “If unable to scan, select ‘Sales’ tab, then select ‘Item #’. Key in all coupon digits and press ‘Enter’.”

I assume that means they can manually enter the coupon. Maybe you should try bringing that to their attention.

I have $3/1 coupons what will happen if I use them? Is it better to use the $2/1?

They should adjust them down to the price of the items.

Can I use my $4 off $20 as well? Not sure if I can use that coupon on sale advertised items or just regular priced items?

You won’t be able to use it on this transaction alone. It doesn’t meet the $20 threshold (only one of the items in a BOGO sale count toward the minimum requirement).

I worded my question wrong, sorry. I meant to say with this special and upon purchasing other items to reach $20 can I use that $10 off coupon and my $4 off $20? I am kind of new and I wasn’t sure if the $4 off $20 can be used on sale items on the ad? I just don’t want to take everything to the register only to find out the coupon can only be used on regular sale items.

Can i use the cvs coupon for this, mm’s mcm coupons and $10 of $50 in 1 trans?

Not BOGO on Long Island – only Nature Made CoQ10, Fish Oil, Cholest off, Flax Seed and Krill Oil is BOGO.

Darn! Must be regional.

The minis are $15.99 at my CVS in NY. With the 2 coupons and $10 coupon I got them for $1 each. Still not bad!

These were NOT bogo Free at my store….Anyone else have this problem?

The only mini that was BOGO at my store was the super omega…the others weren’t included. Guess it varies.

At my CVS they are not BOGO but they are $9.99 which makes them free with the $10 off & I still used the manufacturer $2 off. I combined my $5 off a health care purchase and I got some free toilet paper.

Thanks, KCL! I signed up for ECAD and took my $5 certificate with me to CVS. I found the CVS brand of children’s gummie vitamins B1G1. They are each $5.79, so I got two jars of gummie vitamins for $0.79 and my minis for $0.50. THANK YOU!

Thanks for the tip. I was wondering what I was going to use my $5 on…. I may do this 😀

When do you get your $5 after becoming a member??

The $2/1 only printed twice but there’s a MINIs $2/1 SS insert 1/6/2013.

Its not letting me print the 2.00 off coupons, saying my printer settings are wrong, is anyone else having this problem?

Can you use the $10/1 coupon twice? Or is that limited to one per account? Thanks so much for this tip…I saw it last night and it was so ironic I was told to buy some minis for the mother in-law. We went into walgreens and I helped her find a few coupons in the vitamins booklets as well as stack them. She still spent $8 for one! I told her about this deal last night (I saw a brag) and she told me to grab some. I was hoping to see if I can print the coupon twice to get four bottles

It does say “Limit one coupon per customer” on the coupon.

Thank you!

Can you use the NM q again in another transaction with the same card?

I have this same question. Limit one per customer.. can i use it again in another transaction??