Score pricey Dove body wash for less with a $2.00 coupon! Head to the Dove Facebook page and click on “Start Now”. Then pick your bar or body wash and watch a short video. Fill out the required info and print! Use the back button to print this coupon twice. Save it for a sale, or take it to Walmart, Target, Walgreens or Rite Aid for these prices:







Rite Aid

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63 thoughts on “Dove Body Wash Coupon—Save $2.00!”

Family Dollar Has Dove on sale this week for $3.25. With the $2/1 coupon that makes them $1.25.

Thanks for letting us know!

None of these links worked for me!

rite aid has a sales for 2/$7

Wow, so if I get this right I will get (2) for free…..

(2) $2.00 MCoupon and
(1) $3.00 adperk coupon.

FREE WOW Hope it works. This is perfect for my sons sensitive skin

Yes, but it’s the smaller size that is on sale. The coupons are for the larger sizes, so unfortunately the Rite Aid deal won’t work.

I have tried to get this coupon for two days. Today, it said reward claimed but I received nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Many people are having trouble with this coupon. Try emailing their customer service to receive a coupon by mail.

I believe I have the same problem it didnt let me print it i read all the tabs and said to make sure the pop up blocker was not on. I did put didnt give me an option to print the coupons at first I thought it was my computer.

I finally got mine to print =] in fact I printed 2

I’m glad!

Can this be used on Dove men Body wash? Also makes a great deal next week at CVS!!

No, it’s not valid on the Dove men’s line.

Didn’t get mine to print! I hate playing those games and then don’t get the coupon!

I used firefox. It will block the pop up but click allow and refresh the facebook page on dove then refresh again for the first coupon then refresh again to print a second coupon.

Good to know, Mel!

Where’s the coupon? I put in all my info….really irritates me, giving up info, then coupon doesn’t show up!!

Mine didn’t print :( I placed all my info in and it never printed :(

Try using a different browser. Chrome was difficult for me, but Safari worked.

wow great thanks kcl rite aid also has a sale for 2/$7 and they have a dove coupon on their website for $3 if you watch a video making it free

Unfortunately, the sale is for the smaller bottles of body wash. But you can stack the video values coupon with the $2.00 coupon!

Mine didn’t print either.

ladies dont forget Publix have 1.50 cpn in the Green Flyer but hurry the cpn ends tomorrow

Thanks for the reminder, Reyna!

Mine didnt print :(

There is also Rite Aid Video Values coupon available!! The coupon is for $3/1 Dove body wash 18 oz or larger

and what we need to do or go?

Thanks for the reminder! Wow, we can save $5.00 at Rite Aid!

Just went shopping for this. coupons not working on sale product. Too small. Must buy larger one and it is not on sale. Also the Adperk coupon says Manufacture coupon. I guess I cant double up on this either. :( Regular price for larger bottle is almost $10.00. Only 12 oz on sale 2/$7.00 at rite-aid.

However, for the 2/$7.00 you get $2.00 back when you buy 2

make sure pop up blocker is off mine is printing now

Thanks!!! I was able to print two after I’ve check my pop up blocker.

Good suggestion, Brenda!

It sounds like this isn’t working for most people. I just emailed asking for a direct link to the coupon or a coupon via mail.

I was able to print, but only in Safari. Good idea to ask for a mailed coupon though!

thank you so much I just did it and they said they were going to mail me the coupon and send me other coupons as well

It did not work for neither

My coupon doesnt want to print D:!!!!!

Make sure that the pop-up blocker is off. Also, try different browsers. Safari worked for me!

coupon didnt print :(

I just watched the video and it said to submit my info and print the coupon. I did that, but the coupon never printed. I don’t think it’s an issue with my computer, it just never prompted me. I did turn off my pop up blocker.

I tried it again on my husbands facebook and it popped up a new window and allowed me to print. Couldn’t figure out how to print 2 though.

I’m so glad that someone got one!

I posted earlier in post but Ill brag again (lol) I recieved my coupons and continued with other activites and won a “free product coupon”. They said it will be sent to me in mail…YOO HOO :)

Print 2 by clicking on the blue back arrow key (top of your computer) a couple of times, kinda fast, to go back. Even if it says page expired, click back again and it will work. Took me awhile to figure this out from others posts. Once you do it though, you will see you can do this to alot of coupons. Hope that helps.

mine didn’t print either. I just messaged Dove on facebook and asked them for a direct link. I’ve had great success with emailing companies for a coupon when it doesn’t work on Facebook. Most of the time I receive a BETTER coupon for a higher value or even a free product

Good idea, XenaWP!

there wasn’t a print button

Try using different browsers. Chrome did not work for me, but Safari did. Good luck!

Awsome, just won a free product coupon from Dove playing on the facebook page. Thank you KCL :)

what game?

Each tab is a game or activity you need to do. Like, use the arrow key to look around with magnifying glass. When I did that, it said I had another chance to win a prize. Wasn’t obvious and was surprised that my actions caused a new opportunity. Just play around in their facebook.

thanks for the details! i’m off to give it a try :)


Was a coupon suppose to print? I played entered my info but no place to print???

there was an area to print a $2.00 coupon. I was able to print 2 by clicking the back arrow twice. Need to pay attention to the yellow tags for instruction. Then I pressed on the tabs to play games and that is where I got the “free product” coupon. It will be delivered to me in the mail withing 4 to 6 weeks. However, the $2.00 coupon was instant after filling out my information. Hope that helps

Did you click the ‘Print your coupon’ arrow!?

Did you click the ‘Print your coupon’ pink tab!?

Yes. If you were not paying attention, I can see how you could have moved on to a new activity without printing. Not user friendly, I just took time in the tabs to look around

and you have to click on those sticky notes to print or move on to try and win something

I didn’t know about the free product coupon! That’s awesome : )

A bunch of people are having trouble with this coupon. I had to use Safari to get it to print. And remember to turn off your pop-up blocker.