Here is the kind of deal that makes me want to drop everything and get to the store as quickly as possible, (like, speeding ticket fast). Normally, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are $7.99 at Toys R Us. This week they are on sale for $4.99. And when you buy one, you can get another for half off! And then, to really get your blood pumpin’ there is a $2.00 printable coupon. Run! Don’t walk to print this coupon–I have a feeling it will go fast!

Buy 2 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head ($7.99) $4.99 
Buy One, Get One 50% off Playskool Toy Sale
Use two $2.00/1 – Mr. Potato Head or Mrs Potato Head Classic Toy- (
Final Price: $1.74 each, when you buy 2 

Thanks, reader Mallory!

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39 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Only $1.74 at Toys R Us! Hot!”

  1. bss says:

    This may have already been askes or answered, but does Toys R Us accept MQ’s or not? I have read different sites and got different answers.
    Thanks :)

  2. Darcy says:

    I can’t find it on the coupon site.

  3. gotjudgment says:

    I was able to get target to price match Toys R Us. Got both for $299 each, rather then use the gas to drive 15 miles to Toys R Us.

  4. AS a new unemployed mom this helps a lot with my son till I can get a Job and start getting him more toys.

  5. ShannonP says:

    Just did this deal at Target with no problem, but I forgot the BOGO 50% part! Oh well, still a good deal :)

  6. Marianne Scolaro says:

    I went to Target today and they said they could only match one of the deals. I chose to reduce them both to $4.99 since that was less. With the coupons it came out to be $6.86. Toys R Us is out of my way so I didn’t mind paying a couple extra bucks while I was already at Target.

  7. tara says:

    My ad also sad that these were 4.99 also, but it doesnt say that they are B1G1 50%. Is it an in store promotion that is not advertised? I also saw that Walmart has them for $5, but it only says Mr Potato Head.

  8. Gina says:

    I can’t even find this coupon on the site…..any help would be great please! Thanks

  9. Lacey says:

    Is this coupon gone? I click on the link and it doesn’t show up. Thanks!

  10. colleen says:

    Am I missing somehing Did Toys R Us change there coupon policy? This is the copy policy I have… Are they now accepting intenet coupons?

    On-line manufacturer/vendor coupons are not accepted. This means internet printable coupons. However, those produced by Toys RUs/Babies R Us will be accepted, many of which can be scanned directly out of a “web-enabled”cellular phone (except for those which specifically state otherwise).

  11. sassymomof2 says:

    I didn’t know Toy’s R Us takes coupons!! I guess I need to add this store to my list for the week!!!

  12. mirdygyr says:

    This was happening all day to me and I switched from firefox to internet explorer it worked.

  13. sara says:

    just an fyi……Walmart wont price match % off, unless something has recently changed.

  14. Bellelamb says:

    My paper did not have this coupon! Boo

  15. Laurie G says:

    There is a $2.00 coupon in todays coupons. Not sure if it was Red Plum or Smart Source since my coupons are already cut.

  16. ElaineG says:

    Mine also said printed successfully and it didn’t print.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can always use the one that came in today’s paper! It’s also $2.00 off a Mr or Mrs Potato Head

  17. ANJ says:

    A funny Mr. Potato Head story: My brother and his friends have a gift exchange every Christmas where the item has to be under $10 and something to do with the person’s ancestry. We’re Irish, so he got a Mr. Potato Head (sometimes a Mrs.) every year. We had so many of the dang guys hanging around our house until a lovely charity took them off of his hands!

    Needless to say I will be passing this deal!


  18. Shelby says:

    The coupon will not print for me. It says it successfully printed but it did not. I checked my printer and it will print other things. Any ideas on how to get this to print?

    • KuponGal says:

      Same thing happened to me! No idea why this happened and usually no problems printing from the site.

      • Anonymous says:

        No worries! The same coupon came out in today’s SmartSource!

      • bellelamb says:

        Mine is doing the same thing it will not print and I did not get it in today’s paper. Any help would be appreciated

    • Jennifer says:

      try “unclipping” the coupon and then clipping it again. Thats what worked for me!!

  19. mommynewt says:

    I ran to the store and they still had plenty in stock. Unfortunately, my Toys R Us wouldn’t let me do this deal. They said I had to choose just one of the sales — either $4.99 each or full price and BOGO 50%. So I just got one for $4.99 and used the $2 coupon. My daughter was with me and I thought $2.99 was still a good price, especially when avoiding a public tantrum. Haha.

    • Brittany says:

      Mine said the same thing. But after insisting (nicely and after about 25 mins of waiting for a manager) they let me do it.

  20. It is sooo funny when I tell my husband you said to RUN don’t walk he knows I’m out the door. Thanks for all your hard work. May God bless you!!

  21. andrea says:

    I am not seeing the buy 1 get 1 in my toys r us flyer. Am I missing something. Mine says on sale for 4.99 not buy 1 get 1. Thanks so much for your help.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Would you believe that some people think I am related to Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head?! What nerve!!

  23. olivekay says:

    Hmm… this is a great toy deal! There’s only one ToysRUs within a few hours from here, so naturally the deals go pretty quickly… but I’m hoping I can snag a few of these for gifts!

    • carly says:

      Target and Walmart should be able to price match. Did it at Target without any problem!

      • csbtgtm says:

        I’ve never price matched anything at Target or Walmart. Do you have to have the ad with you? And will they price match the one at 50% of 4.99 or just at 4.99?? Want to try Target tomorrow for this one!

      • sara says:

        just a fyi…….walmart wont price match % off unless something has recently changed.