This week at Walgreens, TriCalm Anti-Itch Steroid-Free Hydrogel is free after a $7.00 Register Reward. Print out a new coupon to save $1.50 and make this a moneymaker! The coupon is from the same link as the Facebook coupon, so if you printed from Facebook, you will not be able to print this coupon again. Click on the link and printing will start immediately.




Tricalm Anti-Itch Steroid-Free Hydrogel, 2 oz $7.00, sale price through 3/30
Buy 1, Receive $7.00 Register Reward through 3/30
Use $1.50/1 – TriCalm Steroid-Free Hydrogel, 2 oz – (
Pay $5.50, Receive $7.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.50 Moneymaker 


Take a look at this week’s list of cheap Walgreens filler items!

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32 thoughts on “New TriCalm Coupon—Print Now for Walgreens Moneymaker!”

the coupons gone

The coupon is gone again. :(

coupon program ended :(

Is the Tricalm unavailable again? It’s telling me the coupon program has ended.

Fyi, the 2 off 10 and 5 off 20 change the true value that you spent on the products but does not reflect like regular wag coupons on the receipt so for instance last week if you bought 3 Scott papertowels for the 15 min to get the 3000 points and then say two other items to get to the 20 min purchase it will technically subtract 1 dollar from each item…thus putting you below the 15 dollar requirement which then you don’t get points.

Yesterday I used the $2 off coupon from last week, and when I made the purchase I received the $7 Register Reward and another Catalina (it says store coupon though) for $2 off a purchase of $10 or more. I’m not sure if the second coupon is officially part of the deal or if it was just a random fun surprise, but hopefully that will work for other people too!

I think I got the same coupon $2 of $10 purchase. There is a time limit. It has to be used within 2 days after you got it.

It’s not part of the deal; it’s just a fun surprise!

yey! hopefully I can get some

Good luck!

I did this deal yesterday….If i go back today will it still give me the $7 RR again even tho i already got it yesterday?

Just don’t use the same 7 RR that you received from the Tricalm

ok thats what i thought but i just wanted to make sure :) Thank you!

Yes, just don’t use the $7.00 Register Reward to pay for the TriCalm the second time.

yes as long as it is separate transactions

Yea! I was so sad I missed this coupon last week. This is freaking awesome.


i second that!

Im a little confused… I thought +up rewards were from ride aid? but here it says walgreens??? please help!

I meant Register Reward! Oops! It’s a wonder that doesn’t happen more often with all the stores I juggle! :)

We are grateful for the wonderful job you do!! I’m not sure if the KCLs can even begin to image how you’ve blessed our families! It’s beyond measure….

Thank you very much! :)

+UP reward??? Do you mean register reward? Just double checking! :)

Whoops! Yes! Thank you!

If I buy 2 in one transaction, will it print out 2 RR?

No. You can only earn one Register Reward per offer per transaction. You can do more than one transaction, though!

Thanks! Walgreens still confuses the bejeesus out of me, but I’m getting there.

Click on the “101” tab at the top of the Walgreens page on our site to learn more!

On sunday I did this deal. I first had the cashier ring up the product. Then gave him the coupon and then had him swip my card. Then paid him. After paying him I received the $7 rr and a sheet of paper (I assume it is a Catalina.l it says store coupon, balance rr members save $2/$10. Valid today(yesterday) and the following day.
My question…in order to do your deal do I have to always have the sales person…
1scan product
2. Scan coupon
3. Scan rewards card.

Then I also bought in a new transaction…
2 sunday newspapers
Paid $4
& then received a catalina $5/$20 for today(yesterday) &the following day. Can I do the walgreens deal…
Buy 4 pack of bathroom tissue @ $5 each = $20 – $5 catilina = $15. Use 4 $1/1 bathroom tissue coupons = $11?
Can you tell me the best way to do this deal to get the best benefit so that I pay the least amount for the tp. Tks.

Yes that can be done. Rarely does the order in which the coupons are presented matter at Wags. I do card, then scan items (so I can make sure items are ringing up properly), Walgreens coupons, then manufacturer’s coupons.

use the $5.oo/$20.00 first, then all your coupons. This way, there is no mistake that you spent $20.00.