Here’s a coupon we don’t see every day! Save $1.00 on any EcoTools product at any in-store location. This one just popped up on Facebook. I wouldn’t wait to print, since the coupon makes for a stellar deal at Walmart! Take a look:



EcoTools Mini Bath Pouf $0.87, regular price 
Use $1.00/1 – Ecotools Product, any – (
Final Price: $0.13 Moneymaker

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50 thoughts on “EcoTools Coupon: Moneymaker at Walmart!”

They have them at my walmart, but like everything else they only have the big ones and not the minis. Mine was with all the body wash

Kim, its doing me the same way. Everytime I try to print it pops up a java box and wont go no farther

It’s telling me “Print Limit Reached”…must be NLA :(

my walmart or target doesnt carry these. Sad

My Walmart doesn’t even carry the 87 cent ones anymore, only the 1.97.

I couldn’t find them at my Wal-Mart

theses are 2 bucks at the walmart I go to

The smaller ones are the ones in this deal.

i was looking for these a while ago for at least 15 minutes! I found them over by the cotton balls and burts bee’s products. Hope this helps!!

Is the limit 1 for everyone else? I was only able to print 1.

Yea me too

Same here.

my computer went all crazy when i was trying to print this and i had to keep trying… and then all of a sudden it printed 3. i checked them and the uids are all different.. does that mean they are all valid? or should i only use one?

If they have different numbers, they should all be valid. Yay!


I’m having trouble with Java printing anyone have this problem…I have the latest version and it keep saying to to install or enable web already is..oh well

What Internet browser are you using? I find it works best with Firefox.

If you have a Mac you actually have to downgrade to java 6. Google how to disable java 7 on a Mac, and one of the top results should be from apple’s website. I had this problem, and it works great after this change! (Macs automatically disable java 7 currently, because apple doesn’t think the program is secure enough. They may allow it to run in the future, if java makes some changes)

Great advice, thanks!

The problem with downgrading to the previous version of Java on any OS (including Linux/Ubuntu) is it leaves your computer (and by extension, your network) vulnerable to those who know how to exploit the well-known weaknesses in that long-unused version. If you’re going to do this, at least make sure to run your anti-virus/malware software of choice when you’re done. Better safe than sorry.

thanks for the tip! i <3 my mac

I have windows 8 and latest update and it’s saying the same thing..i’m using internet explorer

I’m in the same situation. after you download the java and install it and everything and you go back onto facebook, click “continue printing”, the page will refresh and you will get a little pop-up on the bottom saying, “do you want to enable oracle something something”, click yes or enable and then you will be able to put in your info on ecotool facebook as it asks you to. hopes this helps.

my walmart wont accept them because it doesnt say Manufacture, instead it had Ecotools on top…

I just printed mine and it clearly says Manufacture coupon on top where it normally does.

Mine said Ecotools on the top as well and not manufacturer. I haven’t tried them yet to see if they will take it.

Mine says Manufacture’s coupon on the top…

I got to print 2 coupons. 1 from my husband’s facebook page on his computer, and 1 from my facebook page on my computer.

I tired to do that too, and it wouldn’t let me :(

I clicked the back arrow and it printed a second one for me!

I was only able to print 1, and wasnt able to print any from my husband’s fb. Is it 1 per comp, or 1 per fb?

One per computer

I went and liked their page on facebook and nothing came up for me to print (coupon)! Anyone else having this problem or know what I am missing?

If you buy this at the same time as the Clorox wipes, the overage will offset the price of the wipes to only $0.04-cents! WooHoo!! :)

Is there a coupon on the Clorox wipes?

Yes! The post right before this one! ($0.75-cents off)

Thank you, I found it. :)

There’s also a new video post on obtaining free glasses!…LOL…Ha! Ha! 😉

Well, in my defense to not “seeing” the coupon, I am still trying to recover from last week. 5 out of 8 of my kids were very sick. I’m a walking zombie now from the lack of sleep and ER visit.

On the other hand, maybe I do need new glasses…lol!

You don’t need new glasses. You need a vacation!!! 😉

Sorry to hear you had such a hectic week!! Take care of yourself!!!!!

It took me a while to find them too. I tried asking people and they kept bringing me to the soap section with just the walmart brand loofahs. In my walmart they are in the makeup section on the very bottom shelf and there are two sizes. Sometimes the box for the $.87 is empty. I usually have to go back a few times because they don’t always have them in stock, but I can usually find them eventually before the coupon expires;)

Thanks!!! I was looking with the other loofahs and sponges also. I will check in the makeup section! At my Walmart if they find out Im getting it for free or next to free, they act like what Im saving comes out of their paycheck!!! Really dont like Walmart…but I deal with it if Im saving!

lol you must be going to the same walmart as me! they always get pissy about coupons!

Are these in every Walmart? I cant find them in mine and asking someone doesnt help…

I cant find them anywhere either

Thanks boggsjess!

In my town there are two Walmarts – one carries them and the other one doesn’t. In the one that carries them they are in the makeup isle on a bottom shelf in a cut out cardboard box, hard to spot. Also, there are two different sizes. The small size is the .87 one, the larger one ranges up to 1.99. I’ve also spotted the larger sized one at Target. hth

I’ve seen them in our two walmarts, they are in the same aisle as the body wash in the one walmart. On the middle or second shelf down about half way down the body washes next to other poofs. The other store has them exactly across the aisle on the bottom shelf in a container with other poofs (tricky walmart…)

I’ve seen them most often located just below the Burt’s Bees items. HTH :)