There is a new Target coupon valid on Nestle products! It’s worth $5.00 off a purchase of $20.00 or higher. Use it in a variety of ways and stack it with manufacturer coupons. Nestle manufactures a wide range of products, from Nesquik to DiGiorno. Get your total as close to $20.00 as possible to receive the highest discount, and remember to present it to the cashier before using any other coupons. Take a look at these deal ideas:

Buy 4 DiGiorno Pizzeria Pizzas $5.00, sale price through 4/27
Buy 1 Nestle Drumstick, 8 ct $5.99, regular price
Buy 3 DiGiorno, Receive Free Nestle Drumstick through 4/27
Subtotal: $20.00
Use one $5.00/1 – Nestle Products Purchase, $20.00 or higher, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
And use four $1.50/1 – DiGiorno Pizzeria! Pizza – (
Or $1.50/1 DiGiorno Pizzeria! Pizza from SS 4/21 (exp 5/31)
Final Price: $1.80 each, when you buy all 5



Buy 2 Coffee-Mate Powder Creamer, 16 oz $2.87, price cut through 5/4
Buy 1 Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee, 7 oz $5.39, price cut through 5/4

Buy 2 Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, 1.75 qt $4.99, price cut through 4/27
Subtotal: $21.11
Use one $5.00/1 – Nestle Products Purchase, $20.00 or higher, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Use one $2.00/1 – Nescafe Instant Coffee, 7 oz or larger – (
And use two $1.00/1 – Nestle Coffee-Mate Powder Coffee Creamer, 10.2 oz or larger – (
And use one $1.00/2 – Dreyer’s Branded Product – (
And use one $1.00/2 – Coffee-Mate Creamer, 10.2 oz or larger, excludes Natural Bliss, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $2.02 each, when you buy all 5


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45 thoughts on “Nestle Products Target Coupon—$5.00 off a $20.00 Purchase!”

well thanks so much!! I have been shut down by 3 stores here, walmart was the worst so far. They refused to accept my online coupon! she said it woudlt scan and she couldnt type in manually then she also told me there was never any overage??? I am going to try contacting corporate and see what they say.

I missed the pizza and ice cream deal (ended yesterday). Any new suggestions for this $5 Nestle coupon with this week’s prices?

Thank you the pizza and ice cream were a great score!

I went to 2 Target stores in my area in central Florida but none carried the “DiGiorno Pizzeria” i saw everything from
DiGiorno except this one …Rats i really wanted this

Bought 4 Nescafé coffee 7oz and used 4 $2 MQ and $5 target coupon and paid $7.64 for 4 bottles.

$1.91 each :)

Thanks for the tip. I missed the Walgreens deal the other week and still haven’t been able to take advantage of it with the raincheck. I’ll try Target instead.

Print (2) $5 off $20 coupons
Print (6) $2 off Digiorno coupons (or $1.50 off)

Grab 6 Digiorno Pizzareia’s and 2 8ct. Drumsticks

-$10.98 (Drumsticks)
-$10 ($5 coupons)
-$12 ($2 coupons)

$8 total for 6 pizzas and 16 ice cream cones

GRRR…Tried on both my laptop and desktop to get the Coffee Creamer Q. Says it isnt available in my area!

I am lucky to have a Target that sells both Pizzeria and DiGiorno Rising crust. This is what I did ( I have two laptop and one desktop but I only printed from my two laptops to do this deal ).

I bought :
3 pizzeria for $15.00
3 DiGiorno for 15.00
12 counts mini cones @ 5.99 – free
12 counts mini cones @ 5.99 – free
TOTAL = 30.00

Coupons used:
Target coupon 5.00 off 20.00
Target coupon 1.00 off two DiGiorno rising crust
3 x 2.00 off pizzeria
3 x 2.00 off DiGiorno pizza
TOTAL after coupons = 12.00 for 6 pizzas and 2 pack of ice cream.

But I paid less because of my employee discount.

the barcodes are the same, not the serial number located under the expiration date.

Just came back from Target, bought 12 pizzas total, some California Pizza Kitchens, some Digiorno Rising Crust and some Digiorno Pizzeria. Used all the pizza coupons I had and got 4 free boxes of Drumsticks. I am officially out of freezer space. All my pizzas rang up with no problems including the coupons and the free Drumsticks and I also used a $3 off $10 (or was it $15) of freezer food Target coupon.

i did not have this coupon last night, so I took my receipt back to the store this morning with two of the coupons and they gave me $10 in CASH!!! I love Target.

went to my target and they were only giving a 4ct drumstick for free @3,29 not the 8 ct for 5.99?? could this be a regional thing??

You are purchasing the 8ct Drumstick to use the $5 off of $20 coupon. You get the 4ct Drumstick when you buy 3 pizzas.

My target had the 8ct Drumsticks as part of the buy 3 promotion.

I was able to grab 6 digiorno pizzas 2 nestle drumsticks 8 ct. using target coupon $5 off $20 + 2 target rising crust & 4 $2 off from facebook $1.87 each for all 8

I really want to do this deal but the target I went to last saturday had the pizzerias for 5.49 and not part of the nestle drumstick deal… Anyone else have this happpen?

There was no sign for this in front of the pizzeria types nor were they listed as $5 off and I can’t find this online in the weekly ad. Is it all DiGiorno or is it specific varieties only?

ok , so im a newbie and im sure this is a dumb question, but i see all these deals you get at Target with links for walmart coupons? Also target told me i couldnt use more than 1 store and 1 manufacturer’s coupon?? What do yall mean when you say “stack”?

So with the first scenario, would the 5.99 for the Nestle not be counted toward the $20 for the coupon?

That’s correct!

Actually, some folks are reporting the 5.99 is being counted towards the $20 at some locations. My location says this deal was last week.

I did the deal tonight and the $5.99 was counted toward the deal so I only needed to buy three pizzas.

I have to buy me a deep freezer now! Since i have been couponing my fridge is packed.thanks kcl!!! Lol.

haha, you bet!

I have the same problem too! I will soon want to freeze vegetables and fruits from the garden and I’m running out of room this year because of my couponing deals. When is the best time to buy a freezer, or do you have any tips on how to get a good deal on a freezer?

Until I got a separate upright freezer, I had to use Duck Tape to hold the door shut, take things out of boxes and take the instructions (if you need them) to the product to save space. Trust me, I know 😉

I also found a $1.50 off selected Nestle products coupon on Target’s site. Do a search “Nestle” to find both coupons.

Can we combine the $1.50 Nestle coupon with the $5.00 off Nestle coupon?

No You cannot stack 2 tq

$1.50 is MQ.

I cannot find the coupon on the website

Use the search box, type in “Nestle” it’ll come up.

omg thanks a bunch!!!!

Can you combine the 5/20 with the 1/2 coffee mate, since they are both Target coupons used on the same products?

I question the same thing? In that 2nd deal, that would be 3 Target coupons? Can we do that?

Yes, in this case, Target will allow both.

Can I combine the $5/20 TG Nestle coupon with a $5 OFF 50 grocery purchase TG coupon?

$2 off coupon for these pizzas on the facebook page! Makes the deal even sweeter!!

I have 4 of the $2 off coupons…..I see another Target trip in my future. Better rearrange the freezer, again. :)

Yep, freezer food is coming your way!

Where is this coupon?

The first deal will make everything 2.99 each….Thanks for all your hard work. I really love the site :)

Actually, the first deal would make everything $1.80…if you take the $5 value of the Target store coupon off the initial total, it goes down to $15 – then, deduct the total of the (4) $1.50/1 coupons (which is $6), you’re left with a $9 total for 5 items, which makes each $1.80.

Now if ONLY my Target was participating in the DiGiorno Catalina…*sigh*…one can dream ;-). Still a great deal, thanks KCL!

Even your target don’t have the pizzeria you can get the rising crust DiGiorno pizza for $5.00 and there a $1 off 2 on the rising crust DiGiorno at, too.