Print a coupon for $5.00 off an Eclos product at Then redeem it on a Skin Renewal Clay Mask and pay nothing at Target! Give this anti-aging product a test run for free!

Unlike Walmart, coupon overage isn’t returned in the form of cash, but it may be applied to the transaction total if buying additional items. 


Eclos Skin Renewal Clay Mask $2.29, regular price
Use $5.00/1 – Eclos Anti-Aging Skin Care Product – (
Final Price: Free


Thanks, Reader Megan

Full-size Eclos products are still on promotion at Target!

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44 thoughts on “Free Eclos Skin Renewal Clay Mask at Target!”

I’m wayyyyy late to the party but I Finally got the java to work… And printed 2.. Now none if the stores around here carry…

My Target didn’t have this, so I shall go “maskless”.

Help!! What zip code is this under? I try 12345, but it’s not there:(

how did you do that?

They also have this brand at Walgreens, but I am not sure the pricing on the products so not sure if it would end up being a freebie or not, but probably still a good deal!

Riteaid is also running a deal if you spend $10 on eclos products you receive a $5+up reward, I don’t know if they carry the masks but its worth a look!

Heads up to everyone if you have an iphone (and I believe android based phone as well) download the Target app. You can then search for the item and then it wills show what stores carry the product! The Walmart app also does this! Do this before you waste time and gas going to Target.

WOO HOO!! You rock!! I just pulled this up on my android :) Getting to a store and realizing they don’t have something is the most frustrating part of couponing for me!

I live in GA, went to 3 Target, one is SuperTarget and they all don’t seem to carry this brand…wish they had, would have love to try them. Any ideas on how to obtain them or just keep on looking.

Is this the “any product with apple stem cell technology” coupon? I’m assuming it is?

Coupon not found on Smartsource

Went today and last minute decided to get the facial cleanser skin prep instead of the mask (because I’m a weenie and wasn’t in the mood to potentially have to defend my $5 coupon on a $2.29 item) The cleansers were 9.99 with a buy 2, receive a $5 gift card (mentioned on this site already). So, I used my 2 $5 coupons on 2 cleansers, got the $5 gift card AND….bonus….the boxes each had a $5 off any eclos item. Yippee! Now when I get the nerve up, I can go get those masks :-)

Went to my local Target and had an associate check inventory on his computer and they do not carry that product :( Bummer!

help! Everytime I try to print coupons from smartsource it tells me I don’t have java installed but I do. Does anyone else have this problem I use Chrome.

I have that issue with FireFox too. I just jump to IE and am able to print smartsource.


to bad smart source dont let me print coupons :(

Is anyone having issues printing smartsource coupons? The barcode is fuzzy lately and wont scan. I have tried resetting Java back to 6 but that hasnt helped. I have tried completely unistalling Java but I cant seem to get it to fully unistall. Would love any suggestions.

Run a clean on your printer. Java has nothing to do with how your printer prints. When I have had this problem I run a clean on my print and problem solved.

You can check here to see which stores carry their products. I went to 2 targets, one had one did not.

Mama Tina where are you located that you found them. Can’t find them in Florida

I’m in Texas. Did you try the store locater on the above link?

I think some CVS stores also carry

Thanks for the help!

Can’t find the coupon…is it under a certain zip code?

please let me know!

I finally found it, i was searching through the other deals on this website, and she says in another deal she used zip code 12345 and so i tried that for this coupon, and sure enough it worked.

I didn’t enter a zipcode because I was afraid of that and it came up

I can’t find the coupon

Did you select “Eclos” in the brand drop-down menu?

SWEET!!! My husband oddly enough loves these but never buys them cause he would rather spend the money on his fav cereal!!! But it just so happens these coupons came out today plus $1 off pebbles!!! Awesome day for shopping!!! KCL ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i have seen these in the organic/natural skin care section in my Targets.

I asked 2 employees at the Target I went to and they said they don’t even carry this brand :(

Check by the Burt’s Bees products.

Thanks! Next time I’m in the store I’ll look over there :)

You bet!

They’re in the travel/trial size section in my target

So if the overage is applied to the transaction couldn’t you technically get 2 of them and it would pay for them both?

Yes, but it depends on the cashier. Some adjust the coupon value down. In rare cases, a cashier may even refuse the coupon!

Where could I find this located at in Target? (:

I went to 2 Targets and can’t find them :(

We found them located near Burt’s Bees and Weleda products. Hope you spot them!

Thanks I coulndt find them, but I’ll check out target’s website to see what Target has them in stock

I read the comments before I went to the store, but didn’t see ANY Eclos products…I searched the entire health & beauty section :(