Here’s an exciting surprise deal at CVS this week! Select varieties of Secret and Old Spice Deodorants are on sale, and many shoppers are reporting that the Secret Clinical variety is included. This may or may not be signed at your store, so be sure to scan, scan, scan to see if it’s participating! Regular price is $9.99; this is a savings of 90% for this product! Take a look:

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, Select Varieties $4.00, sale price through 6/8
Use $3.00/1 Secret Clinical, excludes 0.5 oz and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from SS 5/19 (exp 6/30)
Or $1.00/1 Secret Antiperspirant Deodorant, excludes 0.5 oz and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 6/2 (exp 6/30)
Final Price: $1.00

Buy 4 of these and you can participate in this mail-in promotion as well:

Buy 4 Secret Clinical Deodorant, Select Varieties $4.00, sale price through 6/8
Buy 4, Receive Coupon for a 5th One Free
Use $3.00/1 Secret Clinical, excludes 0.5 oz and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from SS 5/19 (exp 6/30)
Or $1.00/1 Secret Antiperspirant Deodorant, excludes 0.5 oz and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 6/2 (exp 6/30)
Pay $4.00, Submit for Free Secret Clinical Coupon
Final Price: $1.00 each, when you buy 4, plus FREE coupon


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154 thoughts on “Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, Only $1.00 at CVS!”

I got these coupons shipped late to me.. Anyone know where I can get a good deal before they expire?

I got a rain check last week, as my local CVS was out of this deal. I was able to use it today. 4 boxes/4 coupons for a total of $4 OOP. I also received the $2 EB on my receipt! Not a bad deal for those who were able to get a rain check. Don’t forget to use it!

Such an awesome deal. I think the cheapest EVER I’ve gotten these for even under extreme couponing is $4 or $5. They are actually tagged at my store. There were only 3 left…but was so happy.

I bought 4 and then I had a $4 off a $10 skin car purchase, I asked the cashier if deodorant was considered skin care. She asked a manager and they let me use the coupon so I got 4 deodorants for an oop of $.84!! Which is awesome!

I bought 4 and used a $4/$12 q (from the red machine) with 4 $3 q’s and got all 4 for FREE! :)

I am sure this has been asked before but is deodorant considered a “Beauty” product? I have the $8.00 off a purchase off $35 Beauty products. just trying to figure out how to maximize the deal?

According to the FDA, deodorant is considered cosmetic, which most would consider beauty.

Okay question about the rebate – so with the rebate (buy four, get a coupon for a free one) is it just one per household? Because I made six purchases of 4 deodorants each. Does anybody know if I’m allowed to send in six different rebate forms with six different receipts/UPCs and get six coupons? Because I looked on the website and I didn’t see anything about “one per household”… I was wondering if KCL or any of the community members knew :) I’d really appreciate some help on this before I send it out and look like a fool, haha. Thanks guys!

Thanks I went to see if they had these at my local store 30 mins before they closed and surely they had them I bought two tomorrow I’m going to buy some more my daughter loves these and I can never buy them because they are so expensive.

Is there a limit on how many of these I can buy? Because I have a $4/$20 CVS coupon, so if I buy 5 and use that coupon with the 4 $3 secret coupons, I can get them for free?

I am super excited about this deal! Not only do I have the $3 coupons but I also have a $3 ECB that CVS emailed me. I went to my local CVS yesterday to do this deal but I was unaware that I needed to print out the ECB. They had plenty so I’ll be going back tomorrow!

This worked GREAT!!! I hate spending $9 a piece on these so I was SOOO happy to see them for $1!!

I scored ALOT of these. So excited. I started using this product about 2 months ago and it works great.

this $3 coupon must of been regional cause i never got one ;-(

I ordered 10 coupons, just got them yesterday, and I got to 2 of the CVS near me, they were out, thank goodness for rainchecks!

Good thinking!

Ya we have this deal at our CVS here in Montana they were only 1 dollar each what a great deal for something that cost so much :)

Yay, I got 5 of these yesterday. there was an abundance of product in my store. Also submitted for the free one (from buying 4). Great deal!!


Worked like a charm here in NJ! They even had signs up for them. Got 4 of these for only $2 since I had 4 mfr Qs and a $2/2 deodorants CVS Q

Love to hear it!! Thanks David :)

I’m about to price match at my military exchange to avoid paying tax. c[=

I got mine FREE since I got a $2 off of $8.00 deodorant cvs coupon from the coupon booth making them 100% free

Worked for me. My CVS had the signs up on ALL the clinical ones. Didn’t realize they had a ton of different ones. Ive never used this kind before but its cheaper than the regular secret and at that cheap I will use it!

Just stocked up on the Clinical Strength. Only a $1 each!! Amazing! By far one of my best scores yet! :-)

Does anyone have any extras of the $3 Secret coupon to trade? I’ve looked through all my recycling and can’t find this in any of the inserts from 5/19. I recall there were a bunch of different versions that week (normally I collect my inserts from those thrown into the yards of apartment buildings in the city, perhaps I didn’t get this coupon).

have it in cvs in south jersey! Score I had 21 coupons :)

Hurray I was able to get 4 surprisingly there was still a lot in stock! I plan to get 2 more later this week great deal :)

Also I see no limit on the rebate in the fine print so is there one?

Thank you so much for posting this deal! I got my 4! Your site is GREAT! Thank you for all the hard work you do to help us save money!!

Our pleasure :)

This is a fabulous deal! My CVS had many different varieties of them. I got 4 of them this afternoon. Thanks KCL for sharing this great deal! You really have helped soooo many followers save soooo much money!

Bummer, Did notm get the coupon!!!!$$$??//

I’m lost, went to CVS today and all of them said 8.99 is this an unadvertised sale?

Sorry for any confusion, here’s what we said in the post:

“This may or may not be signed at your store, so be sure to scan, scan, scan to see if it’s participating!”

Hope that helps!

i did the deal yesterday. bought 4.

$4sale price(4) – $3MFQ(4)= $16-$12= $4 – $2/2 (cvs coupon machine) = $2 for 4 before tax. $3.28 with tax. plus the free one when you submit the form :)

Does Anyone know if they are on sale in the Ankeny Iowa CVS?

THANK YOU KCL…this is the only deodorant I wear….and it costs big $$$ ….so excited to get these for $1 a piece…you are the best! I actually had 3 of the $3 off and 3 of the $1 off so I bought 6 total….my CVS had a ton on the shelves :)

Glad to hear your excitement!

how many times can you get the free coupon? like if I buy 8 deodorants can I get two coupons?

Yay!!! This worked for me this morning (in PA). My store had all of the secret’s on sale, however I stuck with the clinical. I was also able to complete and print the free offer!

Thank you KCL for all of your hard work posting this deal and all the others! :)

You’re so welcome!

I cannot get the rebate form to print…anyone have success with that? Tried the PDF form and the print now option. :(

maybe using a different browser. i had the same problem it would only print out the little boxes with firefox. so i switched to IE browser n then it printed fine.

I had to fill it in on the computer and then it let me print it. It wouldn’t let me print it right off the bat.

Does anyone knows if Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Value Pack or Secret Outlast Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Value Pack are on sale too or its just secret clinical?

my store had the secret clinical and other secret deodorants on sale too. but it may vary by store. you should call your store before you drive. i always call and ask before in head out. don’t want to drive there only to find out that wasn’t part of the sale.

Ye good idea to call. .thanks :)


im so bummed i only have 1 coupon! :(

My CVS isn’t doing the Clinical Strength, they said its not one of the selected varities and since the CVS ad doesn’t specify “Clinical Strength” Walmart will not price match =(

total waste of gas, and i wasn’t the only one asking about this deal, there were about 3 others.

Sorry to hear that. As you can see from multiple other comments, it is working for others so I’m really glad we posted about it! For some, it is even marked in the store. Also, I’m sure you did, but always be sure to scan the product to double-check for yourself, as cashiers sometimes don’t know the unadvertised deals.

good geal!! some boxes have $25 worth of coupons inside :op

I’m going today I hope they are on the counter

How long is this sale good until? And where did you see this sale price? I can’t find it in the ad or online.

NM, I just found it online. It’s for all secret and I was looking for just the clinic strength.

the sale is good till Saturday, the last day of the ad, if they are out, get a raincheck, it is on page 11 of this weeks ad.

Thanks. I looked twice and never saw it!

Is this in their ad, or do I just tell Walmart that CVS has these for $4 to price match?

Walmart is SUPER easy to price match at, according to their website they don’t require the ad and the 2 times I did it (I don’t know if this is how it is at every store) but I just told the cashier the price match price and at what store it was from and she just did it.

I did the latter – just told my cashier that I wanted to price-match them. She asked how much and input it without hesitation.

I have never price matched either. Since there is no ad to show, how do you confirm the price IF they ask? My walmart is a pain sometimes.

Walmart’s price match policy doesn’t require the advertisement in order to price match. If they give you difficulty, you may have a hard time convincing them since the CVS ad states “Select Secret…”

I’m not even going to try to do this at CVS ours always sells out quick I’m gonna go price match at Walmart! Thanks KCL!

Could be tricky since it is not actually in the ad, but good luck!

CVS also has the Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush on sale for $2.99, with $3.00 coupon in todays paper it is a $0.01 moneymaker : 0

Yay, I got me 6 today and will send my mail soon to get 1 more for free… thanks KCL!!!

Thank you so much for bringing my attention to this! As an avid tennis player living in a hot, humid climate, I swear by this! The cashier at my CVS mentioned that this had to be a corporate error, but she was happy to see the good deal coupled with the coupons and pleasantly wrote me a rain check since my favorite scent was gone. Love CVS!

You’re welcome!

Thanks! My local CVS had some… I hope my cousins won’t get offended if I give them one for free… lol

Also the Price of the Febreze was at $3.99 at that store…
going to try the other CVS tomorrow to see if they have a lower price or wait till I get a Percent off coupon.

Mine is $3.99 too but that means I only have to buy 4 to get to the $15 mark. $3.99 x 4 = $15.96 – four $1.50Qs = $9.96 get $5 extrabucks.. so we don’t have to buy a 5th product like KCL has suggested in the matchup

Very good point!

Do you have to purchase all 4 in the same transaction to get the rebate?

Doesn’t look like it. Looks like the wording states you just have to show all receipts or UPCs HTH!

is there a limit on the rebate for example if i bought 8 deodorants can i get 2 free?

I was wondering this as well.

This is one rebate that has few guidelines on it. Double check the fine print–typically they’ll say something like “one per address.”

Worked in Fresn ,CA :-) 4 for 3.00. I had a CVS $1 off deoderant also. Great deal. Thanks for posting. The Secret Outlast is $4 and I had a $3 off on that.

Does someone knows if the old spice is on sale for the same price?

Not sure. Will you let us know if you find out? Thanks!

Being in summer in Miami this is like such a cool deal!! I just bought 4 and going to mail the form for the 5th!!!

How does it work with the $1 coupon

If you only have the $1, instead of the $3, then you’d pay $3.00 for a $9.99 product. Still a pretty decent deal :)

No CVS where I’m at… Are there any other deals for this elsewhere? Walmart, target, Kmart, rite aide and Walgreens are all within 30 miles of me.

You can price match at Walmart :)

Only if they actually have a CVS nearby. Walmart will ad-match nearby stores. :(

Thanks KCL! Worked for me. They were marked in the store at this price, too!

So good to hear!! Love it when they’re marked, then readers don’t think we’re totally KRAZY!! 😉

All but one scent was marked for the clinical, makes me wonder if that certain scent wasn’t $4 or if they just didn’t tag all of them… something to check into it was a nice scent but didn’t go scan to see

I just got 4! and 2 of them had $25 worth of coupons inside that don’t expire til 3/31/14! Love it!

Ohhhh,got to go look. Thanks for the thumbs up :-)


AH, I am jealous! :)

Nice find! Were the boxes marked with coupons inside? If not, which boxes did you find them in?

They were marked. They weren’t the exciting scents just the powder n I think its called light and fresh


I lucked out and got mine. this deal is awesome I also had a CVS coupon for $2 off to go with manufacturer coupons. I got all 4 for $2 plus $1.28tax and now I will submit form for 5th one for free. At my CVS the regular retail of each one was $9.99

It was in the RedPlum insert from 5/19.

Red Plum?! I’ve been searching SS’s. Gonna see if I have it there.

Did the CVS coupon print from the magic machine?

it did but Im sorry I dont remember when. It was one of their coupons that said $2 off a $5 purchase of select items and 1 of the things it listed was deodorant . I was hoping I had a second one to make even a sweeter deal but no luck. Still over all a great deal….

wait what?????? 5th one free?? howw?? I just got 4 too and i want a 5th one, how did u do that?

never mind i saw the link to fill the form

buy 4 send in your receipt or the upc codes with the form from Secret and they send you a coupon for a free one. Click on the blue “free Secret Clinical coupon” above and it will take you to the Secret webpage where you will find the form to fill out

Details in the post! Take a look at the second scenario we have and follow the link to the form :)

So if i have the $3/1 coupon and also $4 extra care bucks do i lose the $3 in bucks or do they give me cash back?

O_o!!! They do not give cash back… You would loose $3!!! Better to buy something for $3 to use all the ECB.

Also…where did you get the CVS coupon for $2 off?? :) thanks!

Where do you find this $3/1 coupon. Help please…..I’m so confused!

newspaper SmartSource insert for the week of 5/19

Did not get this $3 q in San Antonio, TX Im afraid :(

I just love CVS is not in Washington state! I am so jealous, CVS has so many amazing deals :(

You can price match at walmart :)

I have both a CVS and a Walmart in my town and when I’m lazy/only have time to shop at one store price matching at Walmart is the default. It’s a great system.

what is required to price match at walmart? Do you have to bring in the hard copy of the CVS add?

You can bring in a hard copy if you can find one, but I’ve never had a problem with printing out that page of the ad from the CVS site and using that to price match.

Im confused, do you need an actual coupon for this one or can you just walk in and they are on sale? Thanks!

There is $3/1 coupon that is required to get the $1 price…they are on sale for $4 :)

Sale price is $4.00, the $3.00 coupon from smartsource 5/19 makes them $1!

You gotta have really bad B.O. to require ‘Clinical Strength’ Deodorant.

not always, just lots of perspiration from overactive glands, I’m 100 lbs and always have small sweat spots on my shirts but it’s not B.O. promise!

I live in a really humid environment and wear it just because I’m terrified of being that person…

In that case, we can be friends! :)

Trust me, you don’t want to smell what I’m cooking. 😀 It’s best I get my clinical strength.

I believe you! :)

😀 hahaha. Too funny

that is offensive. people can sweat and not stink. even if you don’t have an overactive gland problem this is still the best deodorant. i normally read what PIZZAZ has to say because it’s funny. But i am offended. is there a block button?!

Wow! It doesn’t take much to set you off, does it?
If there was a ‘block button’, I’d be using it on you! Try not to overreact or be oversensitive about what you perceive as offensive HALEY!

I wasn’t offended! LOL! and I sweat gallons more than the average person but I don’t stink 😉

Oh I stink. I’m not afraid to admit I stiiinnkkkk. 100 degree weather is what gets me but it is kind of odd that in June we (missouri) still have 50 degree weather :/


pizzaz didn’t even mention anything about an overactive gland
your getting worked up over nothin

Oh good grief now saying people sweat is offensive? This entire comment section is nuts lol. You don’t have to justify your deodorant choice just go buy it apparently you REALLY need it.

:( I don’t think the intentions were to offend you….
I would say your words are bit extreme since you have “liked” Pizzaz until this very post. I would consider just looking at it a different perspective. 😛

it was just a joke, For all we know, she probably uses it too. lol

I have never tried the stuff before, but now that I have 5 of them, I have a good excuse! Although I get away with wearing the cheap stuff (Suave & Speedstick) so we’ll see…

There’s nothing better than the good stuff! :)

Hey, I was curious where you found this deal from? I have a feeling it wasn’t here.

We were alerted by multiple readers then tested it ourselves. Have you tried it yet?

I know exactly where you found out about this deal

Why does it matter where the deal originated from? I am pretty sure there is no crime in sharing information about sales and coupons with people. Otherwise, this site would not exist. If you are inadvertently accusing KCL of “stealing” this deal from another source whether it be a website or anything else, that is ridiculous. There are millions of couponing sites that all post similar deals every single week and the great thing about them existing on good ‘ole world wide web is that they are there for EVERYONE to see and take advantage of. Now go get yourself some cheap stuff with coupons and quit being a negative Nancy! :)

No kidding!!! lol. Why does it matter where the deal is from? Is this some super secret deal that only one source is supposed to know about? Sheesh.

the coupon illuminati >.<

Reading this made me literally laugh.. “I know exactly where you got this from..”? Like are you for real? Take a handful of chill pills you look ridiculous.

Well put kaylee!

Seriously? It’s in the CVS ad, it’s not some big *secret* (pardon my pun) My ad says, select Secret at $4.

Who cares? What a ridiculous & pointless question.

Way to rip off deals from the clam

my store has them on sale :) and so happy i got the coupon in my SS 5/19.
and a schick quattro or quattro titanium when you purchase $15 of select products. and omg i also have a $2/2 cvs coupon.

what is the coupon on schick?

Sorry my bad the promo for the buy $15 of select products and get a schick quattro/quattro titanium free does not work with the secret deodorant :( the tag was put wrong.

the $2/2 is for the deodorant

I really hope to find this in my store! That would make me so happy, these are beyond expensive on a regular basis.