What does the “Magic Coupon Machine” have in store for us this week? Here is a list of coupons reported to be printing from the Coupon Center when you scan your CVS ExtraCare card. These are CVS store coupons and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons! They vary by customer, so this is only a list of what you may receive. To be sure you have received all coupons available to your account, continue to re-scan your card until you see the message: “No coupons available–please check tomorrow.” Additionally, be sure to check your online ExtraCare account for customized coupons!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming posts this week highlighting the best matchups and stacks for these coupons!

The following expire 1 week from the day they print:

$1.00/1 Any New Select Gold Emblem Coffee
$4.00/$10.00 Any CVS Brand Skin Care Purchase
$4.00/$12.00 Any Cosmetics Purchase
$5.00/$20.00 Fragrance Purchase (excludes Essence of Beauty)
$0.24/1 Pepsi 2 Liter

The following expire 2 weeks (or more) from the day they print:

$5.00/2 Any Aveeno Hair Products
$1.00/1 Any Gain Laundry Detergent
$1.50/1 Any Antacid or Digestive Health Purchase
$2.00/1 CVS Brand Antacids, excludes 12 ct
$5.00/$15.00 CVS Brand Suncare Purchase
$2.00/1 Any Nature’s Bounty Vitamin Purchase
$2.00/$12.00 Any Shampoo or Conditioner Purchase (excludes Salon)
$3.00/$15.00 Any Shampoo or Conditioner Purchase (excludes Salon)
$2.00/$8.00 Any Toothbrush or Toothpaste Purchase
$5.00/$25.00 Baby Care Purchase


Which coupons did the machine give you this week and how do you plan on using them? Please feel free to comment below and let us know!

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67 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Machine: Week of 6/2”

$2/$6 any cookies, chips, or nuts; 2x $3/$15; $2/$7 Pain reliever or sleep aid; $4/$20 baby care, $3/$15 toothbrush, toothpaste, or mouthwash; $3/$10 hair care, deodorants, body wash, or bar soap; $3 off Biotene spray, gel, or toothpaste.

got $3 off Gain Laundry detergent good till june 16! Next week its on
sale for $5.49 less $3MCM and $.40 MQ = $2.09 for 32 oz. Then Get $1 eb after purchasing this! Making it $1.09!

I liked the huggies deal this week. Got 3 bags of diapers for 3 dollars per bag.. 3@10.00 ea. minus CVS $5/$25 and baby purchase,minus the $10 bucks back minus $2 off each bag coupons..

I got the $7/$35 too, but I have no idea how to use it, any good idea, thanks for share :)

I have been going crazy trying to figure something out since it says skincare, cosmetics, and haircare this is what I’ve come up with.

Loreal (1)= $13.49 Infalliable lip color

Infusium 23 Leave in treatment B1G1FREE(2) $8.19ea= $16.38

Aussie 2/$6.00= $6.00


Use -$4.00 (l’oreal)mq

mq – $4.00( 2) $2.00/1 Infusium poo, cond, leavcond

sale- $8.19 (free)

aussie – $1.50/2

TOTAL: $18.18 earned 4eb = $14

I love infusium and aussie so thats what Im going for, If anyone has suggestions on the best way to use this please share :-)

I have 20eb to use so for me this would come out free plus I have a $4/$12 Im going to use for the physician formula deal to get 7eb for that as well.

i got one too, so im doing the pantene expert deal.
Buy $30 get $10 ECB (monthly CVS deal)
Rebate offer buy $20 get $10 back ( the total OOP has to be $20 before coupons and discounts)

Buy 4 Shamp/Conditioners @ $9.29 (price at my store) =$37.16
use ur $7/$35 cvs coupon = $30.16
Use 4/$2 MFQ (printed from coupons) =$22.16OOP
get $10 ECB = $12.16
submit for the $10 rebate = $2.16
and if u have savingstar Spend $25 get $5 = -$2.84
****all prices are before tax and price on the shamp/cond are the prices in my store, prices may vary by region*****

Ok, this still confuses me. On the purchase based CVS coupons I am not sure what the restrictions mean. Can I use, for example, the $5/25 Baby Products AND a $10 off any purchase of $50 together as long as I reach the $50 in my transaction? Or can you only ever use one $XX off any XXX purchase of $XX or more in one transaction?

I also received the $7 off $35 beauty. Does anyone know if men’s body wash or kid’s body wash is included? Or is it simply makeup? Thank you

Body washes are included.

Thank you so much. I’m glad they recognize that men and children have beauty needs as well!! Lol

I did….nothing there :( but good for you!


4/20 facial skin care. What exactly does that include? Can I use it on the dermasilk? Also what if the product is $19.99?

Yes, Dermasilk would count—basically I think it would be face cleansers, moisturizers, face masks, serums, etc. In my experience, the 98% rule seems to apply to these kinds of coupons just like the ECB deals—so at my store anything over 19.60 would be fine.

Yes you can use it on dermasilk. Cvs has 98% rule so it will work :)

I got all of the 1 week CRT’s as well as the 5/15 CVS suncare. Additionally I got a $1.00 off 2 Large Dove Candy Bars and $1.00 off Nestea Ready to Drink Tea.

I got a $1.50 off any Aquafresh Extreme clean and my store has the travel size ones for $1.27. I’m going to go back later this week when I’m buying other items so in case there’s overage it will be absorbed :)

I got a $3 Gain!!!

unfortunately the red machine in our cvs jammed while printing my coupons therefore all my coupons got ruined. :(

That stinks! :( I think the coupon machine is one of my favorite parts of going there!

Ugh! I hate when that happens :(

I got $3 off any vitamin which I used to buy cvs folic acid 400mg on sale for 2.99, I also got $2 off any anti-acid and I bought cvs anti-acid 96 tablets also on sale for 2.99. $2 off $8 shampoo and a lot more lol

received a $3 off any vitamin purchase yesterday. They have allot of buy1get1 deals on vitamins my plan is to pair that coupon with a couple of manufacturer coupons to score free or almost free vitamins

I got some folic acid 400mg that was on sale for 2.99

I used my $3 off any vitamin CVS coupon this morning and was able to find vitamin D 400 iu on clearance for $1.49 a bottle so I was able to get 2 FREE with my coupon

I got 3$/1 gain detergent

i got $7/$35 beauty purchase

I got..
$2 off CVS Brand Antacids. Try New Chewy Antacids. Excludes 12ct
$2 off $5 any Nasal Spray, Nasal Strips, or Chapped Lip Care
$3 off any Vitamin Purchase
$2 off any $12 Shampoo or Conditioner purchase (excludes Salon)
$5 off any two (2) Aveeno Hair products

Oops, I meant topic.

-2 off 8 shampoo or conditioner
-3 off gain

Where can you find a list of what is considered beauty & personal care at

Got all the ones that expire in 1 week yesterday & again today but sadly none of the others.

Have you checked in your CVS account on-line to see if you have any coupons there? Also—did you get the 4/12 cosmetics one both days?

I mistakenly thought I did but checked when I got your reply & I did not get a second one of the $4/12 cosmetics coupon – probably because that was the one I actually used for my Physician’s Formula make up purchase yesterday. The others I didn’t use and got again today.

Yeah, they seem to think if they give us enough coupons we will eventually give in and use them!

I got a $2/any Deodorant Purchase of $5 or more. I bought 2 Secret Clinical Deodorant at $4 each, Used the $2 off Store Coupon and 2-$3/1 Coupons and got them FREE before tax!

My coupon was for $2 off not $3 :(

I never recieve any of these coupons from the cvs machine. Does anyone know why?

You should always receive the coupons that expire within 1 week. If you’re not receiving those, there must be something wrong with your card.

I got $1.50/5 Any Antacid or Digestive Health Purchase. Will this work on Miralax?

I don’t see why not!

Can you use the $4/$12 cosmetics with the $5/2 Almay (if I just buy two almay eyeshadows, totalling $12)? I can never figure out if that violates the “One cvs coupon per item” policy.

that should work

I did that combo and got the overage applied to other items in my transaction. It felt kinda weird. But it worked.

Yea but just think you can use that towards something you needed

One is an item coupon and one is a “purchase-based” coupon, so you should be good :)

I got a $5/$25 baby care purchase and stacked it with the huggies deal for the week scoring 1 pack of pull ups (used a $1.50/1 coupon) and 2 packs of diapers ($3/1 coupon for each) for just $2.50 each!

1 pull ups $10
2 huggies little snugglers $20 ($10 each)

Total $30
coupons used:
$5 off $25 baby care CVS
$1.50 off pull ups
(2) $3/1 Huggies

Paid $17.50 and got $10 EB back! PSYCHED!

Nice deal! Thanks for sharing (added it to the list)

My store’s coupon machine hasn’t been working for about a week :(

Can I use a $6/30 beauty purchase on razors or are they not considered beauty items?

no that’s personal care not beauty

you can log into your account @ CVS.com and see you MCM offers and print out the ones you need, and ones that my not have printed at the MCM in the store

Do you only get the ones on your account or do additional ones print at the machine? I’ve never tried it as I lost my CVS card years ago. I downloaded the app to my phone and was going to see if the machine scanned it.

they seem not to reprint at the MCM (magic coupon machine) once you printed them out at home…

You can print some from home but there are always extra ones that print from the Coupon Center that don’t show up on my online account and vice versa – I try to always check both!

where can you print coupons online at cvs? I am looking for the $5/$25 for huggies….

Mine is usually down too. If you make a purchase, your coupons will print with your receipt.

$5/25 baby care purchase, $4/12 cosmetics, & $3/1 gain.

Ooo! Any size restrictions on the Gain? Laundry or Dish?

Nope. =)

Next week the gain will be on sale for 5.94 with $1 extrabucks and I got the $3/1 gain whooooo

Where did you get these?

I got 3 off 15 shampoo coupon and 3 off Gain!

Thanks for sharing!

I got a $5 off any two Almay color cosmetic items which pairs well with my two $4 mq’s and the sale this week. Yay!

I also got a $2/$8 any toothbrush or toothpaste purchase (pairs nicely with the oral-b promo)!

Thanks! Added it to the list!