Select cube boxes of Puffs facial tissues contain a coupon for $1.00 off one Puffs product. This super high-value coupon can be used to score free tissues at Walgreens and Rite Aid! Be sure to look for the Puffs Plus Lotion cube boxes that are labeled to contain a coupon for Puffs. (Watch out: some of the boxes say that they contain a coupon for Bounty. Look instead for those labeled that they contain the Puffs coupon.)


This week’s Walgreens ad contains a Walgreens coupon for Puffs facial tissue for $0.99! Be sure to look for the boxes that say they contain a $1.00 coupon. After purchasing the first box for $0.99, tear out the coupon and get the second box (and boxes after that) for free!


Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, 56 ct $0.99
With In-Ad Coupon, Limit 3
Final Price: $0.99



The coupon may need to be adjusted down by one cent, according to the Walgreens coupon policy.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, 56 ct $0.99
With In-Ad Coupon, Limit 3
Use $1.00/1 Puffs Product, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from Puffs Box in Transaction #1
Final Price: Free


Lather, rinse and repeat as many times as you’d like!


Rite Aid

Puffs facial tissues are on sale this week for $0.97.


Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, 56 ct $0.97, sale price through 6/8
Final Price: $0.97



The coupon may need to be adjusted down by one cent, according to the Rite Aid coupon policy.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, 56 ct $0.97, sale price through 6/8
Use $1.00/1 Puffs Product, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from Puffs Box in Transaction #1
Final Price: Free


Thanks, Reader franksfam06 and Jordan

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111 thoughts on “Free Puffs Facial Tissue at Walgreens and Rite Aid!”

  1. Sandbear says:

    I went to Walmart and my Rite aid. They both didn’t have the Puffs coupon, instead they had coupons for the 1.00/2 Charmin, 1.00/2 Bounty and 1.00/1 Olay coupon. I haven’t yet found that Puffs coupon, yet. I will go to Walgreens sometime to see if I can find it. Wish me luck!:):P

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if the Puffs with lotion causes allergies just like Kleenex with lotion? Thanks.

  3. Casey says:

    I found 7 of these at my Walgreens. I was going to do them all in separate transactions but the cashier was nice and said we should just take the coupons off the last 4 and do 1 transaction. So I paid for the first and and got 7 more free!

  4. juan says:

    I went to get this deal last night and the register wouldn’t accept the coupon and they tried to give me excuses but today I’m bringing the coupon policy and everything because I know I’m right

  5. olivekay says:

    I was able to do this at Rite Aid, I went to two Walgreens and there were no Puffs coupons left on the shelves but the tissues were very messy. I tidied up the shelf before leaving.

    I also noticed coupons in the Puffs box for Ivory Soap, Safeguard, Charmin and Bounty. Just FYI.

  6. blossom says:

    it worked for me too but some how i ended up paying 1.12. i dont know why

  7. Guest says:

    The coupon is for Bounty.

  8. Gg says:

    My boxes had an Olay coupon. Boo!

  9. Caro says:

    Went to a bunch of Walmart’s… none of them had the Puffs coupon :/ luckily 2 of the 3 Walgreen’s I went to had some. Got some for free yay! Also planning on buying some of the boxes with the Charmin coupon so I can use them for a deal later. Wish I had realized they had them at CVS as well… would have checked them.

  10. vill6 says:

    i bought 3boxes of puffs for .99c and use .25/3 MQ paid $2.72… inside box coupon is $1off on charmin product….right now walmart has the 4pack charmin toilet paper for $2.47 and with coupon is $1.47

  11. jhouston628 says:

    I found three at walmart and I told the cashier I wanted to do them separate and told her why. She told me just go ahead and take them off and I will do them all in one transaction and price matched cvs. All for free!

  12. lacouponer says:

    What a great deal! I went to my local Walgreens and the local Rite Aid, but all the boxes were gone. Looks like someone read this post before me and got them all- ha!

  13. Annabelle says:

    Can someone explain the meaning of “LIMIT OF 4 LIKE COUPONS PER HOUSEHOLD PER DAY.” If I was to use 4 of the same coupon at Rite Aid, I can only use 4 each day??? Is there a way the Rite Aid can track it???

  14. Anonymous says:

    I went to 3 walgreens and 1 rite aid and all the boxes had either bounty, ivory, or charmin coupons. No puffs coupons. Did anyone find any boxes with puffs coupons?

  15. Sabrina says:

    My Rite Aids (2) didn’t have any with the Puffs coupon, but I went to two Wal-Marts tonight and scored 23 at one and 38 at the second! I did have a couple of coupons not get rung up properly, but with the great deal and my toddler in tow, I didn’t bother fussing with trying to correct it. Besides, I’ve lucked out that they took all the coupons since they do state only 4 like coupons per household per day. I didn’t need to push my luck that they’d not let me use them all. We use a ton of tissues in my home, so I am considering going to a third Wal-Mart tomorrow and try another RA also.

  16. Pmelts says:

    I must have stopped at six different Walgreen’s and two different Rite Aid’s today. Now either there is one extreme couponer between were I live and Baton Rouge or I am crazy. They had the boxes with the Bounty and Olay coupons in some places and then others were there were no coupons at all. Very frustrating.

  17. Alyssa says:

    I bought 15 boxes this morning! I had 5 Walgreen’s ads and the cashier said I only needed 1. I’m going back after work to see how many more I can snag! She also let me tear them all off at once instead of doing separate transactions.

  18. Nikki says:

    I’m glad you posted this because I went to Walgreen’s and was confused to see some of the boxes of Puffs with the lids removed. At the time I didn’t understand why but I guess somebody decided to take the coupons and leave the product. It seems silly to me because they could have just got them for FREE. Maybe they are going to hold out for a MM :(

    • Erika J. says:

      They could have been holding out for a MM, but … the same thing happen at one of my local CVS. All the lids were gone off the boxes with the coupon, but I did notice a very very low supply of the Puffs w/ Vicks boxes that are also on sale but no coupon offer on those. So instead of using the coupons to get the Puffs w/ Lotion, they used them to get the Puffs w/ Vicks lol

      • olivekay says:

        This is no good! This is a coupon that is IN the product! They have opened the product and exposed the tissues! GROSS! That’s on par with stealing in my eyes… they’ve made the product unsanitary!

  19. Dagmar says:

    I went to three rite aids in my area and none had these!! They all had Charmin and a few safe guards. And unfortunately there are no Walgreens around :(

  20. Marizabeth8 says:

    Just visited Walgreens and CVS and neither coupon was for the tissues…one was for Charmin and one for Safeway. And I made the BIGGEST couponing mistake EVER….I LEFT MY BINDER IN THE SHOPPING CART! Lol. Guess that happens when shopping with a 6 month old. Luckily they have it and are holding, phew!

    • Emily Morrison says:

      I did that one time at Walmart & thankfully they had found my husband’s information on a rebate form that I had in the back of the book and called him. The CSM told him that we better count our blessings that they head of the customer service wasn’t there because she would have THROWN IT AWAY. She tells her employees she’s doing her part to “rid the world of couponers.” HOW AWFUL! I almost cried. I have been couponing for almost 2 years now and my binder is now just the way I like it. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it! Thankfully I got it back and that is the first and last time I’ve ever left in a cart!

      • Marizabeth8 says:

        Oh my! Wow…what a psycho that CSM is!!!! Glad it worked out for both of us. I bet I’ll never leave mine again either : )

  21. rose says:

    Same with CVS. These are marked 98cents at my CVS (cincinnati) And are in the add for 99cents plus are part of an ECB deal. SO if you have a CVS it’s probably a better deal there…

  22. M.Celia says:

    Thanks for this tip heading out there in a bit to check it out and get more free vitamins. :) but I have a question on Sunday I botanical Walgreens Catalina q that was for like $4 off Vidal Sassoon hair dyedoes anyone know if it can be stacked with the manufacturer q that is for $4 off hair dye and hair product of same brand….also in the June saving book there is a Walgreens q that is for the viactive calcium chews but also there is one in their vitamin booklet that says manufacturer q…thanks ahead for ur replies…sorry did finish question can those calcium chews Q’s be staxked

  23. Courtney says:

    Looking forward to doing this deal! One quetion though, Does anyone know what the coupon value is for the charmin? Thanks in advance!

  24. friv says:

    I like it but helpless

  25. kelly says:

    just got 13 boxes at cvs :) i wish i could have gotten more but i didnt wanna clear the shelf. ill try back saturday though:)

  26. Kayla says:

    I only got 1 for free. My cashier would not adjust any more coupons down a penny because she said it was illegal! Is that right? I thought according to the Walgreens coupon policy, they could adjust the coupon value to the price of the product. Please help! Thanks.

  27. Bethany says:

    Our local Rite Aid only had Charmin coupons so didnt work on the tissues.

  28. couponer valid says:

    at my walgreens it says dollar off olay coupons is olay a puff coupon.

  29. katya528 says:

    So you buy one box for 1$ and get the next one free with coupon.. so its 50c per box… am i understanding this deal correctly?

  30. kimberlyy says:

    I just went to walgreens bought a box used my card so it rang up for .99. I took the coupon off the cashier used the ad coupon and said I cant use the coupon from the box too.

  31. Wanessa says:

    I want to thank you for all the work you do. Your site is great at helping moms like me (on a budget) save some money.

  32. Rebecca Rosenbalm says:

    mine was for Charmin

    • Lisa Webster says:

      I have been to several walgreens and cvs’ and all had a different variety of the coupons so I will have to keep looking! I think I saw it at cvs but I was so excited I found the charmin I dismissed it, lol!

    • That won’t work for the Puffs. Look for the ones specifically labeled for Puffs.

  33. Dulce says:

    I went Today and got 6 at one Walgreens :) But went to another Walgreens and the girl told me that she wouldn’t be able to sell me the Puff because it was going to be Free with the coupon and that was not right. I told the manager(She was in a bad mood and looked as if she smelled poop) and she barely let me get it..

    • Anonymous says:

      I tell them, “why do you care? your store is getting reimbursed for the item.” Go do the deal yourself.

    • Stephanie Partee Watson says:

      walgreens will mark the price down to .99 and in most cases you will have to pay the tax…

  34. Lura Harding says:

    Fyi: Every once in awhile, I purchase Charmin (bigger packs) that say “$10 in savings inside”, or something to that nature. One of the coupons is $1 off two or more Puffs (excludes trial/travel size). If you’re around my area… I’ll be heading back into Walgreens tomorrow to get my first (3) Puffs for $.66/ea., then free afterwards!! Thanks “Krazy Friends!” Question: Walgreens doesn’t give overage, right? So would it be better to have a filler? Or just stick with “losing” that penny?? Weird question, but doesn’t hurt to ask! :) Thanks!!

  35. slarrington says:

    Sweet! A few weeks back (during the P&G $15 rebate program) I bought 25 boxes of Puffs (toward the $50 rebate minimum) and I had a several MCs to use toward them too…and I thought I totally SCORED b/c in addition to saving $$ on my favorite tissue, I also was going home with 25 Charmin coupons…..then I followed the rebate steps and cut all of the bar codes off for proof of purchase, taped them all pretty to a sheet of paper for submission….then went to the empty box to cut out the coupon and immediately realized after finding no coupon that it was on the other side of perforated opening… EXACTLY WHERE THE BAR CODE IS!! So, obviously in cutting the barcodes out for the rebate, destroyed all 25 Charmin coupons….UGH – a couponer’s heartbreak!!! But, I did call P&G, telling them about my disappointment and they couldn’t send me 25 coupons, but did send me FOUR $1/1 coupons for Puffs so that I could go back and get more boxes for the coupons.
    But this time I will be sure to check that the boxes I buy have the PUFFS coupon. But last time, my CVS only had the boxes with the Charmin coupons….but that’s still helpful anyway!

  36. rmsorg says:

    Just learning how to shop with coupons and SAVE!!! Gonna go look for these! Thanks :)

  37. couponkid says:

    Do I have TO LIKE rip it off the box! LoL

  38. Susan Gurganus says:

    what exactly is a store coupon? I have been reading and I know that I can bundle a store coupon with a regular coupon. But yesterday at Harris Teeter they told me that a store coupon was just the coupons that print after the receipt and only give you a dollar amount off your next purchase.
    Example I had a crest toothpaste coupon that I got from HT (printed after receipt) and I was going to use it with another coupon. They said that even though it prints after your receipt and has Harris Teeter on it it’s a manufacture’s coupon. Can you clear this up for me. Thank you

    • That can be a store coupon, but it also could be a manufacturer coupon. Read the coupon; it will usually clear up for you whether it is a store coupon or manufacturer coupon, and it should tell you if it is only redeemable at one specific store, etc.

      • lisa says:

        A store coupon wil say only store name on it (ex:Publix #3333 on the bottom) which you can then stack with a MANUFACTURER’S coupon, (listed at the top as manufacturer’s coupon), try this when the item is on sale for the best deal! The coupons that print from the catalina machine may say manufacturer coupon on top but hav the store name on the side, that means the store has entered a special deal with the manufacturer and this an only be used at that store unless you have a store that accepts other store’s coupons… I don’t – good luck

        • calistair says:

          I have taken the coupons that print from the Catalina machine may say manufacturer coupon on top but have the store name on the side and used them at other stores that have self checkouts.

  39. Stephanie Partee Watson says:

    it worked for me….went to walgreens on my lunch break.

    bought one $1.79 with Sales Add brought it to .99 Paid $1.09 for it!

    Took coupon on box bought another one for 1.79 with Sales Add brought it to .99 -1.00 of coupon (which is marked down at to .99 at walgreens and paid .09 for tax

    i did this 6 times and have 1 coupon left over.

  40. Bob says:

    The Puffs are part of the CVS deal, spend 20 or 30 & get XX ECB, I don’t recall the amounts. But I did it on Sunday, 2 Charmin’s & bought 3 Puff’s just because of the Charmin Coupons & I had a $.25 off of 3 Puff boxes

  41. Bob says:

    the coupon is on the tear off part to open the box of puffs. I doubt it would be ethical to open the box before you buy it to get that one free.

    • Right. It’s probably a good idea to pay for the first one and THEN use the coupon on second, third, etc. transactions!

      • olivekay says:

        I wanted to do this, and they (store workers and managers!) wouldn’t let me! They said I couldn’t open the product in the store and I’d have to wait until the next day to use the coupon! INSANE! Fortunately for me I was going to be in the area the next day and was able to do the deal but it was so annoying how they just make up the most absurd rules sometimes! I wish I didn’t have to go to that Rite Aid, but sometimes I do to get the deals :(

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s awful! Next time you know there will be deals like these, open the packages in your car and come back to use them! I hate it when they make impromptu RA rules!

          • olivekay says:

            That’s a good suggestion. I think I will. I only got 4 boxes so I wouldn’t be breaking the coupon rules of more than 4 coupons/household/day. I just thought it was crazy! I was completely in the right!

  42. Sandbear says:

    Will they let me do that? Buy the box and then ripp the box open ’til I find the coupon?

    • It’s probably a good idea to pay for the first one and THEN use the coupon on second, third, etc. transactions!

    • franksfam06 says:

      At Walgreens, I got the box that said on the outside “$1 off Puffs”, took it to the register with my other items, they scanned their Walgreens coupon, I pulled the tops off of my 3 boxes, and gave them to the cashier to adjust for 99 cents off. Easy way to get 3 free boxes :). I also found these boxes at Wal-Mart. I asked a CSM if they would ad match Walgreens to the little coupon on the side and she said they would. This may pose a problem at some Wal-Marts, but it didn’t hurt to ask and I had a 1 cent money maker on the boxes :)

  43. Bob says:

    the expiration date on my charmin’s are 06/30/2014

  44. Christa says:

    Do you know the expiration date on the coupon found on the box?

  45. Bob says:

    on the outside of the box it will say $1 coupon inside off one Charmin, Bounty, or Puffs. I found Charmin coupons on the puffs single boxes at CVS this past Sunday. Will check Walgreens today for Puffs coupons.

  46. Larissa says:

    so we’ll know if there is a coupon in the box if it says so on the outside of the box?

  47. Danni says:

    what paper is this coupon found? thanks