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Did you know that in addition to the weekly and monthly promotions at CVS, you can also earn ExtraBucks for your beauty purchases?

Sign up for the ExtraCare Beauty Club and earn rewards for things you are already purchasing. For every $50.00 spent on qualifying beauty items at CVS (pre-coupon), earn $5.00 in ExtraBucks, which can be applied to future CVS store purchases, just like the ExtraBucks earned from weekly promotions. Also, receive $3.00 ExtraBucks on your birthday (if you add your birthdate to your online profile).

To join for free, visit the CVS Beauty Club website and link your registration to your existing ExtraCare account. You can also sign up in-store with an enrollment certificate. Currently, CVS is offering a 10% off beauty shopping pass when you enroll. Note that qualifying purchases may take up to 48 hours to apply to your account, so if you don’t see them reflected in your Beauty Club balance right away, check again in a couple of days. Print your rewards from your online account or scan your ExtraCare card in the store to receive a printout.

Qualifying beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Ethnic Hair Care, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Hosiery, Healthy Skin Care and Skin Care. Excludes items from Trial & Travel, gift cards and prescriptions. Some items that do not qualify: razors, shaving cream, deodorant, some men’s body washes and sunscreen.

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19 thoughts on “CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club: Earn More Rewards for Beauty Products!”

Do u receive the five extra bucks immediately after the 50$ requirement is met or does it take some time to update…

I was always curious about this, but being a male I obviously do not burn through beauty products nearly as fast, but do your purchases count towards the $50 goal before or after coupons are applied? I’ve tried to track mine and plan when I will be getting each reward, and I can’t ever seem to get the right amount which could probably be from buying products my stores don’t include in the deal. So, before or after coupons. That is the question!

Before coupons are applied.

I’ve bought nail polish, hair color, hair spray, shampoo, toothpaste, and makeup, non of which considered beauty club spend $50, GET $5 WHAT Are The Items You Buy That Falls Under the Category spend 450.

Something’s wrong. My L’Oreal hair color always counts. Call the 800 number on the back of your card. They’re really nice and helpful and usually can see what you bought when. They will fix things or just answer questions. I was surprisingly pleased by the customer service.

I didn’t even really keep track of mine and every once in a while I’ll scan my card at the coupon center and $5 EB will print out! 😀

There is no reason why anyone should not be signed up for Beauty Club. With all the couponing that we do we never fully spend the full $50 amount and is a nice surprise to receive $5 Beauty Club Extrabucks when I scan my card at the machine.

Love that surprise :)

So true! I received $35 in Beauty Club Extrabucks last quarter and I did NOT spend $350! I probably spent about 50 bucks on beauty purchases. With the beauty club that means I got more than half of my money back. Love CVS!

Question about this club: I was wondering if you have to spend $50. all at once? or is it reoccurring Like spend $10. this trip and $20 the next until you get up to $50?

It carries forward from trip to trip, so “NO” you do not have to spend it all at once! BTW, it tracks on the bottom of your receipt so you can see where you are before the next reward (you can check on your account online as well) but it takes 24-48 hours to update so if you buy $25 today it will not register that on the bottom of your receipt until later.

now I wish I did sign up for it a while ago lol. Oh wellz at least I can start saving now =D

It adds up! Watch your tally at the bottom of your receipts!

one of the many many reasons why I LOVE cvs!!! it does add up fast and you’re not actually spending $50 on beauty to get the $5exbuck. it’s the total BEFORE coupons. I only wish I would have signed up for it sooner, only been enrolled for about a month!

I asked one of the mangers at my store and they said Deorant would count..

Deodorant counts at the 3 stores I visit in Ohio

Agreed everyone should sign up! It adds up fast and it is totaled before coupons!

Everybody should sign up for this!! If you’re a man, be secure in your skin and don’t afraid to belong to the Beauty club to save money too on shampoo, lotions or heck anything else you’ve ever been curious about that women use to paint and dress themselves with. Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna judge you for buying that wrinkle cream and eyeliner.

LOL. This made me laugh so much!!