Go to Walmart.com to get free Lance XTra Fulls crackers! Click on “get a free sample” and a free product coupon will print! Though this is against the general Walmart coupon policy, this coupon is specific to their site and only redeemable at Walmart.

Lance Crackers XtraFull, 8 ct $2.78, regular price
Use FREE – Lance Crackers Xtra Fulls, Up to $2.78, Redeemable only at Walmart – (walmart.com)
Final Price: Free 


Thanks, Reader Fireflies

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58 thoughts on “Free Lance Crackers at Walmart!”

Just printed my coupons and wanted to let you know that the coupon doesnt say free but save $2.78 and it also doesnt say only at walmart but just manufacturers coupon. So I dont know maybe they did a reset?

I’ve had that happen with Smartsource coupons before. Super irritating since there is no do over when you only get 2 prints.

I just hit the reload button on the page , then you should be able to print it again. But my local walmart don’t have these crackers….lol. ~Headesk~

There’s is no limit to these right? Just as many as I can obtain?

Got mine yesterday and found them in the snack isle on the bottom shelf still an odd place because of what surrounded them but hey I found them.

Used both of mine with no problem yesterday. Thanks so much! :)

After my coupon prints, I hit the back arrow a couple of times and it usually prints again. If that doesn’t work, I go into my history and try it from there. Once they print, I travel to 3 or 4 Walmarts until I find one that actually has the crackers! :)

No, the coupon says “ONLY at Walmart” on it when you print it out. Please do not use this at any store besides wal,art as they will not be reimbursed for it since it says “ONLY at Walmart”.

No, there are not any limits as to how many you can use but if you use more than 40 in the same transaction a manager or customer service manager has to come approve the coupons to make sure they are valid.

I watched a KCL video a while back about how to go about picking the “right” cashier when you’re checking out and using a lot of coupons. It really does help… I usually look for the young, male cashiers because they generally give the least amount of grief and suspicion over coupons.

Hmm, I live in Chicago and the Walmarts here are small, grocery only “neighborhood markets” and the cashiers are so ridiculous and seem to get zero training on their corporate coupon policy. Half the time, they don’t even know that Walmart will price match and I have to fight with them over it. However, I took the exact same Friskies free cat food can printable in a few months ago and they honored TWO of them in the same order, no questions asked… I don’t recall if a max retail price was listed on it or not. I think I’ve taken other printed coupons for free things in before and they never complained. It seems that Walmarts complaining about coupons and being difficult with customers is very regional.

For those of you having problems using this coupon at your local Walmart. Their corporate policy does state they will not accept coupons WITHOUT a value for free items. Point out to your respective cashier that this coupon has a value stated and the block in which to write the final value.

Each cashier holds his/her own interpretation of the store’s coupon policy. When I was a salaried supervisor at Walmart, I attempted many times to hold training sessions to all cashiers to help them understand the “front end” policies and guidelines, but my requests fell on deaf ears. Understand the person behind that register is put out there to deal with the general public with very little on hands training at all. The ones who’ve been there longer simply don’t get the updates/revisions to standing policies.

Always, always, always have a copy of their policy with you and stand your ground. Ask to speak to a salaried member of management if necessary. Hopefully, you’ll get someone who’s versed in policies and procedures and not someone who’s just been promoted from from, say, the meat department.

Good to know, thanks for the advice!

I used 4 coupons with no problem. The coupon doesn’t state any limitations.

My Walmart WOULD NOT take this and, furthermore, treated me like a criminal for even trying. I wrote corporate a very detailed complaint letter…

I called 1-800-walmart before i went to the store. The lady explained to me that since it came off of the walmart.com website, they had to honor the coupon. She told me if i had any problems to call the number again while i was in the store. Thankfully, i had no problems. Give them a call so you can get a faster response. So sorry you had that experience.

So sorry! Along with sending a complaint letter, I might call your local general manager and tell him the direct link to the coupon. I had to convince my store manager the coupon was real, too, and they’re normally very coupon friendly (and used to seeing me come in with my stack of coupons!)

KCL, does your Walmart take away your internet-printable coupons to have them checked by management at the service desk? Mine does. They also confiscate all free item coupons, even with holograms and other security features, to do the same thing… without telling me that they are going to do that. Usually, a random person just comes up to the cashier and wisks the coupons away. Even after talking to a member of management regarding this policy, all I get are excuses regarding the company’s bottom line. And, unless I get a very apologetic letter from corporate for this maltreatment, I will likely never patronize Walmart ever again. The policy at my local store needs a 180-degree change, and that is why I will shop at Target instead. It is not criminal to save money!

They didn’t have the Xtra Fulls at my Wal-Mart but the cashier let me get the regular Lance crackers instead. Nice guy!

I used my coupon in Phoenix, AZ with no problem. The girl just scanned the coupon, and the $2.78 was automatically deducted (she didn’t have to type in the selling price of the item).

Same with mine! It was great. 😀

Ugh. i just bought a box of these, they come w a 1.50 coupon sticker on them.

I got excited when I saw that sticker, too, but it expired in March! I hate getting bummed about old peelies haha

I needed to ask where they were , in the seasonal lane :)

The first time I printed, I got only the outside border of the coupon, nothing else. The second one printed just fine. Weird! I’ve been having problems printing some coupons though since Java was updated on my Mac. Oh well – I guess one free box of crackers is better than none!

I’m having problems with Java, too.

Which browser are you using? I have a mac pro and stuff from Smartsource will ONLY print from Safari. FF/Chrome always tell me I don’t even have java at all. It’s such a pain in the rear.

This issue happened on Firefox. I’ve never seen it before. The second one printed fine, and I’ve been able to print other Smartsource coupons ok since. But since updating Java, Safari doesn’t work for me with Smartsource at all (used to work just fine).

I have this problem sometimes, too! I find Firefox works the best for me, but as Shandelle stated below, sometime it wont work! My advice is to keep trying, these things can be temperamental. Good luck!

Nice, with kids out for the summer eating up my stock this is a great freebie

mmmmm crackers oh wait, I’ve got kids…

Too bad you’re not parrots instead of monkeys! 😉

The coupon says “Only at Walmart,” not “Redeemable Only at Walmart.” I think Walmart is the only store that has this product but I’m not positive about that.

You can go to the Lance crackers website and it tells you where their product is available. In my area it unfortunately does not list it at Wal mart, but at Safeway, Frys and Albertsons. I am afraid to try and use it and get rejected since it says Only Walmart. :/

Hmm, their product locator doesn’t have the Xtra Fulls listed at all. I already know tons of stores around me carry their older line of products.. No idea about these Xtra Fulls. I had coupons for them several months ago but never found them (Chicago area). lol. Too bad they won’t just take them for ANY Lance products. I love their Whole Grain sharp cheddar cracker packs.

Or even through the walmart website you can use the find in store feature

They mean the same thing, this coupon can only be redeemed at Walmart. Please do use this coupon anywhere besides walmart, since they won’t be reimbursed for it since it says only at walmart on it.

Walmart doesn’t take coupons for free items printed off the internet. It’s on their coupon polocy.

Some stores are, some stores aren’t. The coupon comes from Walmart’s website. Apparently, they don’t know their own coupon policy. My store took the coupons yesterday. If you find the product in your store, check the exp. date carefully. Mine expire in August. That’s all they had.

How can that be posible? The Q is in Walmart page 😮

Children, children, children…That’s why it is stated above, “Though this is against the general Walmart coupon policy, this coupon is specific to their site and only redeemable at Walmart”!

I called 1-800-walmart and they lady said the store has to honor it since it was printed off of their website. And if i was to have any problems, call the number back while i was in the store. Thankfully, i had no problems.

They don’t accept them if they don’t state a monetary value. This coupon states an “up to” monetary value.

Now, please tell me where you found out this information nowhere in the Walmart coupon policy does it state this. Just the other day I used a coupon that I got in the mail for “One FREE Yucatan Gaucamole” and the coupon said No Max Value.

It wasn’t a printable though, right? Walmart accepts free product coupons so long as they aren’t printed. Except, of course, this one on their website…. :)

We do not accept the following coupons:

Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase.

Although this coupon doesn’t require a purchase, there is a specified “up to” monetary value on the coupon & a place on the coupon to mark the final value, it is labeled manufacturer’s coupon, has a redeem by date, and a remit to address thus fulfilling the acceptable coupon requirements. The only exception is that it’s a printable, and not from a commercially printed source.

Technically, this is a “store” coupon as its redemption value is good “only at Walmart”. Anywhere else
, this would be considered a competitor’s coupon.

Their coupon policy says they accept coupons “For free items (except those printed off the Internet).” This is not a store coupon, as the manufacturer is going to reimburse them. A store coupon is not redeemed anywhere… it basically just puts the item on sale. It doesn’t matter whether there is a monetary value on a “free” print-at-home coupon or not. The policy states that they won’t accept them. If your cashier won’t scan the coupon, then just try again another day with a different cashier. It’s not worth the grief calling over the manager, who most of the time will back up the cashier.

I got 3 boxes last night. It only beeped asking the girl to enter the price.

True, this coupon is an exception since it is printed off the corporate website. I had a bit of an issue with my cashier, but once she pulled the supervisor over and I explained, they let me try it. The coupon went through with no issue. Good luck!

Have printed 2 of them and went to my local walmart, they did not have them. We did check online before going there and its said that they are in stock….bummer :S

The time to go is when the computer says they are out of stock…lol 😉

Lol….good point 😛

I had this trouble, too, but eventually found them in a side display aisle, near the clothing department. Walmart can be very strange with the displays, so keep trying!

Thanks for the tip, will look for it again :)

Printed mine!! THANXS!!! :)

Don’t forget that you can print it twice! :)

That is something I do every time!! :)

Pizzaz goes crackers for crackers! WooHoo! Thanks beloved KCL!!! :)