Hustle to the CVS website to grab a very high-value coupon for Kit Kat Minis. Use this coupon on a sale starting next week, and get a bag of Kit Kat Minis for only $0.50! To maximize the value of this coupon, be sure to watch the video; then share to your favorite social networking site. Enjoy!

Update: If you tried to print this coupon when we posted, you were among many and the site was overloaded. It may have even told you it was out of prints. But many tried again today and were successful! It’s still there, please try again!

Kit Kat Minis, 8 oz $3.00, sale price 7/7-7/13
Use $2.50/1 – Kit Kat Minis, 8 oz or larger, CVS Coupon – ( click on “watch n save,” then “share n save” to increase coupon value
Final Price: $0.50

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79 thoughts on “Kit Kat Minis Coupon, Only $0.50 at CVS, Starting 7/7—Print Now!”

I was unable to do this the other day because it was out of coupons. I just tried and was able to print the coupon twice.

I used the $1 off coupon and i only paid $.89 at krogers

Awesome find and thank you!!

Very slow again today…thought I’d try my other computer…

where can i find the $1 mfc? thanks just printed and it doesn’t state that “can’t be combined with other coupons”.

Use $1.00/1 – Kit
Kat Minis King Size Bag or Kit Kat Minis Pouch, 8 oz – ( Again, you have to share to get the higher value coupon.

From the website.

This is still alive and kicking, just got my 2 prints. Woohoo!

It worked for me, I watched the video and than shared it on my FB page.

Can you pay for these with Extra Bucks?


thanks so much! i LOVE kit kats!

It was just bogged down — try again.

This is a sale for NEXT week Elizabeth!

Just overloaded — try again!

Working now!

Tried this again today and it’s working now!! Hurry before it runs out of prints again!

So glad to hear it!

watch video & share & it will increase to $2.50…I had no problems at all…get ready to use 2nd computer for 2 more

I JUST printed mine! I could not get it to work right in Firefox, so I switched to Internet Explorer and it worked just fine! Got my two coupons! :)

Mine worked real fast! YAY!!


Just watched the video and shared… printed the $2.50 immediately, no problems!

Hooray!! :)

I just got my $2.50 coupon no problems!

GONE!! :( so sad, I am in love with these things..bought them for ~$2 a bag at Target last trip b/c they’re addicting!!

@kelikucera:disqus – Try again!! Others are saying it’s working now :)

i just printed 2 of the 2.50/1

Yes, I updated this post yesterday, saying I was able to print yesterday…don’t know why it’s not showing the update.

Yes, I updated the post yeserday. Thanks anyway.

Great :)

no more coupons

same (・_・;)

@claudiaovitt:disqus – Try again!! Others are saying it’s working now :)

Mine said , no more Q

I just tried, took a while tried to share and it stated no more coupons.
You are able to get the $1.00 coupon :( . Maybe it will reset later

It keeps saying “no more coupons” :(

No more coupons :(

My coupon took a really long time to open as well. I just turned off my monitor and let it load. I was away from the computer for about an hour and it was loaded when I came back. Hope everyone gets their coupon!

Wow, finally got mine to print from 4 hours ago. Heads up there is a $1.00/2 manufacturers coupon in the 6/16 SS making these free!

This coupon says it cannot be combined with any other coupon, read small print.

Oops my bad. Thanks for catching that!

Deal is so HOT, it melted my Kit Kats…


Just checked my email and was able to print 2.50/1 coupon.

It says there are no more coupons available. that sucks.

Coupons are Gone!

Can we use 2 coupons on same cvs rewards card?

It’s Gone:(

the share and save coupon is no longer available to print. :-(

This one is a CVS coupon. There is also a Walmart version (manufacturer), but is linked to this same program. Therefore, you have to choose one or the other (or use a second computer!)

I printed 2 of each with no problems. Not too sure how if they are linked…

i was able to print the $2.50 cvs coupon (twice) and was also able to print the walmart coupon $1.00 (twice) so free kit kats right? yay

I assume we’d be able to use both since one says CVS/pharmacy and the other says Manufacturer’s Coupon, BUT the CVS coupon says “cannot be combined with any other offer” so there’s a chance different cashiers may interpret that differently.
I also was able to print both today with no problems.

where is the link to the walmart version? If still available? thank you :)

wow all out already :(

Did you get an “out of prints” message or is it just taking time to load? The site is very bogged down right now.

It’s giving an out of prints message. $1/1 still printing.

I just got a ‘sorry, currently out of prints’ message.

I got a no more available message, and NO $1 So I think it’s safe to say it is now gone!

@canes1999:disqus – Try again!! Others are saying it’s working now :)

I have a question about multiple CVS coupons. I have a $3 off 2 U by Kotex and then a $2 off $7 purchase of U by kotex. Can I use both and manufacturer coupons if I buy 2 and spend the $7 before coupons?

I think you can.

But I wants my chocolate :) LOL

Its probably overloaded with people trying to print. I’m waiting too lol

my coupon won’t print either. :( hoping it works soon!

Still Waiting to print mine as well

Guys, here it is:

Thanks Aranya But its only the $1/1 I think we are all trying to print the $2.50/1

Hi Micholeads,

thanks, I just realized that.

It then gives you an option to share in save which is what I myself did and it increased to 2.50 but the server is just not loading for most of us. But Thank You

Already printed this awesome coupon! Cheap kit kat chocolate? Yes please!

server must be jammed up, taking an awfully long time to post to my fb wall and show me the coupon :S

still can’t print, it’s just shares on fb and than closes:( boo hoooo

Most likely VERY overloaded. This deal is HOT and we certainly weren’t the only ones sharing it.

taking an awfully long time to load the coupon :S

Have you been able to print it yet because mine is still loading also.