This coupon is still available! Go to to get free Lance XTra Fulls crackers! Click on “get a free sample” and a free product coupon will print!

Some readers have reported issues using this coupon. Though coupons for free items are against the general Walmart coupon policy, this coupon is specific to their site and only redeemable at Walmart. Try calling your store before redeeming for an easier checkout.



Lance Crackers XtraFull, 8 ct $2.78, regular price
Use FREE – Lance Crackers Xtra Fulls, Up to $2.78, Redeemable only at Walmart – (
Final Price: Free 

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21 thoughts on “Free Lance Crackers at Walmart—Still Available!”

My husband and children refuse to go to walmart with me after trying to use these coupons there. I had a go round with the cashier & csm. Needless to say it isn’t the first time I had an argument at Walmart. My area store is not very coupon friendly. They act like we are all stealing from them. But, the new coupon says $2.78 off, not free so maybe they will take it…..we’ll see….

my walmart in south carolina took it fine. I was surprised since some cashiers sit there and closely examine their coupons. I have the most trouble at walmart but thankfully the lady took it with no problem. These crackers are delicious by the way. :)

Walmarts in inner city Chicago are small neighborhood markets and mine did not carry this. However, they had no objections to allowing me to redeem two in one transactions purchasing other Lance cracker packs below the maximum dollar value.

My coupon worked fine. I got these in the vanilla creme kind and they were really gross. I kind of wish I donated these instead of opening them, they will be sitting in our pantry for a while.

Call Lance and tell them they are gross and see what they say. The coupons are for the Xtra Fulls. Are the vanilla creme crackers Xtra Full???

I too had no problem using this coupon at my local Walmart in Northern IN. I used two in the same transaction … and they are delicious! I found them in the cracker aisle AND in the “seasonal” food aisle. They were on sale 1.70 something instead of the full price of 2.00 something.

I had no probem with it in az and the box even had a peelie coupon on it for next time.. I really like the crackers too!

Me, my sister, and a friend had a horrible experience last weekend while trying to use this coupon. The CSM announced very loudly that we were using fraudulent coupons that they had been told all about (by whom I wonder since customer service said they should have honored them). She made quite a show by repeatedly poking the hanging sign at the register that said they do not accept printed coupons for free items. I told her that we too thought it was unusual that they were on the Walmart website, and tried to show her the webpage to regain a little dignity since people were now staring. She simply waved our phone away. I could have walked away a little stung but OK if we had not been accused of coupon fraud in such a public display. I really feel this needs to be addressed. A call to corporate yielded no action. They agreed the store should have honored the coupon and said the store manager would be calling us. Still no call and the coupons have now expired. Really poor communication between corporate and their stores. This store is Walmart on West Mason in Green Bay, WI.

Thank you for identifying the Walmart. That way we can all speak up and unitedly voice our concerns. If the rest of us are neutral in situations of injustice, we have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality and one day you might be that mouse!

My coupon expired on july 1, when I went to walmart there was not this kind Cracker and my walmart page say that they had in stock and I can not print anymore because I printed before,,,

sue all them store!

Come on Pizzaz! Im goin to sue you for used my phrase!! 😛

Ha! Ha! :)

I couldn’t find this product anywhere!!! I searched high and low in their cracker/cookie aisle

me neither, and look on walmart web and check your store and see if they has in stock?

Good idea!

At my Walmart, they are on another aisle where the multi-packs are located. They are not in the cookie/cracker aisle, which makes no sense. They are on the aisle with the cranberry juice and apple juice at the back of the store near the dairy.

Hmmmm, my Walmart is really small….the juice is in the same aisle as the crackers/cookies.

All three Walmarts I took this coupon to refused to let me use it. They said they do not except coupons for free items even if I printed it from their website. :(

sue all them store!

Call 1800walmart. The lady told me that they have to take the coupon since it was printed from their website. She told me to call from the store if I had any problems.