Hurry and print a new $1.00 Mountain Dew coupon before it’s gone! Take it to Walmart and get a 20-ounce bottle for only $0.58!

Mountain Dew Diet Soda, 20 oz $1.58, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Mtn Dew or Diet Mtn Dew, 20 oz – (
Final Price: $0.58 

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17 thoughts on “Rare $1.00 Mountain Dew Coupon, Only $0.58 at Walmart!”

I went into my control panel and deleted it after I printed. I had to do the same thing when I printed the Mountain Dew Kick Start coupon. Not sure why the company picks such a weird way to put out their coupons, but I haven’t had any PC issues after the Kickstart coupon, I figured this was fine. I only got 1 print tho :(

It’s not worth it to me to get a Mountain Dew to have them track where you go and what you do online which is what I suspect is up with the “coupon software”

I would just leave it. Says it will harm my computer

what the heck when I enter the page with google cromo fast a dawnload start without my permission this is not good!!

My computer won’t instal the program it says it needs to get it

I got the coupon pretty easily, but that sure was a lot of work for a coupon. Especially since you can only print one. I wonder why they made it so complicated. I thought it was going to be a fake at first.

the coupon says cvs in the top right, is it only good at cvs then?!

I was wondering that too!

It may say CVS in the corner but it says “Manufacturer Coupon” therefore it doesn’t matter what store in has on it. HTH

I printed the coupon but it sure was a hassle. I’m not computer savvy but learn as you go, right? For some unknown reason it, I had the computer open it with my windows and from there I could print the coupon.

My anti virus (BitDefender) is trying to block the page, saying that it is not safe. Unsure if that’s the reason, but I clicked through, and nothing happens when I hit download. I’ve made sure pop ups are allowed on this site, and still nothing. Tried on my default Chrome, then Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

I printed it but you have to download their print activator (hasstle) but I’ll just delete it. anyway, got mine with no problems on desktop, google chrome fyi.

Couldn’t get it to work…downloaded it and it wouldn’t open …. :(

I can’t run the download on my mac. Any one else having this issue?

im having the same issue

It’s a Windows executable file. It would only work on a Mac if you’ve got Windows installed on it. Not worth it. It’s sketchy to say the least.

Just an FYI in case anyone was wondering, it says you can only print from a desktop, but I printed wirelessly from my laptop without any issues :) Looks like only one print per person though