Back-to-school deals are hot this week at Target! Here is another freebie to add to your list. Print a new Target coupon, stack it with a manufacturer coupon, and pick up two free Mead Five Star Portfolios!

Buy 2 Mead Five Star Portfolio $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.00/2 – Mead Five Star Products – (
And use one $1.00/2 Mead Five Star school supplies, Target Coupon – (
Or $1.00/2 Mead Five Star school supplies, Target Store Coupon from Back to School Mailer (exp 9/2)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2

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40 thoughts on “Free Mead Five Star Portfolios at Target!”

what all can you use the five star qs on? and also i whated to know if there are any tide simply qs i can print out ???

No longer available. =[

The Teacherslist coupon is no longer available :(

Those notebooks arent FIVE STAR there just mead so these coupons are not technically for them…

Yes, I agree…I did say “not included”, but I can see whereas someone would think that I meant they were “left out of the deal”. I paid full price for them and did not try to use the “Five Star” coupons. Mainly, I like to buy Puffs cubes when they are on sale and have a good coupon inside. 75 cents off a puffs is a pretty good coupon.

How many target Qs are we aloud to use in one transaction.

I am trying to figure that out myself. From what I have researched, it is one per guest so if you bring people with you you can use more? I hope that is the case because I am planning a trip tonight for the razors and I am bringing my husband and son! I am hoping to get three razors!

It depends on your target. Mine will allow up to 4 in one trans. Some will only allow one tho. It just all depends

It depends on a few things. First, where your target coupons came from….the ones you print from their website have a 1 per person per trip limit (some stores/cashiers enforce this while others do not), but the ones you get in the mail or from the paper do not have this restriction so you can use up to 4 like coupons at one time per their coupon policy.

They were 1.47 at my store but marked on the rack a dollar. So I’ll be taking them back because I didn’t realize they were more expensive.

You have to watch that because I found some at mine for $.97 and then some that had a different upc code but literally the SAME exact folder inside and everything even same color were $1.49!!! I was glad I price checked before I checked out.

bought four. some were even priced 97 cents at my store

The PG coupon beeped for me, but cashier pushed it through.

These were $1.07 at my Target.

Prices sometimes vary a bit by store.

$1.49 at mine =(

$1.49 at mine also. I ended up getting the really nice ones for $1.89. I still paid OOP for them ($0.89) but I would much rather items that last than just free or super cheap ones. I didn’t want to waste the coupons. Lol.

Not included in the Mead Five Star Deal…but Mead one subject notebooks are on sale for $1.00. Inside the cover there is a page of coupons, including $0.50/1 Oral B kids toothbrush, $1.00/2 Five Star Mead, $1.00/2 Old Spice, $1.00/1 Secret, $0.75/1 Puffs, and $1.00/2 Bounty 6 roll packs. Happy couponing.


No, thank you for changing my life for the better with couponing!

I got the same thing… Always could use free notebooks over free folders. I would generally like to pay out of pocket (if needed) for folders over notebooks. Plus some good coupons too!

Are these notebooks on sale at Target?

I got 3 of those Mead Five Star one subject notebooks and none of them have coupons inside :(

The notebooks she is referring to is regular mead not five star so that is probably why.

If interested, not sure where else to post. Mead notebooks are on sale for $0.47 each at Rite Aid. Use the $1.00/2 mc and you 2 free with $0.06 overage toward another item.

Wow good to know! Thanks!

I’ve been avoiding Rite-Aid just because lol but with all the coupons I’ve got PLUS the free pepsi coming sunday I’m going today and sunday lol THANKS!

where on facebook do I find the coupon for target school supplies

Click the link above and it will bring you right to the coupon.

I’ve got so many 5 star coupons I could build a fort so glad they put the Target coupons out to match!! whoo-ooo!!!

It’s awesome!

You’re awesome! Thanks.

You’re welcome Bri!

you should be able to print 2. Go back and type Mead and it should come up. Most of the time 2 coupons are allowed

this one is a one print unfortunately

Can you only print one of the manufacture coupons online? Or am I being singled out here? LOL

Only one :( but luckily if you have the P&G theres more in there :)

Thanks and yes I have the P&G one :))

Theres also a $1/2 in the July P&G :)