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Free Mead Five Star Portfolios at Target!

Back-to-school deals are hot this week at Target! Here is another freebie to add to your list. Print a new Target coupon, stack it with a manufacturer coupon, and pick up two free Mead Five Star Portfolios!

Buy 2 Mead Five Star Portfolio $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.00/2 – Mead Five Star Products – (
And use one $1.00/2 Mead Five Star school supplies, Target Coupon – (
Or $1.00/2 Mead Five Star school supplies, Target Store Coupon from Back to School Mailer (exp 9/2)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2

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40 thoughts on “Free Mead Five Star Portfolios at Target!”

  1. april says:

    what all can you use the five star qs on? and also i whated to know if there are any tide simply qs i can print out ???

  2. KayKay says:

    No longer available. =[

  3. mysticdust16 says:

    The Teacherslist coupon is no longer available :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those notebooks arent FIVE STAR there just mead so these coupons are not technically for them…

    • KittyD says:

      Yes, I agree…I did say “not included”, but I can see whereas someone would think that I meant they were “left out of the deal”. I paid full price for them and did not try to use the “Five Star” coupons. Mainly, I like to buy Puffs cubes when they are on sale and have a good coupon inside. 75 cents off a puffs is a pretty good coupon.

  5. pwallzs says:

    How many target Qs are we aloud to use in one transaction.

    • Jessica says:

      I am trying to figure that out myself. From what I have researched, it is one per guest so if you bring people with you you can use more? I hope that is the case because I am planning a trip tonight for the razors and I am bringing my husband and son! I am hoping to get three razors!

      • Anonymous says:

        It depends on your target. Mine will allow up to 4 in one trans. Some will only allow one tho. It just all depends

    • KillerKittyKat007 says:

      It depends on a few things. First, where your target coupons came from….the ones you print from their website have a 1 per person per trip limit (some stores/cashiers enforce this while others do not), but the ones you get in the mail or from the paper do not have this restriction so you can use up to 4 like coupons at one time per their coupon policy.

  6. courtkneebby says:

    They were 1.47 at my store but marked on the rack a dollar. So I’ll be taking them back because I didn’t realize they were more expensive.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to watch that because I found some at mine for $.97 and then some that had a different upc code but literally the SAME exact folder inside and everything even same color were $1.49!!! I was glad I price checked before I checked out.

  7. allamas says:

    bought four. some were even priced 97 cents at my store

  8. Anonymous says:

    The PG coupon beeped for me, but cashier pushed it through.

  9. Sarah Thomas says:

    These were $1.07 at my Target.

  10. KittyD says:

    Not included in the Mead Five Star Deal…but Mead one subject notebooks are on sale for $1.00. Inside the cover there is a page of coupons, including $0.50/1 Oral B kids toothbrush, $1.00/2 Five Star Mead, $1.00/2 Old Spice, $1.00/1 Secret, $0.75/1 Puffs, and $1.00/2 Bounty 6 roll packs. Happy couponing.

  11. marcyann says:

    If interested, not sure where else to post. Mead notebooks are on sale for $0.47 each at Rite Aid. Use the $1.00/2 mc and you 2 free with $0.06 overage toward another item.

  12. Nancy A. Joseph says:

    where on facebook do I find the coupon for target school supplies

  13. emkat13 says:

    I’ve got so many 5 star coupons I could build a fort so glad they put the Target coupons out to match!! whoo-ooo!!!

  14. Bri says:

    You’re awesome! Thanks.

  15. gsuslvsus says:

    you should be able to print 2. Go back and type Mead and it should come up. Most of the time 2 coupons are allowed

  16. AlRod_0703 says:

    Can you only print one of the manufacture coupons online? Or am I being singled out here? LOL

  17. Stacie says:

    Theres also a $1/2 in the July P&G :)