There is a new, printable Smart Source coupon good for $2.00 off any Domino Light product. Take this coupon to Walmart and make eight cents on these sugar packets!

Domino Light All-Natural Sugar &Stevia Blend, 40 ct $1.92, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – Domino Light Sugar &Stevia Blend Product – (
Final Price: $0.08 Moneymaker 

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15 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Domino Sugar at Walmart!”

i printed two coupons from my computer and took them to walmart and the register didn’t take them ,so i went to costumer service and they told me that the coupon said that i had to buy the domino sugar and a stevia blend product , is this true??? help!!!!!!!!

look at the box in the post–you buy 1 product that is a sugar & stevia blend versus just a sugar product

thank you ,I m going back to walmart now !!

My Walmart wouldn’t take them. They carry the C&H brand of the EXACT same product and it is a Domino product. I don’t get it.

This coupon is for the Domino brand. You must buy a Domino Light sugar product. It will not work on a C&H product because that is a different manufacturer. I can’t find any Domino products in my region, so I cant use these coupons. Does that help?

Can anyone help me? I have many coupons that require the cashier to fill in the retail price of the item. The store I shop at is very busy. Am I allowed to fill in the retail price myself? Thanks!

I would just write the price on a separate piece of paper. Some cashiers are very picky!

If I have a lot of coupons that require the cashier to fill-in the price, I’ll offer to do so as she’s scanning them in. She’ll scan the coupon, hand it to me, I write in the price as she’s scanning the next one (then of course give them all back to her). Works well!

Great idea Martha!

I wouldn’t do it automatically, but maybe offer at checkout as Martha suggests.

Yay! I had used up all the ones I got in my papers. Still haven’t opened a bunch of the boxes yet but I can always use more in my stockpile!

My walmart doesn’t even sell this brand of sugar :(

I was able to get this coupon in my smart source 7/14 I had 6 Papers that week! I guess it was regional cause that was the week KCL posted that you could get free C&C sugar whitch I didn’t get! Well any ways I just printed 2 more I have no Idea what to start using all these light sugar packets on? :)

I use them in my iced coffee, milk steamers, iced tea, cereal, and with grapefruit and smoothies.

coffee or tea, if you like either.