Be sure to check your email for a 30% off coupon from CVS! The coupon is available to print through today, 8/4, and expiration is typically about 4 days after it’s printed. CVS percent-off coupons exclude clearance, sale, and promotional items, such as BOGO sales. However, they can be used on regular-priced items, even those that trigger ExtraBucks. CVS registers are programmed to automatically apply the coupon to all valid itemsLearn more about percent-off coupons here.

We took some of the best regular-priced deals this week, added the 30% off coupon, and turned them into freebies and stock-up deals! For more ideas using this coupon, please visit the Weekly Coupon Deals post, and look for items marked “regular price” (excluding BOGO deals).

This week, the newspaper CVS ad also included a 20% Off Shopping Pass in most areas. Keep in mind that these in-ad shopping passes do not always act the same as the email coupons. We get mostly good reports of CVS registers applying them correctly, but not all. Attempt to use the in-ad pass with that in mind! One reader tip is to have the cashier scan an item before you present your CVS ExtraCare card.

Physicians Formula Ultra Black Organics Mascara $9.99, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $7.00 ExtraBucks through 8/10, Limit 1
Use 30% Off Email Coupon
Or 20% Off CVS In-ad Shopping Pass
Pay $6.99, Receive $7.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: Free


Buy 1 Met-Rx Big 100 Meal Replacement Bar $2.67, regular price
Buy 2 Balance Bars $1.77, regular price
Buy 3, Receive $1.00 ExtraBucks through 8/10, Limit 1
Use 30% Off Email Coupon
Or 20% Off CVS In-ad Shopping Pass
And use $2.00/1 Met-Rx Full Size Bars, Limit one coupon per customer from RP 8/4 (exp 9/15)
And use one $1.00/2 – Balance Bar Singles, one coupon per purchase per customer  – (

Pay $1.35, Receive $1.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.45 each, when you buy 3


Buy 2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray $5.99, regular price
Buy 1 Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol Fresh, 10 oz $3.99, regular price
Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks through 8/10, Limit 1
Use 30% Off Email Coupon
Or 20% Off CVS In-ad Shopping Pass
And use two $0.50/1 – Lysol Disinfectant Spray, 12.5 oz or larger – (
And use one $0.25/1 – Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol or Fabric Mist – (
Pay $9.93, Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $1.64 each, when you buy all 3


DermaSilk Skin Perfect Ultra-Hydrates Skin, 4 oz $29.99, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks through 8/10, Limit 1
Use 30% Off Email Coupon
Or 20% Off CVS In-ad Shopping Pass
Pay $20.99, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $10.99


Keep in mind that with percent-off coupons, there are a few things that will impact your discount, including certain types of other CVS coupons such as Beauty Rewards, Green Bag Tag Rewards, and “purchase-based” coupons (e.g.; $4/$20). Visit our Percent-off tutorial to learn all about how CVS percent-off coupons work!

Didn’t get this email? Not everyone gets every CVS promotional email. To increase your chances, be sure to connect your ExtraCare card to an email address at You will receive promotional emails with great coupons like this one, as well as have access to customized coupons!

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73 thoughts on “30% Off Coupon at CVS: Free Physicians Formula and More!”

That’s pretty standard. Don’t be sad 😉

There are some who never get them, some who go months without getting them, and others who get them all the time. I wish I knew why.

Are you sure it was for “in-store” purchases?

That’s good to hear they were so coupon friendly! :)

OMgoodness you are so sweet!! Thank you. I’ve sent my address to your email.

Got it. Good thing I clipped one out before I left home this morning. Otherwise I would not be able to send it to you until tomorrow. I received a couple more from my aunt yesterday. I know I can only use one on my card. I am glad someone else can use the extra ones I have. 😉

The promotions that states “Spend XX get get XX ECB” go by a 98% rule. Like your example, the mascara will ring up at $9.99 which which is more than 98% of $10 and your ECB will print out, EVEN though on the receipt it will say “You need $.01 to reach your reward” just remember to disregard this next time you go in :)

Your 2nd example is the same situation. It doesn’t matter how many products you get as long as the grand total of those promotional products hit 98% of $20, which is $19.60, then your ECB should print out.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @kcl-ff7982d1a0e94eb7cf13b842cc1b5333:disqus!

I think you’re right on. My CVS allows overages so the cashiers have been friendly enough to just tell me to pick up a candy bar or two to bring it over the $0 mark.

says “Oh no! There are no local offers available.” :(

The 20% coupon wouldn’t work on the Physician’s Formula mascara for me today. The cashier said it’s because ECBs are considered part of a sale. Did anyone else have this problem?

Did they actually try scanning the coupon or did the cashier just say it wouldn’t work. Again, as long as the mascara is regularly priced the % off coupon should scan through regardless if they give ECB.

The cashier tried scanning the coupon several times and it didn’t work. I also bought some toilet paper that was on sale, so maybe that is the reason why the coupon didn’t work.

I don’t that was the problem. You can mash all your purchases into 1 transaction and the register will know to only apply the 20% to the regular priced items. What I’m guessing is perhaps you got the on sale mascara, therefore not allowing you to use your 20% coupon at all since all your items were on sale. Check your receipt.

You are not alone, I haven’t in over 6 weeks.

On the buy one get one 1/2 off items can you use the %20 Q? Will it apply to the first item since it’s regular priced?

You cannot use the %-off coupon on BOGO sales, as mentioned in the post. HTH!

CVS corporate is saying yes. Why those are okay and other %-off coupons aren’t, I’m not certain.

Only if they are not for sale prices. HTH.

Your amount before coupons is what triggers the EB. Coupons do not affect whether you receive an EB or not. I would speak to a store manager to get them to force-print your EB that you earned.

Yes, as long as you spend a minimum of $10 and pick regular-priced items.

Can I use this coupon with the $5 off $15 purchase that just printed on my receipt?

Yes, just keep in mind that the $5.00 will come off BEFORE the %.

I just did the three top deals at my CVS. I was careful to make sure that the cashier scanned the 30% off coupon before the manufacturer’s coupons. But after I gave the MFC, the register auto-corrected itself to take off the 30% from the lesser amount. So, I end up paying $2 OOP. Still a great deal, but I’ve never had that happen before at a register…did anyone else experience this? Or know why it happened?

I have noticed this too. it messes up my initial plans.

i did a deal last week. i used the 30% off coupon and some other coupons. I am sure that the cashier scanned it. i only noticed after coming home ..the receipt says”30% off purchase coupon not used”. i paid more than what i planned :(

The same thing happened to me and the cashier was speechless and was wondering herself. So when I came back the next day and want to use my 30% off, it didn’t show after the cashier rang everything up.

ok help then what am I supposed to do? I have never used one of these % off coupons before so do I need to do a separate transaction to use it so its not with other stuff and also Did you say That I need to give the % first before any coupons or ecb??

It’s always easier when using a percent off coupon to divide your transactions into sale items and non-sale items (so two transactions) because the sale items are not included on the percent off coupon, and I’ve also had times where having a sale item in the percent off transaction has caused the coupon to beep.
Also, in general, giving the percent off coupon first will subtract the percent off the original subtotal before coupons, whereas waiting until the end will only take the percent off of the amount left after the coupon deductions. (The order didn’t end up mattering for me this past time, though, which is what I was commenting on…seems like it may vary by store? Hopefully you have better luck than I did!)

It doesn’t matter when you give the percent-off coupon. The register will adjust it at any point. However, you only need to be concerned about other CVS purchase-based coupons, or Beauty Bucks affecting your percent off, not manufacturer coupons.

At the end of my receipt I got (2) $10 off $50 coupons and (1) $5 off $15 coupon. Nice!

KCL, just wondering…did you mis-type the Lysol coupon deals? You say to buy wipes, but have a coupon for spray. thanks!

Yes! Thank you!!

since the limit is 2 for listerene can i buy 4 of them and get two 5$ Extrabucks??

Yes, If you buy 4x in one transaction then you will get a $10 ECB

Yes indeed :) Just keep in mind the coupon per transaction limits.

Just an fyi, the regular price of Listerine at my CVS (Southern California) is $6.39. Still a good deal at $0.97 each, though. Also, the Physician’s Formula price was slightly higher, as well.

Try getting that size and a smaller size to just get over the $10 mark. I’m planning to get a regular size bottle and slightly smaller one to reduce my OOP

My clerk said I could not use %Q on regular priced items that give ECBs. and that usually anything in the ad is off limits for % off.

That clerk may need to review their own coupon policy again. I’ve used the 30% off coupon multiple times on regular priced items that generates ECB all the time. Just give the clerk the coupon and when the receipt comes out you will show them who’s right 😀

😀 I like your thinking!

A good way to get the% off when they say that is to grab something cheap (like a candy bar) nothing on sale. And tell them u want to use ur % off. The coupon will apply to any applicable items automatically 😉

Be sure to ask them to scan it anyway 😉

My ad didn’t have the 20% off :( was this regional or did something just go wrong for me?

The coupon was distributed to most regions, but not all of them. Some regions like mine, always get them.

:( well poo for my region. thanks for the info

It was only in the newspaper ad, so if you just picked one up in the store, it wouldn’t be there.

it wasn’t in my newspaper ad here in Columbus GA :(

I have a question on the physicians formula. I recieved a coupon in the mail for 10.00 off any one physicians formula product. So if I only buy one and use my coupon will I still get the 7.00 in extra bucks eventhough I didn’t technically pay anything for it.

Yes. As long as the initial cost of the product is $9.80 or higher you will receive the $7 ECB regardless of coupons you use afterwards.

I think is is the correct order but your 30% off coupon will apply first and then any other MQ or CVS coupons will apply after the 30% off

Eg: $9.99 Physicians Formula
– 30% off coupon = $6.99
– $10 MQ coupon (if they allow overage) = -$3.01 Moneymaker (although they may make you spend more to go over $0).
+ $7 ECB!

Thank you. I will just try to find one that is a little more expensive just to make sure.

Spend $10, get $7 ECB… Wouldn’t you still need to spend $10 after the 30% is taken off in order to get the ECB? Or am I missing something?

I am wondering the same thing?

For example, if you buy a mascara for 9.99, you would only pay 6.99 after you use the 30% coupon. Plus you get back $7 ECB, technically making it free.

No. In instances where it states “Spend $10, get $7ECB” you don’t necessarily need to hit $10. Just the 98% mark (at least $9.80) and it will print out the $7 ECB. I’ve done this multiple times.

The 30% discount is applied to the initial cost of the product pretax. KCL’s example is correct.

Thanks for chiming in!

can you stack the 30 % off email with the 20% off cvs ad newspaper q?

Don’t think so.

The in-ad percent off coupon states that it cannot be stacked with other CVS coupons. I’ve explored this a bit and it seems corporate’s intention is that you can still use it with MCM coupons though.

What is an MCM coupon???

MCM- Magic Coupon Machine (Red coupon machine usually at front of store) Keep scanning your card until it says ‘No more coupons available’.

I was so excited yesterday to get a $10 off $50 coupon print on the bottom of my receipt. First time it has happened!!! Plus I got the 30% off coupon emailed to me so I can’t wait to combine the 2 for the great savings. Now to figure out what to get :)

Woo hoo!

Can I stack a 30% coupon and a 20% off coupon?

I would like to know this also, but I have a feeling the answer is no considering how they have it listed for the deals. Might have to do two transactions to take advantage of both.

Not that I know of.

The 20% coupon prohibits using it with other CVS coupons.

Update, they can be stacked, hope it’s not too late

My goodness!! Great savings!

No 30% off coupon for me. 20% off coupon in our ad. That’s it.

I just came back from CVS thinking I could use my 30% off coupon to get a great price on TP. Unfortunately, it was already on sale (which I knew it was, but did not know these percent-off coupons did not work on sale items) however I did have $12 ECBs to use so still came away with a great deal. But my cashier swiped my card on the magic coupon machine which printed out a 30% off coupon which is now valid until 8/6. And in showing my hubby how the MCM works, it printed out a 2nd one! So now I have 2 coupons if I can figure out something else I need. You might want to try the MCM at your store. Couldn’t hurt.

Great! Learn more about these %-off coupons in our tutorial (linked in the post). They can be tricky because of the sale restriction, but when you learn how to work them, they can be moneymakers!!

Is the Olay facial care rebate still available? I was thinking that using this % off w/ the rebate might make the Olay stuff free?