Check out yesterday’s Smart Source coupon insert for a new $5.00 off two Almay coupon. Take this coupon to Walmart and make $0.52 on two deodorants!

Buy 2 Almay Clear Gel Deodorant, 2.25 oz $2.24, regular price
Use one $5.00/2 Almay Cosmetic Products, including Makeup Removers, excludes trial/travel size from SS 8/4 (exp 9/1)
Final Price: $0.52 Moneymaker, when you buy 2

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54 thoughts on “$0.52 Moneymaker Almay Deodorant at Walmart!”

  1. Joy in the Journey says:

    Since when is deodorant applied on your face cosmetically?

    Coupon specifies “Cosmetic products.”

    Armpits are not your face nor do they need anything cosmetic.

  2. Ruben32 says:

    Send me a DM on Twitter!

  3. Genny1901 says:

    Can I do this at the self checkout? I really don’t like Walmart cashiers.

  4. Jessicayk123 says:

    I didn`t eighter and i live in portland or

  5. yeskalove says:

    instead of that get the small makeup remover wipes only $1 and change … get almost 3 dollars back .: )

  6. michii902 says:

    where can one find this item in walmart??

  7. Ruben32 says:

    I have a ton of these that probably won’t go through at Walmart. I have a lot more than I can use. So, if you need some, send me a tweet. Under the same username.

  8. clvargas83 says:

    I didnt get it either in GA. But there’s a thursday paper that comes out every week n it always has the almay coupons i don’t get on a sunday’s paper. So, ill have to wait until thursday n see if i can get some. And best of all the thursday paper is FREE!!!!!

  9. Hazel Garcia says:

    I freakin hate Walmart lol… they gave me a hard time using this coupon! they told me I could not use this since it wont add uo to $5.00 (deodorant is 2.24 each) what??? the manager was called and said to me… ” you cant use these” rolled here eyes and said to her cashier.. “this is why they keep on coming back,” very upset, not because of the fact that they didn’t take my coupon but because of how they treated me…i can just imagine how they treat other couponers at my walmart.. almost cried my ass off at the register..

    • kpapay says:

      I had a CSM treat me that way, and when I asked for an asst manager, she refused to call them. I went home and cried, then next morning called the manager and let it all out. Next time I went in, a supervisor checked me out herself and I had no problems. Call the manager of your Walmart, and let them know you’re calling cooperate if you cant get anywhere with them.

    • JFitness says:

      WOW! I cannot believe that. I had a very similar experience where a manager seemed like she made it her personal mission to “sink” my shopping trips – she started not price matching my items and everything. I tried to reason with her, and explain that what I was doing was perfectly legal and acceptable and she lashed out at me, calling me ‘pathetic’, ‘desperate’, and ‘cheap’. I was so insulted and hurt I picked up my purse and binder and left the poor cashier with all of my items. I felt really bad, but I was so flustered I didn’t know what to do. Needless to say, I called corporate and reported the whole thing – I was treated wonderfully and told I would NEVER have that problem again – regardless, I make it a point to never shop when I know she is the manager on duty.

  10. Jennifer Keating says:

    Not sure if I have this coupon, but I’ll have to check! If not for the deodorant, which I don’t think my Walmart carries..I’ve never seen it before…but the makeup remover pads. As for the question of overage that people are not being allowed to have, it clearly states in the store policy that overage can be applied to other items in your basket or cash in your hand. If your store isn’t accepting the policy I would inform them that you will be contacting corporate, see if that changes their tune.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I got this q..I’m in Atlanta,Ga area

  12. Christina098red says:

    Deodorant does, but not antiperspirant.

  13. Bri says:

    I found the coupons and they’re in stock at my store. I’ll try it out later this evening.

  14. kmarmillot says:

    I couldn’t find Almay deodorant at my Walmart, but I used the previous $2 off Almay coupon on small pkgs of eye makeup remover pads (located with the cosmetics) that were only $1.14, so they were an $0.86 moneymaker. I plan on using these new coupons to pick up a few more for an even bigger moneymaker!

    • Bonnie says:

      I wondered if they would scan for those. My Walmart also has those for $1.15. Last time I tried to use a coupon, they told me it was travel size. I argued and said it wasn’t in the travel section, so it’s just a smaller size. I emailed Almay to ask them so I don’t do anything wrong, and their official response was that it’s up to the discretion of the store???? I guess they didn’t understand why I wondered. Anyway, please let me know if they scan! Thanks!

    • coupondiva says:

      Can u post a picture of that product I have being looking for it no idea how it looks??

    • kmarmillot says:

      Bought (2) of the small 15 ct. Almay eye makeup removers for $1.14 each and used (1) $5 off 2 Almay products coupon yesterday at Walmart. This $2.78 moneymaker worked for me!

      Guess I will just keep buying 2 of these with this coupon every time I go to Walmart ;) I love moneymakers!

  15. kylis123 says:

    The computers at both my Walmarts rejected this coupon due to it being a money maker. A coupon can’t exceed the value of the product. They will not adjust it to even make it break even.

    • aunt_coocoo says:

      They didn’t reject because they are money makers. Walmart has owed me cash at the end of my shopping trip multiple times.

      • kylis123 says:

        Every time I try to do a money maker this happens. It does not matter what the product is. I have shown them the printed policy, but the computer says coupon exceeds value of product. This just started happening a few months ago when both stores updated their systems, at least that is what the manager claims.

  16. Elise says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t use it on the deodorant. This was from Almay’s FB page:

    Marie! Almay does not consider anti-perspirant/deodorants to be a
    cosmetic product. These items are part of our beauty care line and
    therefore cannot be used in conjunction with our FSI coupon offer. Sorry
    for the inconvenience!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think I’ll stick to makeup! Thanks tho :)

  18. Marie Miller says:

    i didn’t get this one either

  19. Nicole says:

    Just a heads up, I just read a reply from Almay on their FB page to a fan that said “Almay does not consider anti-perspirant/deodorants to be a cosmetic product.” — there are actually quite a bit replies like that. :

  20. Mike Eskildsen says:

    I got this coupon in my SS in the LA Times paper. I have 7 of them. I will not be using these because I’m ‘Up to my arms’ with Deodorant in my stockpile.
    If anyone wants them, let me know. Free of course. Just send me a Self addressed envelope, with how many you want, and there yours.

    • pilly says:

      If they’re still available, I would like a few. I rarely get these high value coupons.

    • jlinsey says:

      You can get makeup removers with them and stack with the target coupon. For only $1 and change a piece.

  21. Taryn Skinner says:

    Did this scan fine for everyone who used it?

    • TeachWI says:

      This one didn’t scan like the last one did. I bought 3 last night using the $2 off one and $5 off two. The first coupon scanned and the second did not. The cashier was nice enough to push is through for me.

  22. KuponKrazy78 says:

    I can’t find this coupon in SS 8/4 either, I live in Michigan. :(

  23. kimsvogan says:

    I didn’t get it in my SS – live in Minnesota – can’t even find it through SS’s website

  24. nydrom28 says:

    It’s a good deal and with the $4 Almay coupon I was able to send all my cousins in Mexico about 20. I had to go to different stores but it was worth it. Now the only sad part is we pay taxes before coupons so I’d make .08 cents off of 2. Well free is free!!

  25. boggsjess says:

    I thought deodorant products weren’t considered cosmetics?

  26. cheapo428 says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t get this coupon in SS 8/4?