cheetos coupon

Kroger shoppers, don’t miss out on free Cheetos! Score a free bag of Cheetos (any flavor or variety) with a new digital coupon at Kroger. The coupon is available to load to your store card today, 8/9 only. But it doesn’t expire until 8/24, so there’s lots of time to use it. Visit to load the coupon to your card.

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10 thoughts on “Free Cheetos at Kroger—Coupon Available to Load Today Only!”

Can you combine this with the Ibotta offer? Thanks.

i’m loving the freebie fridays!

Is this part of the buy 5 get 5 off deal? I wanted to use it with the 4 Gillette coupons to be free.

This is not part of the buy 5 get $5 off sale. It’s a digital coupon to load on your store card for a bag of free Cheetos. It’s only available to load today. Every Friday for the past couple months, Kroger has been having free Friday downloads. If you have the Reach dental floss $1 coupon, that is part of the 5 get $5 sale. They’re .99 on the sale, making it free.

Thanks (:

It was part of the b5g5 & worked with the Gillette deal so it was all free ((((((:

Most Cheetos at my store had buy 5, save $5 tags on them.

When you load the coupon, make sure to notice the 8.75-9.50 oz. These are not small bags but I tried to go with the SUPER sized bag…guess I didn’t get enough breakfast this morning. So fortunately, before making it to the checkout, I realized I had a 11+ oz bag and exchanged it for a smaller one. Not complaining though – the size is just right and it really is a good deal!

This is a yummmmmy freebie :)

To prevent myself from eating too many at one time, Pizzaz portions them out into tiny zip-lock bags….Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! :)