Razor deals are hot this week at Target! Stack a Target newspaper coupon with a manufacturer newspaper coupon and pay nothing for a Venus razor! See the details below:

Venus Embrace Razor $5.99, regular price
Use $3.00/1 Gillette Venus Razor, excludes disposables, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 8/11 (exp 9/30)
And use $3.00/1 Gillette Venus Refillable Razor or Gillette Fusion ProGlide Style Power Trimmer/Razor, excludes cartridges, Limit 4 identical coupons per household per day, TARGET Coupon from RP 7/28 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: Free 


Thanks, Reader AmberK

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51 thoughts on “Free Venus Embrace Razor at Target!”

It worked for me last night — AFTER spending 30 minutes at Customer service with one of the rudest “managers” (she wouldn’t get one and kept insisting she was one, but didn’t know their coupon policy???) ever. I finally asked to use the “red phone” to call customer service. Previously when talking to a CS phone rep they’ve told me if there was any coupon issue to call them on the red phone in store. She finally did when she saw I wasn’t backing down, so she called and spoke to someone at corporate. The person at corporate took all of the info and said both coupons were 100% valid with the Venus Embrace, it was a problem on corporate’s end. They told her to accept it like any other Target coupon.

The thing that bothered me, really bothered me, was that before this person on the phone told her to push the coupon through, she told us she couldn’t, which as I’m sure ALL of you know, is total crap! They push coupons through all the time when the computer has issues reading it.

So EMILY at the WALDEN GALLERIA TARGET in BUFFALO, NY? Here’s a shout-out to you for not apologizing, especially to a VISIBLY pregnant woman (I’m 38 weeks), and mumbling with the security guard while you were on the red phone about “holding us up”. Way to be super awesome! I can understand a general level of wary-ness over accepting a non-scanning coupon but after talking to someone and having them explain that we were in the right and the problem was with your computers and still no apology? It takes a special level of jerk to accomplish that. Way to go. Oh, and, by the way, your coupon policy states “We can’t give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in this case, we’re able to adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.” Good job picking on a pregnant woman who just wanted to shave her freakin’ legs!

Target would not let me do the deal either. The *manager* insisted it MUST be the pictured Olay one. The language of the coupon clearly states a “1-count Venus refillable shave item”. It DOES NOT read that it must be the Olay one. That’s a total rip off to not stand by their OWN coupons. That’s just about the nail in the coffin for me couponing at Target. If I attempt any coupon use beyond a simple .50 off one, the cashiers always wig out.

Does the RP in Southern California not have the Target coupons? I’ve been stocking up for college all summer and have missed out on some great deals because I never get the Target coupons in my RP.

Just venting, but when something cost $1.97 and I have a $2 coupon and they adjust the coupon to $1.97. Target gets the $2 back plus 8 cents for every coupon. so actually they are taking from the customer, right!

Thought I had found a really nice cashier at Target, Nope, she questioned every one for my coupons. But the time before that the young cashier just ran every coupon I had. Who knows what kind of experience you may have. Some times I’m smiling when I come out of their and other times I could just cry. Good Luck Everyone, Guess its just The Luck of the Cashier

Yes — just tried it with the same problem! Apparently Target coupons have to be used for the item pictured! Although, the fine print does NOT state so on the coupon. Very disappointing!

You are right! I read that coupon three times for accuracy, and it DOES NOT say anywhere that it must be Olay. I was so aggravated.

My Target had these for 7.99 so I opted not to get it since it wouldn’t have been for free.

Coming from someone who visits the Orlando area often (from Ohio), everything tends to just cost more near you. I’m sorry!

My wife and I found 2 different targets that had them at the lower price. All that driving almost made it not worth the savings, tho, lol. But, it was fun to stick it to the man. It was our first free purchase so far that was worth something.

Mine were in the RP with the Skinny Cow chocolates on the front, if that helps anyone. Unfortunately, I already used those coupons on a previous shopping trip. :(

It also beeped for me at Target, but the cashier pushed it through :)

Omg I also had the same BAD luck trying to get this deal! The $3/1 target coupon for some reason would NOT scan and the cashier & manager kept telling me they couldn’t manually enter the coupon anymore because it’s “new” policy to not take coupons if they don’t scan even though it was a target coupon! So i wasn’t able to get any :(

sadly we didn’t receive these target coupons in our area – has anyone tried using the $3/1 MC along with the BOGO Venus coupon from last week’s paper?
using only 2 MC? or tried using $3/1 – 2 coupons plus the BOGO?
could this work?

I did not get a BOGO :( I’m in WA and you?

we can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item(s). so a bogo coupon can only be used by itself, or in conjunction with a target(store) coupon. but not two manufacturer coupons for the same items.

this deal did NOT work for me. it wouldnt scan the target coupon at all! the cashier said that i purchased the wrong thing, and i said no i didnt, it meets the criteria, and so i asked her to suspend my transaction and will discuss with customer service. turns out they dont know why exactly the target coupons wouldnt scan for it but they didnt push them through for me. so i didnt battle them and just left empty handed. i dont know why it wont work. its was the 1ct non disposable venus embrace. the coupon said on any venus shave item, 1 ct refillable razor. i thought this was a refillable razor. bahh

I had a hard time with my target. They said because the coupon value was $6 and the item was 5.99 the machine wouldn’t accept it. I went thro a cashier, guest services, a supvr and before a manger told me why it wouldn’t b accepted. The other employees just kept saying the machine won’t take it and that’s it. ?.? I’m still new at this so I wasn’t sure if this is an accurate statement.

I had a similar situation happen a few hours ago at Target, but on the Gillette and Bic coupons. The cashier scanned a $6/3 Gillette coupon and it beeped, but didn’t say why. She yelled at the Customer Service lady for help. She yelled back to void the transaction out and have me bring it all up there. So, I get up there and she tells me that it won’t take the $6/3 Gillette shave gel coupon because of the $3/1 Bic razor coupon. ?? Really? I told her, “That’s Gillette and that’s Bic. They are for completely different items.” Then, she said the coupons wouldn’t work because they were for more than the item price. I asked if she could reduce them down to the item price. She said, “No.” I said, “So you are refusing to accept my coupons?”. She said, “No. Let me try again.” Guess what? They went through! Wow…how hard was that? So, all the coupons went through until we got to the $3/2 coupon and she refused to take it because, “You’re already getting them for free”. That was fine with me, but seriously… They were just making stuff up! Gillette and Bic won’t work together. Lol.

Most stores are still sold out of this product from 7/31 lol!

Mine had plenty of stock! 😀

Question, I am not sure what the Venus 4 ct blades cost but on the Target Moble Coupons there is also a $5.00/ both a razor and refill. Could this be combined with the other coupons to get the free razor and the $5 could go toward the blades? Plus there is a $1/1 blade coupon… not sure if this is against any policies, anyone know?

I know they’re high!!! Maybe $15? But you can definitely use the target mobile coupon with the manufacturer’s coupon. You could also use another manufacturer’s blade coupon if you had it..

i believe you can use one MC for each razor and still combine the coupon that states “$5 off both the purchase of a razor and cartridge”
i have done it before at target with no issues =]

You can’t replace a razor head on a disposable razor if you can, it isn’t disposable, plus you throw away the ENTIRE razor once you’re done with a disposable one and they dont sell refill heads for disposable razors, so let them know that folks. If they still give you grief, go get a websters dictionary off of one of their shelves and let them look up “disposable vs non-disposable” lol

I totally ran to target yesterday when I saw we were getting the 3?1 mq. The cashier was trying to not let me have it and I wasn’t budging until she honored it she called her supervisor over who wasn’t going to honor it either but I told her to read the wording out loud and her reading it at least 10 times she finally put it through. Ridiculous but I won my 20 minute battle :-)

how do you get the target coupon I have the 3 off one but not the target one

Those came in the RedPlum insert from 7/28. These were regional, so you may or may not have it.

I didnt have it either, im on the gulf coast.

I had that same argument with a supervisor, she finally applied the coupon. It was ridiculous ! It’s not a disposable.

How frustrating! Glad they put it through!

You’ll have less problems next time if you look for a male cashier; they like sparklyandcute! 😉

Break out your Beadazzlers, ladies!

SO True!! They take it a lot less seriously than women do.

Me too! They didn’t honor the target coupon! Good thing I held on to my coupons and went back and spoke to the nicest lady in guest service who refunded $12 for the 4 razors I bought!

I’m not understanding what Target coupon from 7/28 you are speaking of. Can you possibly enlighten me where I can find that Target coupon to stack?

They are Target coupons that come in certain newspapers so they are considered regional hth.

My Target coupon mentioned came in the last two pages of my RP from 7/28 and will just have the Target logo on it.

Yeah unfortunately it wasn’t in the back of my RP from 7/28. Must be another regional thing :-(

Sorry :(

It was located in the 7/28 Red Plum newspaper insert. I believe this coupon was regional.

Never loved a word so much FREE FREE FREE!!

I love Free!

tried this this morning It was 7.99 and my target said that it was a disposable and that they would not accept it. that i had to get the one in the picture on the coupon Im in atl ga … Im am new at this so if i was told wrong help me out ..

I’m in Atlanta too. I would go back and ask to speak with a manager because the razor above is NOT a disposable. It says on the package that it is 1 razor and 1 cartridge. Those razor heads come off. Hope this helps, good luck!

ok i had problems with them a few times i don’t think they understand the coupons … some times … i go to the one behind atlantic station

Target is very hit or miss for me. Sometimes, I have the best experience ever (getting tons of good deals) and other times I have the worst experience. So much of it depends on the cashier. GL-hope you get it to work this week.:)

I agree. I went to a Target I had only been to once and had the worst experience; the cashier took my coupons and laid them all out in front of him before scanning them. Needless to say he scanned them wrong. He even asked a manager if he could take a Target coupon and a MQ, the manager said no and quickly walked away. I was left there to pay for a balance that should’ve been way lower. So, I went to customer service and the same manager happened to be there, so I told her to please help me correct my purchase. The cashier had kept MQ’s that he hadn’t scanned, and he scanned a Target coupon twice, where he should’ve scanned a MQ. Horrible. But, today, I decided to give this same store another try (since I was already there to shop for jeans for my brother). The cashier that helped us was the complete opposite of my previous experience. I finally got to use the Neutrogena $2/1 MQ’s, GE lightbulbs $2/1 MQ, my Reach floss $1/1MQ and for a sweeter deal, the Lindt chocolate MQ’s and Target Lindt coupon for $2/1. Got a GE lightbulb catalina for $3/2 and ALL of the aforementioned items ended up being free ^.^

They make embrace disposables and none disposables I believe so just make sure you grab the right one and then if they still give u an issue ask for a manager :)

I try last night the same thing happen to me and is because for the target coupon you have to get the one that is in that coupon picture I believe is an OLAY YELLOW ONE AND I DON’T KNOW IF YOU STIL HAVING THE P&G 7/28 BUT THERE IS A COUPON FOR 5/1 ANY VENUS SO YOU COULD HAVE IT FOR FREE SINCE THAT YELLOW IS 7.99!!!!! I HOPE THIS HELPS.

What’s funny to me is how we are all getting different reasons why it won’t work. My Target told me that it had to be the razor in the photo. Meanwhile, yours told you it was because you were trying to buy one that was disposable (which it is clearly not, being refillable and all). They cannot get their own stories straight. Ridiculous!