Schick Hydro 5 razors are on sale this week at Target! At my store I spotted these razors with travel size Banana Boat sunscreens attached. Stack a newspaper coupon from the 7/28 Smart Source insert with a Target printable coupon and a Target Cartwheel offer. Pay just $1.48 for a Schick Hydro 5 razor, plus get a free travel size sunscreen!






Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor $7.64, sale price through 8/17
Use $2.00/1 Schick Hydro Power Select, Hydro 5 or Hydro 3 Razor from SS 7/28 (exp 9/8)
And use $3.00/1 – Schick Hydro 5 Razor or Refill, limit 1 coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
And use 25% Off – Schick Hydro Men’s Razors, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/31) – (
Final Price: $1.48


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34 thoughts on “Schick Hydro 5 Razor, Only $1.48 at Target!”

i printed it from target coupons or used the ones i got in the schick hydro packages – + the cartwheel on schick for 25% off until the end of august & if you combine that with a $4 off coupon it is nearly free! ($0.48)
I have many schick MC from the packages I have already bought (women’s schick hydro) each package contains a $4 MC good thru 12/31/2014!
it has to be the 1razor/1refill pack (this is the one w the coupon)

on the banana boat – one target here had the promotion the past 2 weeks (still going on now) where you buy 2 get $5 gift card
each was $7.99 (family size coolzone is what i bought but u can get whatever u like) i used two $2/1 TC and two $2/1 MC and i have the cartwheel for banana boat 20% off – plus i used a $5 gift card from my previous transaction (3 garnier where i got a $5 gift card) – so the total w tax (6%) was $1.01!

check your local target to see if they are running this promotion

After I got this from Target there was a coupon attched to it for $2 off any Banana Boat products. Then I saw a cartwheel for it and a target coupon for banana boat

please see my post above – great deal on banana boat if your target is running the promotion

I went yesterday and she scanned my Cartwheel first and then coupons. It worked fine. Except for the cashier was the worst I have ever had! She refused half my coupons and I don’t even know if she scanned them all, she had no idea what she was doing. Took an hour to check out and I only had maybe 10 items.

Just an FYI at my target they were not listed for $7.64! The price tag thingie said $8.99. I was gonna skip it but I figured I was there and that it was still gonna be a pretty good deal. When I got home to check my receipt they rang up as $7.64 each! I was pretty happy. If you’re not sure what the price is maybe you can take it to one of those scanners things just to double check if it doesn’t look like it’s on sale. I’m new to all of this but so far I’ve found some pretty good deals :)

you can always use the price checkers in the target aisles – they will always tell you what the current price is


they had this at my target too!
only i used the peelies in conjunction with my other TC (on banana boat) + 20% off cartwheel costing me only $1.01 (including tax) for 2 family size cans of banana boat cool zone sunscreen plus received a $5 Gift Card!

also – if you use $4MC for schick – you can get this for $0.48! i chose to do this and use the coupon towards the other banana boat deal =]

Which coupons did you use exactly? im only seeing a $2/2 tq and $3/2 mq or the peelie for $2/1. And how much was each can?

each was $7.99 i used two $2/1 TC and two $2/1 MC and i have the cartwheel for banana boat 20% off – plus i used a $5 gift card from my previous transaction (3 garnier where i got a $5 gift card) – so the total w tax (6%) was $1.01

yes, both these ladies are right!
try another cashier, or another target =]

oohhh..thanks for that info!
i sure hope it doesn’t happen to me next time i go to target – will have to see if it’s in effect her too

They aren’t the same.

Quich question if I used my cartwheel on my phone for this deal can I go again tomorrow with my cartwheel? I guess what I’m asking is if the cartwheel on my phone is a one time use

I ringed up multiple transactions and went in several times a day using the cartwheel. Always applied.

cartwheel discount is good until it expires, and you can use it unlimited times i believe?!

Cartwheel deals can be used for up to four of each product, up to six times a day.

on my hydro razor the cartwheel only took off 15 cents instead of 1.28 and on the schick razor it took off .36 instead of 1.01? I don’t know why???

Anyone else not able to find the one with the sunscreen with it. I didn’t see them at my Target. Wasn’t sure if I missed them in a different section or what.

Monica’s right, that is NOT CORRECT or right in my opinion. Target has done a HORRIBLE job of informing their employees… You are able to use 1 MQ, 1 Target q AND cartwheel.

At my target there was also a $2 off banana boat coupon on the razor package that the cashier scanned along with the other coupons, making it free!

Me too!!I

According to target coupon policy you can use cartwheel, one target coupon, and one manufacturers coupon per item. Print it out and take it with you to the store.

you could also use 3.00 dollars off coupon from the target coupons in the inserts a couple weeks ago! instead of printing!

do you know which insert this was in? i can only find a $5 off both razor and refill from 7/28

The $3 coupon was for Gillette, not Schick.

the lady above was right, didnt realize it till right i posted this comment! sorry bout that

Cartwheel is an app. Also, when I did the price, I got $1.98 not $1.48. $7.64 – 3 = $4.64 – 2 = $2.64 – $0.66 (25%) = $1.98

But what if we gave them our cartwheel first and then the coupons….it would be $7.64 – 25% = $5.73, minus coupons 3 and 2 = $0.73!!!

They do target q first, then cartwheel then MF q.

The order that you give them to the cashier does not matter, unfortunately. The register will automatically adjust the percentage discount. As for the math, it looks like this: $7.64 – 3 = $4.64 – 25% ($1.16) = $3.48 – 2 = $1.48. The Cartwheel percentage savings is applied after Target coupon discounts, but before manufacturer coupons, like Jess mentions. Hope that helps you! :)

I believe that the cartwheel coupon is not affected by the manufactures coupon so $7.64-$3(target coupon)=$4.64 then minus cartwheel $4.64-$1.16(25%)= $3.48-$2(manufactures coupon)=$1.48

How do I print the Target Cartwheels?

click up in the right hand corner where it says redeem in store.


It only let me print once? Did that happen for anyone else?