Make sure to check your CVS store for clearance items! Here are a couple of clearance finds I spotted this week. Keep in mind that clearance varies from store to store. Items may not be marked, so be sure to use the price scanner. And remember to use manufacturer coupons to spend as little out of pocket as possible!






Buy 2 Pantene Ice Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, 12.6 oz (reg $4.99) $1.24, clearance price
Use one $3.00/2 Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Products, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 8/4 (exp 8/31)
Or $2.00/2 – Pantene Products, excludes trial and travel size, limit 4 like coupons per household per day – (
Or $2.00/2 – Pantene Products, excludes trial and travel size, limit 4 like coupons per household per day – (
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2


Bounce Lintfresh Roller (reg $6.29) $1.57, clearance price
Use $0.50/1 Tide Laundry Detergent, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to Go, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner or Bounce, excludes Tide Pods and trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/28 (exp 8/31)
Or $3.00/3 Tide Laundry Detergents, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to Go, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner or Bounce, excludes Tide Pods and trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/28 (exp 8/31)
Or $1.50/2 Tide Laundry Detergents, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to Go, Tide Washing Machine Cleaners or Bounce, excludes Tide Pods and trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/28 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: $1.07


What items have you found on clearance at your CVS store?

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38 thoughts on “Clearance Finds at CVS: Free Pantene and Cheap Bounce Lint Roller!”

Called my CVS and they have 2 bottles of the Pantene on clearance for this price! Holding them for me until I get there today! So exited :)

The cvs nearest me doesn’t have these on clearance, the other one about a mile away from that one is 50% and the one 15 min away is only 25%. It’s really strange.

BTW, I just remembered that it’s also happened to me a couple of times that a CVS cashier wouldn’t accept a coupon for various reasons when I knew for sure they should have.
I made the purchase anyway and then called customer service (pick option ‘comment on store experience’) to tell them what happened, and both times they compensated me by issuing extrabucks for the coupon value.

Another option is to make the purchase and then go back to the store the next morning with receipt and coupon in hand and request to speak to the store’s head manager (they are usually there during morning shift). The head manager is much more likely to care about providing good customer service, and to know that resolving the issue with you in person is better for them than if you call corporate and a complaint against their store goes to their district manager.


My reply is in moderation for some reason, but I just basically said that it’s better and faster to call them to deal with this.
Also if you really want the product, go back to the store during a different shift and try with different employees. That cashier and manager can’t be there all the time.

Annie – just a heads up on posts here – they don’t always show up right away, so don’t worry if it shows “in moderation” or doesn’t show at all. There is no actual human moderation happening, just a delay in the automatic system. Loved your comment (which did eventually show up), by the way :)

Thanks for letting me know KCL!
I was just a bit unsettled seeing some comments appear to vanish without any trace…

The CVS at my location had detergent for the 28 loads of ALL Free & Clear clearanced 75% off making them $1.96. Also — they had Febreze Fabric Refresher clearanced 75% making them $1.52 and I used a B1G1 coupon.

That’s awesome!

Wine!!!!!!! Wth!! We don’t have the special section of % off in the store here in Arcadia, CA. And the other 3 stores within 5 min don’t, either.

I picked up Listerine pocket packs for $1.49 and a CVS brand disinfecting spray for $1.52.

Did anyone who bought the BOUNCE have any trouble with using the coupons? I had one of each of the coupons with me, the $3/3. the $1.50/2 and the 0.50/1. I bought 3 bounce lint rollers, handed the $3/3 but my cashier flat out refused to accept it saying it wasn’t the item pictured, even when I pointed out that it says “bounce” on it with only exclusions for the other items- bounce not part of exclusion- still no luck! I took a roller out and asked if he could try the $1.50/2 and later the 0.50/1 figuring I’ll just get 2 or 1 rollers instead, but was told no, it’s the same coupon and he wont accept it! The manager who seems intimidated by that nutty coupon dissecting cashier at our CVS refused them all as well. Just wondering if my luck is horrible or they just don’t like my sweet little face @ my CVS anymore! I know Last time I swore I was going to make the schlep to the CVS farther away from me to avoid the crazy coupon cashier, but realistically I don’t have the luxury of time to go out of the way between my job and life : (

On occasion you run into employees like this, who for some reason are convinced that the only thing that matters about coupons is what’s on the picture. I’ve had several run-ins with one at rite aid who acted so crazy about it that I honestly suspect literacy problems (not saying that’s necessarily the issue with any of them).
Regardless of why, they’re wrong about it, and corporate customer service will back you up on this; but you have to actually report these problems to corporate or nothing will ever change. Get the names of the employee and manager so you can tell them who exactly is doing this, and let them know it’s an ongoing problem that’s been preventing you from shopping.

No… No probs here, at cvs closest to my house they will scan scan and SCAN the coupon.. If it doesn’t go in then what they do is make sure you have item and then they will input manually.

My store was out of the 1.24 ones, they had another one for 1.74 for blonds for the Pantene. I opted not to get them as I don’t need that one and did not want to pay .50 each since I have enough shampoo already right now.

I found the bounce lint rollers but cvs refused to take the 3.00/3 coupon

Why, if I may ask? Mine did and the coupon beeped…. Even though the total was over the $3 of coupon so he scanned it again then again and them just finally took the coupon off manually. I shop there quite often and they know me there, and since I never coupon outrageously and I follow the rules, they will usually just take it off and trust me. Once or twice I’ve had a full in cashier and he/she will say if it doesn’t scan then can’t take it. Weirdo.

You’re welcome. =D

I am going CVS shopping tonight, I hope nobody beats me to these deals. I will have to see what else is on clearance.

my CVS only had 6 Pantene on the shelf… i feel bad for taking them. On a different note I haven’t had much luck on craigslist or my local classifieds however, what is the best way to save on shelves for storage? or do i have to fork out the cash?

In the search box here on KCL, type in “storage” and there are a couple of articles such as this one from July of 2013—Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Stockpile with Limited Storage Space–Read the comments section for more great ideas on these articles.

BTW–how about garage sales or the local Lowes or Home Depot and put your name on a list to call you if they get some in slightly damaged. Also, my local paper has a classified section titled “Looking to Buy” where people post things they would like to buy. Try Facebook as well–many communities now have facebook pages for items people are looking to swap/trade/sell, etc

Thank you!

Just saw a KCL post from yesterday Re: Walmart has Plano shelves–heavy duty– for $13.51–other readers gave them good reviews. If your store does not have them, you can order online and get free shipping if you ship them to the store.


Does all the cvs’s have the same clearance ? Or you just have to get lucky?

Luck is the name of the game

If we find something on clearance, there is a good chance you will too. But not all CVS stores will have the same items – either because they haven’t reduced them yet, OR because they did and already sold out 😉 We hope that listing these clearance finds at least gives you some idea what might be out there, and to give readers a place to let us know what they find too!

How much is the bounce on your cvs branch coz the one that I went to is $3.19

Someone had posted about the Kingsford charcoal in the 75% off summer clearance, and so I checked it out and I scored three Matchlight 6lb bags for $1.99 each and two Coleman camp grill fuel propane for $2.25 a two pack — a little over a dollar each. Summer campin’ ‘n’ grillin’ ain’t over yet in our neck of the woods. (Did I mention first day of school is September 9th?) Some bouncing on water balls on summer clearance, CVS nail polish remover ($1.50 mcm q) and twenty five cent Tums on clearance at checkout brought my total up to $15 so I could use my $5off mcm q : )

Many items in the cold and cough aisle on clearance at my CVS, including generic Chapstick, medicine, saline. Also several cough & cold items in the children’s medicine section as well including a brand my pediatrician just recommended. Yay!

There isn’t a clearance section at CVS. Clearance items are with regular price items. Sometimes you have to browse the area for the item you are looking for. Other times you have to price check items at MCM (magic coupon machine).


I also found H&S on clearance!! The large size were $1.99!!! The conditioner was $1.57!! I used my BOGO coupons and I used the $4 off $12 shampoo CVS coupon! Sweet deal! So between the Pantene and the H&S I made a killing on shampoo this week!

Which ones, if you can help me out!!! Thanks!! I love h&s for dandruff and it just leave my hair soft.

My store had the H & S for dry scalp shampoo and conditioner but both slots were already empty. I’m going to try a different CVS today as I still have 2 B1G1 Free Coupons.

It was the dry scalp shampoo and conditioner. I was able to use both my bogo coupons. The Pantene was the large ice shine. They were only $1.87 each. I had the $3 off 2 coupons. I did the 2 Pantene and the 2 H&S and had to buy a bottle of soda to cover the coupons!!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I’ve been sick! Hope they still have it for you! Look for the gain and the All laundry soap too! I usually just go up and down the isles to see what they have. At my store there was a lot in the Oral care isles too. Some in the contact lenses stuff too. I have been able to get but I did have to go to several stores to find them!

you have to just wonder around looking for the clearance tags. Also sometimes they don’t mark it or they have it 25% and it’s really 50 or 75% off. Your best bet is to watch KCL and when you see something that should be on clearance scan it. Scan, scan, scan!!!! :) Good luck!

I bought the bounce and the pods, but didn’t find the Pantene… No tags and and product just there, I scanned the Pantene and nothing.