It’s the biggest Ibotta event ever! Earn up to $33.00 dollars in bonuses!

Cash in on offers from over 18 leading brands. Plus, get bonuses ranging from $2 all the way up to $20. That’s right! Earn an extra $20 in bonuses just by making grocery store purchases!

The best news: some of the offers earn double bonuses! This is too hot to pass up! Hurry — these offers move quickly!

Here’s a roundup of Ibotta transactions by store. Pick your favorite retailer and save big!


Check out this deal idea without baby products at Walmart. Earn up to $58 on brands like Viva, Kleenex, Cottonelle and more!

And here’s the deal with diapers and wipes included. Earn up to $52!


Have a CVS nearby? Here’s the breakdown on how to use all the bonus Ibotta offers there.

Need a super simple deal just on diapers and wipes? Here’s the perfect transaction for you at CVS. Pay as little as $1.12 for Huggies!

Get $68 in free product at CVS! Scott, Huggies, Colgate and more!


If Target is your store of choice, spend just $2.89 for over $71 worth of product with no baby purchases included! Get Viva paper towels, Kleenex, Cottonelle bath tissue and so much more!

Need baby products? Spend $7.68 for $83 worth of the same brands with baby products like Huggies included!

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51 thoughts on “Reminder: Hot Ibotta Offers! Earn up to $33 in Bonuses!”

They changed the expiration dates : ( Hopefully you were able to get your bonuses.

Got all the bonuses the same weekend they came out. But just wanted to share. Bought 1 Depend for Men, 6ct (sample box of different sizes/styles) @ $4.99. Used $2/1 Depend cpn & 20% CVS cpn. Submit for $1.50 Ibotta credit. $.50 after ibotta. Even if you don’t have a % off total coupon, better deal than buying $12 pkg, esp if you don’t need Depends or don’t know anyone else who needs them. 😉

Glad you were able to score these bonuses!

These expired yesterday!

Yes, the expiration date was moved up.

Well…that just sucks. I was planning on doing this offer on Sunday, but unexpectedly had my nephews over. I finally had the time to work out the scenario and the offer is gone from my phone, and the others expire tonight. What a waste of time! BOO!

Thanks, KCL, for the scenarios, though! They really would have help out!!!

I spent $6.90 and completed these deals! I actually missed out on the Autumn stock up because your Target post said you only had to redeem one offer per day but it’s actually TWO (I should have read the ibotta one – it is more clear). Regardless I’m not mad – I got a ton of useful stuff for only $6.90!! It worked out because I had some coupons that were higher than the ones suggested plus I had 5% with my Red Card. :)

I sent my first transaction at 9:50 and its still pending as if 3am but my bonuses are now gone so if indeed I get an extension on the bonuses are they going to re upload the bonuses? Because i still would have to submit the bonuses right after the purchases have been complete right?

Submitted my receipt at about 6 pm – still pending – bonuses expired now – wondering the same thing.

I hope we get it Kim it was fun doing it I just hope I don’t have to take all this stuff back!!!

They credit the bonuses automatically if you qualify, you do not need to submit anything additional to get the bonuses. I submitted my first transaction at 9 pm last night and got the credit within a half hour!

I noticed that after I uploaded my receipt today too, but in the offers you have two days to do (the $20 one and the stock up one) it gives you 7 extra days to finish those. So once my first receipt posted, it changed my exp date to 9/11. Hope that helps :)

mine says that it expires today 5/4 at 10:59 PM! I ran to the store and finished up my deals.

If you redeem your first transaction today then the expiration date will be extended.

Mine originally said they expired on the 9th then changed till the end of the 4th and now it changed back to the 9th.

I went shopping on Sunday and stocked up on the $20 for 10 making sure I purchased two items on the Stock up bonus. I uploaded my receipt that evening. I went shopping on Monday, purchased 2 more offers on the Stock Up bonus, and uploaded the receipt. BUT I didn’t get credit for the Stock Up bonus. It says I’m only half way. Is this because they processed the receipts on the same day? I sent an issue in but still no response. Any ideas??

I should have met the pick up values bonus, the hug your baby bonus, the freshen up bonus, the kitchen & bath bonus & the share the love bonus. NONE of them are crediting me. 20% on the Pick up values, 80% on share the love & nothing for the others – frustrating – receipt is still pending – so I am hoping when it clears it will update correctly.

Try contacting their customer service through their Facebook page. Hopefully, you’ll be credited the entire amount due to you.

OMG! I am soooooo mad! I spent alot of time compiling a list of price comps for this stinking offer and it was all just a waste of time. Thats soooooo wrong. They should have give us some kind of notice. If it wasn’t for logging on here tonight I would have went on to my planned shopping trip tomorrow to pick up all this stuff for nothing. SOOOOO disappointed in Ibotta!

See my post above – you can still do it!!!

My bonuses now expire tonight at 10:59 pm. I can’t believe they are only giving us 5 hours notice that the expiration date is changing. I was a new user for this promo and I am incredibly disappointed in this company!

Yes, it’s disappointing : ( Hopefully, you were able to get some of the bonuses in time!

I have had several issues with not getting credit for the items I purchased and it takes approx 3 days to get a response when submitting an issue. I finally had to repurchase the Cottonelle and wipes. Before I went to the store tonight it said I was 80% complete on the Pick Up the Values and after submitting the Cottonelle and the Viva towels I purchased tonight I’m now only 80% when I should be 100%. Its very frustrating when I purchased these items only because of the bonuses and they would be free when done. =/

I had problems also, but I went on their facebook and was told to contact I did and they got back with me within 48 hours like they promised. I had 3 items not scanning and the wipes I got were being counted as TP, but I took pictures of the barcodes and items and they added them to the system. They said they didn’t have all of the barcodes inputted due to overwhelming popularity of the deal. I ended up getting $48 for the deals + bonuses. I usually avoid Ibotta because I think uploading and scanning is a hassle, but for the amount of $ they were offering I made up my own scenarios and did it this time. They will fix and credit your account if you just let them know.

Frustrating : ( I’m sorry that your experience wasn’t good!

I am really disappointed that Ibotta changed the expiration dates. I was waiting for CVS to start their new week to grab the diapers.

Could i send in my second receipt one minute after midnight to get the ‘stocking up bonus’ since i completed my first offer today?

I don’t think so. I didn’t intentionally try to do it, but had shopped late and got home late and so submitted one about 1 am (with two offers) and it did some “insomniac” badge thing but it didn’t do the two day stocking up bonus. But I had purposely not gotten everything since I wasn’t really thinking that would count, I couldn’t get everything at one store and so had to do the other anyway.

Here’s what Ibotta just posted on their help center:
Wow – congratulations! You are making Ibotta history as we have seen the most number of Ibotta Offers and Bonuses redeemed, generating the highest Ibotta user earnings in history.

Due to overwhelming popularity and limited supply, please note we have some important updates regarding the expiration of Pick Up the Values Bonuses.

Pick Up the Values Bonuses – Guarantee Your Bonuses
These Bonuses are moving extremely quickly – get yours before they expire. Please see important details for each Bonus below.

$20 For 10 offers Bonus
If you have already redeemed an eligible offer for this Bonus, you will have until Sept. 9th to complete the Bonus. If you have not yet started this Bonus by completing an offer, you can redeem at least 1 of the eligible offers by 11:59pm tonight (Sept. 4th) and this will keep the Bonus open and available until Sept. 9th at 11:59pm.

$5 Autumn Stock Up Bonus
If you have already redeemed 2 eligible offers on one day for this Bonus, you will have until Sept. 9th to complete the Bonus. If you have not yet started this Bonus by redeeming 2 eligible offers in one day, please do so by 11:59pm tonight (Sept. 4th) and this will keep the Bonus open and available until Sept. 9th at 11:59pm.

$3 Freshen Up! Bonus
Because all 3 offers must be completed on one receipt, all 3 offers must be submitted by 11:59pm tonight (Sept. 4th).

$3 Kitchen & Bath Bonus
Because both combo offers need to be redeem on the same trip, both combo offers must be submitted by 11:59pm tonight (Sept. 4th).

$2 Hug Your Baby Bonus
Because both eligible offers must be completed on one receipt, all 3 offers must be submitted by 11:59pm tonight (Sept. 4th).

Well if this is the case then I guess we could all go out tonight and shop? I needed most of the stuff anyway.

Thanks. Now I am no longer worried. I submitted Transaction 1 without a hitch and in the morning I will complete Transaction 2.

So what is the best scenario to do it today since it’s expiring?

Wish they had info on Walgreens. I have over 400k points and it is time to cash in.

I just checked mine, and it says expiring the 10th.

Sorry, my bonuses expire the 10th, and my offers expire the 8th. Not sure why we all seem to have different dates.

I made sure of the expiration on all my bonus offers. They were the 10th and the regular offers were the 11th. I just submitted them and checked the new bonuses I got and found that these bonuses had disappeared. I sure hope I get credited.

Mine says expires today ;(

They changed the date : (

Yeah unfortunately. I guess I got lucky though and I am so happy about it. I went to the store right after I posted and did the deal, but ended up buying the wrong Palmolive. My lucky part is how the expiration date changed soon as I put my receipt in. I guess they decided to give me a few extra days to get the bonuses. So in the end everything worked out 😉 (Thanks for your reply by the way)

Yeah that sucks. I will probably miss out on this great deal. I was hoping it was til the 9th but oh well.

I think that several of us will miss out on the bonus savings! Disappointing : (

its not letting me ‘share on facebook’ to earn but its connected to facebook. is there anything i’m doing wrong?

I had the same problem. Customer service has yet to understand and work it out for me.

So annoyed with Ibotta that they changed their exp date on the bonuses!!! If you do all the deals at once your just missing out on the $5 though so still a great deal!

I made my own scenario for Target. Completed first transaction today without a hitch. Seems like Ibotta has worked out the glitches. I also made sure one of my transactions had at least $10 in offers redeemed to get the additional Money Bags bonus of $10. Spent $43 and earned $26.50, next transaction will be spend $7.50 get $29.25 in bonuses. Moneymaker for me!!

Money bags bonus is additional $10?


Oh no, most of the bonuses expire on 9/5 at 1am. But it states here that they expire 9/9.

They changed the date the day this post was written : (

FYI: On the “Pick Up the Values” bonus offers, they were originally set to expire on 9/9/13. Now these offers show as expiring soon and have the date of 9/5/13 at 1:59am.

Yes, they changed the expiration date on us!