Yesterday we told you how to get free Olay Fresh Effects cleansing wipes at Target. Many of you had trouble getting the Target mobile coupon to scan for the wipes. However, the Target mobile offer is scanning easily on the Olay Fresh Effects face cleanser. Pay just $0.74 each for two cleansers! See how below:

Buy 2 Olay Fresh Effects Face Cleanser, 5 fl oz $4.74, price cut through 9/7
Use two $1.50/1 Olay Fresh Effects Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 9/1 (exp 9/30)
And use one $5.00/2 Olay Facial Skin Care Items, excludes trial/travel size, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 10/16) text LUNCHBAG to 827438
Final Price: $0.74 each, when you buy 2

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64 thoughts on “Olay Fresh Effects Cleanser, Only $0.74 at Target!”

I went yesterday to buy two of Fresh Effects and Target would not honor the $5.00 mobil coupon. I was so upset.

The mobile coupon did not scan right for me in east tn area. The cashier told me that it must be because the wipes said makeup remover and not cleanser on the package. I took my coupons back and went back to the area…picked up the tubes of cleanser and snapped a pic of the sign that was in front of the wipes that labeled them as facial cleansing wipes. Showed it to the cashier and asked why they would not honor their own signing and coupon wording. Was told it was something about the barcodes or what not. I had stuff to do and told the cashier that I would be purchasing the tubes instead. Gave her my coupons and….surprise the mobile refused to work. She finally pushed it through at that point. Didn’t get my freebies….but not a bad deal on the tubes.

Maybe if you have them scan the mobile coupons first before the manufacture?

Is this deal not in oregon yet ? I went to my local target 2 days ago and it wasnt on sale, neither the scrub or the wipes:/ any idea when they will be on this sale for oregon?

scan them…they weren’t marked on the shelf…perhaps because they were having too much trouble with this coupon lol

My mobile coupon didn’t work on the 2 Olay Fresh Effects facial cleansers. Target offered me a $3 courtesy credit for my next shopping trip but refused to take the $5.00 mobile coupon. I told them to return my manufacturer coupons top me, keep the facial cleanser and keep the courtesy credit.

I tried to use the mobile coupon today and it scanned but didnt take the 5 dollars off. Is it not in use anymore? annoying because I really wanted to get this item.

Thanks for the information. I will try contracting Target for some clarification on the mobile coupon especially since the coupon didnt list a specific type of Olay product.

First time I used it on the wipes and the second time I got 2 of the scrubs.

I was able to do this twice since I signed my husband up and forward the barcode to my phone. both times the olay coupon did not scan so I took it to customer service and they gave me back my 5.00 both times..

I had trouble getting the wipes, so I decided to go for the face scrub instead since it wouldn’t be free and so I thought the coupon would go through easier…but nope..stupid thing said no offers were available…luckily the cashier was nice enough to push it through so I got both face scrubs for 1.65

I just did this deal and when the coupon was scanned it didn’t work. I think the coupon is not to be used on “fresh effects” that’s why its not scanning. the cashier was nice and still pushed it through.

Did not work on the facial towelletes because it is not a cleanser. I don’t know what it is then.

HELP! When I text LUNCHBAG I get a message saying “unable to send message, message blocking is active” How do I unblock this??

Same.thing happened to me. You have to contact your mobile provider to take the short number text block. If worked.right away after that.

I tried using my P&G coupons along with the target mobile coupon at 2 different Target stores. Yesterday, I tried using the coupons for the wipes and today I tried using the coupons for the facial scrubs. Unfortunately, the Target mobile coupon was not applied towards the Olay products. I was able to use the mobile coupons on other products I purchased in the same transaction without any problems.

Anyone know how to contact Target and address the issue that the Olay mobile coupon is not working on various Olay products? I thought it wouldn’t work on the wipes (yet I haven’t gone to Target to try this) but since you tried it on the scrub too there must be a coupon problem for sure.

I have the mobile Target app. I also receive their text messages. But when I typed in “LUNCHBAG” I saw others scannable coupons but not one for Olay. Did anyone else experience this? I’m trying to do this deal tomorrow. Thanks.

where do you get the 1.50 coupons at?

Was in 9/1 p&g insert

bummer…thank you

Have you actually signed up for mobile coupons not alerts and not on the target app? I have the app as well but you have to sign up for the coupons that will come to your weekly via text message. Maybe its just me but I’m getting confused on people trying to get the mobile coupons by downloading and searching the app when you sign up on the target website using your phone number and the time zone you are in and the time of day you’d like to receive the coupons, maybe you can clarify this for me?

This morning, I tried to use it on the cleanser and it did NOT work. The cashier told me that I had to buy a more expense olay product in irder to get the $5 off twi.

Has anyone tried this in Washington???

I did. I’m in nw washington. The coupon didnt work, she manually typed it in with no questions

I tried it at the Factoria Target. Didnt work. The manager was a brat (to put it nicely) and wouldnt override it for me. I will try at Renton Target today, they are much nicer. =)


Tried to do this deal on cleansers and the TQ did not work in CA. Cashier would not put it through either.

Stupid question so for these two items we will use 3 coupons!?

Yes, $3 off MFC coupon per 1 item. You are buying 2 so you get the target mobile deal as well. All together, 3 coupons.

The mobile coupon didn’t want to work with me so i couldn’t use it

my cashier had to take off $5 manually and they were pricted 4.92 at my store, but I still got the deal and it’s a pretty sweet deal! THANK YOU!!!

Same here. 92 cents isnt too bad!

Hi Liz, glad the deal work for you but did you also receive the $5.00 Target Gift Card, and did you also use the MQ (2/$1.50). What was your final price. Krazy Coupon Lady Community please let me know if anyone receive a GIFT CARD. THANKS!!

I just did this deal. When I scanned the coupon the register said that I hadn’t purchased any products that qualified but I showed my cashier the mobile Q and he just did it manually. I think its a problem with the mobile q

The problem is usually the overage. Since Target doesn’t give the overage, when you have coupons that equal more than the purchase prices of the products, it says you aren’t purchasing the correct items. This has happened to me quite a bit, and most cashiers will just enter it manually, but I have had some who said I can’t use it. =/

Where do you go to figure out the target codes? Like “lunchbag” and “offers”? Is there like 5 a month or something? They come to me regularly…but not this one!

some have said they show up on the site but I have never seen them so it must be a KCL/other bloggers secret that no one seems to share lol. I’ve even googled simply because I’d like to continue to get as much info as I can incase heaven forbid something happens and I have to fend without KCL

The $5 off target coupon wouldn’t scan for me but the cashier manually input it. She also manually overrode an additional $3 of MFR that wouldn’t scan.

TIP: Get to know your cashier, use the same person if you can. Be friendly and organized. I have thawed-out a couple cashiers by handing them a great coupon ‘stack’ so all they have to do is go grab it off the shelf at the end of their shift. They actually seem to cheer for me as apposed to groaning when I hand them 20+ coupons.

I got the wipes. The bar code did not show at the store, so I told them to punch in the numbers and it gave me 3.00 off instead of 5. They refuse several times till I told them it was my first time using this type of thing on a phone and could someone with knowledge of how to use it help me. I called target and ask them to send me the other 2.00 owe me. We will see if I get it. When I got home I down loaded the cartwheel app to my phone and then the bar code came up.

can we use the mobile coupon more than once?

No it’s good for 1 time only I think

correct, only good for one use unless you have multiple phones

I just downloaded the Target app to get this deal, and I do not have a mobile coupon for Olay. :(

Text Lunchbag to 827438

Wow! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! :)

Thank you!

unfotunately it didnt work for me my sister or my friend i got so upset but i didnt argue i just left them!! i dont get why, the manager argued that its only for the one pictured and i read it to him SLOWLY for him to understand it and he said well i dont knw but its not working WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!

you should have asked him to get someone who does know because you do

That is so frustrating. When they show in a store ad a picture of a box of cereal, and it says “all Kelloggs,” does that mean only the one box is on sale? *sigh*

Will this work online?

Is the $5 off 2 Target coupon working on these cleansers? I read on another site it wasn’t working on the wipes.


It does not work, but they did an adjustment for me at customer service and refunded me the $5.00

Didn’t work for me either but they did an override and pushed it through.

It worked perfect for me I got 6 packs FREE!! The cahier has to manually put the discount in. Sroll down on you phone to show them the 5 dollars off 2 olay products.

The $5 off coupon wouldn’t scan for some reason and sometimes my Target isn’t that helpful with things like this. Their motto is not to accept it if it won’t scan.

This says “Effects” so does it just give the illusion of having a fresh face or does it actually work? lol

I got a sample of this..and actually when i used it people noticed my skin!

My sample smelled like fish! Lol. I hope the full size doesn’t smell like that

yeah baby, that’s what we want, Fish Faces! …oh so gross lol. I’m not sure the formula would change in a full size that wouldn’t be in a sample but hey you never know. I like Olay but my skin isn’t oily so, hopefully if I decide to do this one it’ll be great.

Its ment for oily skin. Thankfully I got a sample of this in mail and tried it out first. It made my not-so-oily face VERY dry.. Maybe it will work for others though

yeah that’s what I was wondering too lots of things tend to relieve problems then make other problems lol