Update: The coupon is back! Print it now!

This morning we wrote about Nestle fun size candy for $0.62 at Rite Aid. The deal is even better than we thought! Buy two six-packs of fun size Butterfinger candies and receive an unadvertised $1.00 monthly +Up Reward! The monthly tags weren’t in my store, but the extra +Up Rewards did print. This is only working on the Butterfingers.

Note: If this is the only thing you are purchasing, you cannot use +Up Rewards as payment. For some reason, the Rite Aid coupon is applying to the entire $5.00 purchase, so the register won’t accept +Up Rewards as payment. Save the +Up Rewards for another deal!

Buy 6 Butterfinger Fun Size Candy, 6 ct $0.95, sale price through 10/5
Buy 2, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward through 10/26, Limit at least 3
Use one $2.00/1 – Nestle 6 ct Fun Size Candy Purchase, $5.00 or higher, limit one per customer, Rite Aid coupon – (facebook.com)
Pay $3.70, Receive three $1.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.12 each, when you buy 6 


Thanks, Reader Julie

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48 thoughts on “Butterfinger Fun Size Six-Packs, Only $0.12 at Rite Aid!”

I always ask that they scan my coupons first before my card so that the coupons come off before any Up Rewards are applied if I know there is going to be a problem with coupons scanning at the end. I have had a few cashiers not want to do it that way so I either nicely ask to speak to a manager or void the transaction and go back another time.

Is this coupon gone? I can’t find it any more.

It didn’t work for me. It took off the up rewards I already had and only gave me $1.00 in up rewards.

just did this deal. thank you KCL

You’re welcome!

It seems the rewards max out at four $1 rewards ($4 total) from the “Fun or Snack Size Candy”.

On my first transaction last night, I purchased 6 bags of Hershey’s (Kit Kat & Reese’s). I received three $1 rewards.

I went back to do the Butterfinger deal (6) on the same rewards account and it only issued me $1 additional reward.

The previous day, I purchased the Butterfinger deal (6) on a different rewards account and it issued me three $1 ($3 total) rewards. I didn’t try to purchase any others on this account.

This all leads me to believe that four $1 ($4 total) rewards is the max. regardless if you purchase the Kit Kat/Reese’s from the KCL deal earlier in the week or this Butterfinger deal.

Thanks for the report!

The coupon reset. :)


For those of us who have smartphones (which I can safely say, quite a few) should download the Rite Aid app or become more familiar with their online account and better manage their +Up Rewards. I do not have my rewards printed out I simply go online on my home computer to the wellness website and unclick the “+Up Reward” coupon I do not want used at checkout and I can use the App on the go and right before checkout choose to use my rewards or not. It’s fast and easy. This way you don’ t have to deal with cashiers who don’t know any better.

OMG, thank you for this tip!!! I didn’t see this option until you pointed it out. They bury it pretty deep in the options =)

For some reason I only got 1 of the $1 ups instead of getting 3 of them :-( I don’t know if maybe I’ve earned other ups on another deal and therefore am now maxed out :(- my receipt didn’t show as such though.

I just searched for riteaid from fb, liked the page, and it let me print….


It seems like it might be the same deal as the bags of fun or snack size candy.

I have seen you get very frustrated with Rite Aid this week, but what you describe is how the Rite Aid system works–that is why we suggested you get your rewards printed. If you are fairly new to Rite Aid’s rewards program then perhaps you should read the Rite Aid 101 page or through some of the Rite Aid posts and you will gain a better understanding of the program and the little blips that are associated with it . Now that you have your rewards printed, you should have fewer troubles, but in the instance you described, I think you are being unfair and unnecessarily hard on the cashier–just my opinion.

Yea, I didn’t know that one has to use their rewards loaded to a card even if they don’t want to use them. That may be the way the system works, but it still does not make sense to me that one has to use their rewards. I think that this should at least be optional. Seems to me that would be in Rite Aid’s benefit. But, hopefully now that I will have them printed (yet to see one) I will have less problems. I know I won’t stop going there completely but less often after this week.

The issue on Monday had nothing to do with me. From another deals site, I found that it was one of the Dove Mens products I purchased that was not tracking. IMO that is something they did and wasted about 20 minutes of my time for 5 bucks! I still think it’s completely defies reason that the store management cannot load or adjust rewards to the card.

I wish I thought I was was truly be unfair and unnecessarily hard on the cashier(s), but I have had a difficult time with them in my recent experience at Rite Aid. I much prefer the cashiers at CVS. They are more polite, professional and more of them care about their job IMO.

It is optional you can do it from your account online.

I just printed mine and it is still good from FB page…


I was able to print one just now…

Printing one right now, seems to be available still…

Worked for me on Oct 4 at 10:10 am!

It reset! Thanks!

I was not able to print it from the link above but I just seen a rite aid link in my newsfeed on facebook and was able to print it from there.

Same for me

These +rewards are not the same as thereeses and kitkats right? I already reached my resees/ kitkat +rewrds limit

yes, they are the same UPs rewards as on the KitKat & Reeses Peanut Butter cups. I bought 6 of the Butterfinger 6pks plus 2 bags of KitKats and 2 bags of Reeses, thinking that the UPS were not the same and that I would receive 5 of the $1 UPs rewards but I did not. Instead I only received 4 UPs rewards and my receipt shows i reached the limit of 4. Still a good deal though.

Thank you very much ! Good to go, ill make me sister go and buy them with her card 😉

I’m sorry you’ve had such a frustrating experience.

Thanks! From my experience, I don’t think Rite Aid is easy to shop for a beginner.

I work at Rite Aid, and as annoying as it is, us cashiers cannot change when you use your +UP. When you have them loaded to your card, the computer AUTOMATICALLY takes them off of your transaction. I know it’s easier to just have them print off on the receipt, which is something we CAN help with, just ask at the beginning of your transaction, or come in anytime!

Thank you! I wish they would give more responsibility to the onsite store and staff over the rewards program.

Amber…my son and I did this deal last night in s Utah…we wanted to get our feet wet at rite aid and put some +up in print for tomorrow on both cards to help with the purex deal….I asked the cashier to please make sure the ‘up’ printed on my receipt..he abruptly stated he just works there and I have to go online and make that change….ok, grrrrr…but ok…and to top it off, there was only one reward for each of us, we followed the deal exactly…I was talking to a manager about the printed ‘up’ instead of paying attention to how many ‘up’ we were actually getting….my son pointed it out that there was only one per transaction..again, nothing to be done…needless to say, I have 12 packs of candy, few rewards…I don’t mind the candy If they had been .12@, cuz I would have used the 3ups tomorrow….now I cant….the candy will go back today….

I have no prob shopping at mine, but can’t find the $2 coupon :-(

I can’t find it either. boo hoo.

go to iheartriteaid(dot)com the it gives you a link for the $2 coupon, if you have chrome, copy and paste in a new cognito window and get numerous prints,

How do you get numerous prints? Do you have to keep entering different e m a i l add ress?

Sorry! It looks like it’s no longer available.

The post from Rite Aid with the coupon just popped up in my facebook feed 5 minutes ago, and I was able to print from there. Anyone who couldn’t print before, try again!

Thanks, Jen!

that three dollars in up’s, will that be enough to help pay for the purex on sunday when they do the b1g2?

Of course!

Next week, there seems to be a sale of 3/$3 with a $1 UP, do you think that means (2) $1 Ups will print–a weekly and a monthly?

I think so!

Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong place:)

Do you think this would work if I used a catalina coupon to help pay?

I tried that too, and it didn’t work. For some reason, that $2.00 coupon applies to the whole purchase of snack size candy, and the registers weren’t accepting any +Up Rewards or Catalinas as payment.