Sunday’s P&G coupon insert in the newspaper contained a high-value $5.00 coupon for Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair color. Clip the coupon and visit Rite Aid, where you may be able to score free hair color! I found several boxes marked on clearance for $4.99. Clearance can be different at each store, so this deal may not be available to everyone. Also, remember that the coupon may need to be adjusted down at checkout per the Rite Aid coupon policy.

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color (reg $9.99) $4.99, clearance price

Use $5.00/1Vidal Sassoon Hair Color Box from PG 1/26

Final Price: Free

Vidal Sassoon hair color is only $0.49 at Walgreens! 

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26 thoughts on “Free Vidal Sassoon Hair Color at Rite Aid!”

  1. Alex Kitos says:

    Where can I get this coupon if I lost it?

  2. Maria Sanchez says:

    I shop in LA and get one for $5.14 and use the $5.00 off …not free but $.14 is not bad.

  3. Ikkin Euv says:

    I bought one for 4.99 and didn’t get my $5 off.

  4. Anonymous says:

    please let me know which rite aid if anybody has shop in los angeles  90006 all the store I have been their 9.99

  5. Anonymous says:

    My WalMart has these on clearance for $5!  :)

  6. Miriam Miranda says:

    not at los angeles I call all ride aid


  7. Miriam Miranda says:

    any color


  8. Anonymous says:

    Got me 4 of this at my rite aid for free :-) 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice job!

  10. PamperedPrepper says:

    I went to one rite aid and someone bought all the clearance ones right before me.  So I went to another one and was able to use all 6 of my coupons ( 2 separate transactions) and only paid tax! So great,  I love this site and coupons!

  11. Anonymous says:

    My Rite aide said no to the $5 coupon because it Hair color was $ 4.99 and she said couldn’t adjust the coupon. So I said Make the Hair dye $5 and she was like we can’t raise prices.. lol . Wasn’t mad I’ll go to Wags….Is there a way to price adjust a coupon? I know Walgreen’s does it.

    • Anonymous says:

      try adding a small cost item to your basket. Most Rite-Aides (drug stores) cannot allow a ‘money owed’ receipt. So since your coupon is more that the item, add a something that costs under a dollar so your final bill shows money owed. That works here in TN and per their manager it is their policy. I would think all have the same policy. Good luck.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there is a way to adjust the coupon at Rite Aid. Print off the coupon policy and ask for a manager next time if you have trouble at checkout.

    • Anonymous says:

      i used to work at riteaid and it wont work if money is owed i dont know why but i know that there is a way to change the price depending on the employee they might need a manager aproval but its only 1 cent so i dont get why she refused…i think the company just want you to get something else and spend more money but if it happens again i would just politely ask for a manager and speak with them about it

  12. Anonymous says:

    my Rite Aid has this for $9. zip code 98032

  13. coupon.bird says:

    Why does my PG only have a $3 Q?

  14. habslover123 says:

    I also found these on 75% clearance at CVS. I got 4 of them for $2.52 each and used 4 of the $5.00 mq’s and got $9.68 overage applied to my order. My CVS allows overage as long as there are other items in the order to absorb it, so I used it for things I needed that I did not have coupons for. So a basket of stuff for free! I LOVE COUPONS!

    • Anonymous says:

      habslover123 could you share the color #s with use ….if you wouldnt mind or are they all on sale I persinally ran into this problem 2 weeks ago and had to keep checking lol the mcm please and thank you kindly lynn

      • habslover123 says:

        I got 2 – 5C Medium Cool Brown, 1 – 7C Dark Cool Blonde, and 1 – 6R Light Auburn. A great deal, I hope you can get some too!

  15. KrazyCoupon Lady says:

    Good job!

  16. karlaspath says:

    I Got 2  today for my daughter-in-law, for free!  Thank you for posting this!  They also had Sassoon shampoo and conditioner on clearance for $3 a bottle ( large bottles), pantene, and Ausie also.  I didn’t have my binder, just pulled the Sassoon before I went, so mad at myself!  Going back tomorrow though to get the deals I missed today  Winter storm here, Loluisiana, everyone be safe!