Yesterday’s Smart Source newspaper insert contained a high-value coupon for $5.00 off any Mucinex Allergy product and an offer for a $2.50 Mucinex rebate! If you were lucky enough to score both of these, get Mucinex for free at Rite Aid or CVS. Or, take the coupon and rebate to Walgreens, where the deal is a moneymaker! This month, buy Mucinex Allergy relief and earn an unadvertised 3,000 Balance Rewards Points.




Rebate Requirements

  • Purchase one Mucinex Allergy product between 2/23 and 4/6.
  • Submit the original store receipt and product UPC code by mail.
  • Allow 8-10 weeks to receive the refund.
  • There is a limit of one offer per household.

Note: As with most newspaper offers, the Smart Source coupon and rebate offer are regional.

Buy 1, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 3/29
Buy 1, Submit for $2.50 Mail-In Rebate from SS 2/23, Limit 1

Use $5.00/1Mucinex Allergy Product from SS 2/23

Pay $2.50, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points ($3.00) and Submit for $2.50 Mail-In Rebate

Final Price: $3.00 Moneymaker

Even without the mail-in rebate, the deal is a moneymaker:

Buy 1, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 3/29

Use $5.00/1Mucinex Allergy Product from SS 2/23

Pay $2.50, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points ($3.00)

Final Price: $0.50 Moneymaker

Thanks, Reader ECM 

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48 thoughts on “Better-than-Free Mucinex at Walgreens!”

There is also an in-store coupon for $5 off in the March coupon book. In-Store Coupon is good 2/23-3/29. So you don’t have to pay anything OOP!

That coupon is for the 40-count boxes. The sale described above is for the 5-count boxes, so the Walgreens coupon would not work.

thank you!

If anyone wants either the rebate and/or the coupon, I have one of each I would be willing to trade with any baby coupons anyone could spare. :) email:

I was unable to get a newspaper this week, does anyone have any extra mail in rebates?

I don’t know if they do it where you live, but I never buy the Sunday newspaper on sunday. I wait til Sunday afternoon or Monday morning and go to my dollar tree and get each copy for a dollar, sometimes I wait til Friday or Saturday when they give 4 papers for a dollar… which works awesom me for me. So idk try your dollar tree see if they sell the leftover for a buck

i have tons if you want some :) i get free coupons on base :)

I can send you one if you want?

Sorry I stop for a little while and I thought you can roll your rewards?  I use to do that 

Read the "101" tab at the top of our Walgreens page for the full scoop on shopping at Walgreens!

I was wondering if I buy something and pay for it  with rewards and cash will I not get the rewards that the item is offering at like walgreens


Everyday i learn something new , The store had the item ,our newspaper had the coupon, I paid with the correct amount of register rewards …everything scanned easily ….and then i screwed up using a store credit of .25 cents  …..Store credits stop you from receiving points ..just as you can never redeem  points when paying with them ……

ooops…… replace the word paying with earning

Oh no! That has happened to the best of us one time or another! Thanks for the reminder!

I’m so glad I read your post I was going to do the same thing…. thank you for reminding me.

you may want to try calling or doing an online chat with Wags customer service; sometimes they have been known to give points as a 1x courtesy if you fail to get your points for a simple error; it may help if you stress the fact that it was an accident and you were unaware that using store credit prohibited you from earning points; btw, make sure to have your receipt handy when you contact them

is this sold anywhere else as our Walgreens didn’t get it & manager said probably wouldn’t before the sale was over

I got mine at Target today and I combined it with Targets 2.00 coupon!

You could always ask for a rain check.

Rain check wouldn’t give you the points. Rainchecks are good only for the sale price- not points or RR.

You can ask your manager for a rain check! This product is available elsewhere, but it won’t be a moneymaker anywhere else.

didnt get the coupon or rebate form in my insert. darn. 

I have extra that I don’t use if you would like to have them

I didn’t get them.  Can I have them??


My address is

Laura Strother

PO Box 814

Oberlin, La  70655

parden me, as it is none of my business, but for future reference, you may not want to put your info out like that, even if it is a PO box

I was unable to get a newspaper this week, could I get one of the coupon and one of the mail-in rebate?

Didn’t get the 3,000 Balance Reward Points – totally bummed!

Oh weird! I got them yesterday morning when I purchased this. Did you pay with Points? That would cause you to not be able to earn Points.

I did redeem points!!!!  I did so carefully, thinking there were no bonus points to earn, but now I know better!  I’ll try again.  You rock!

I got the 3,000 points this time. Made $ on a product I need and use! 

My question is in the ad the points are off the mucinex cold meds. This is for allergy does anyone know if it will work? Also do you have to do one product at a time to get the 3000 points?

I did it yesterday and it worked! You can buy more than one at a time if you’d like; you’ll receive 3,000 Points for each one you buy.

The 5.00 coupon and the 2.50 rebate is in SS  2/23 if anyone wanted to know


Is there a limit on how many reward points you can get in one transaction?

no; the only limit is if the store places one on the number of same items you can purchase, which some stores do for sale/promotional items

Where are the rebate forms? At Walgreens?

SS insert 2/23

Read the post above to find out.

Never mind, it is already listed as being a $3 money maker.  Scrolling too fast on phone and missed it.

If it is free after coupon and rebate, would not that be a $3 money maker from the points.