Oscar Mayer P3 TargetUpdate: These have been reported to be on price cut at Target making them free!

Thanks, Reader EmGarrigan

Score a hot deal on an Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack with a new coupon stack at Target! Stack a new, high-value Target Cartwheel offer with a printable manufacturer coupon and score an Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack for just $0.15!

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18 thoughts on “Free Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack at Target!”

  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    A cashier at Target told me they have to scan the cartwheel first in order for it to work

  2. couponing girl says:

    my cartwheel didn’t work for this :( i didnt notice until I already left the store. if you do this deal, check to make sure your carthweel worked before leaving!

  3. Angel Daniels says:

    Is there any where else to get the coupons from? coupons.com of course only let you print 2, how to get 2 more if the limit is 4?

  4. pccgabriel says:

    cartwheels says limit four and and mgf coupon says .75/1 so 

    can buy four and turn in 1 cartwheel and four mf and get all 4
  5. amandamarquez says:

    Darn. I saw the deal that was posted last week & paid $.75 each for these. :(

  6. EmGarrigan says:

    These were on sale 2/$3 in Hanover, PA so with four $.75 and the cartwheel 50% they were FREE

  7. LAFANPULSE says:

    still a good deal on something that only worth .25….lol

  8. kellymartinez says:

    Yup… the cashier scan the mfc’s first, second target coupons  and then the cartwheel. But looking at my receipt yes the cartwheel discount goes first, then target and last mfc’s. Idk if each store does it different but this way works better for me!

  9. Ezgi Demir says:

    which coupon do I need to use first?

  10. codi_2000 says:

    Wouldn’t this be 0.59? Cartwheel takes the 50% off after the MC. 

    • Anonymous says:

      nah, cartwheel is scanned last, comes off first, from what i see on my receipts…kinda like wiht the oscar meyer deal yesterday…

    • Anonymous says:

      my target does cartwheel on the amount left after the mc’s also.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is the target q that would come off first not the MQ…….Cartwheel discounts is after TQ