New Target Grocery Mobile COuponThere is a new Target mobile coupon valid for $10.00 off a grocery purchase of $50.00 or more at Target! This coupon will also be available in the upcoming Target ad. Text FOOD to 827438 for the mobile coupon offer. Keep in mind that this coupon is not valid to use until Sunday. Stay tuned for deal ideas!

$10.00/1 Grocery Purchase, $50.00 or more, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 5/24) Text FOOD to 827438

Here are some printable coupons to stack with this coupon:
$0.75 off one Simply Lemonade or Simply Limeade$1.00 off HORMEL ALWAYS TENDER meat$1.00 off any TWO V8 V-Fusion juices, 46oz$1.00 off any one M&M'S Pretzel Chocolate Candies

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For those of you who live in a Kroger region, you might want to consider purchasing a Target gift card to use on your shopping trip to Target. You will get 2x or 4x the points loaded to your Kroger card which can translate to up to $1.00 off at Kroger gas stations. Just another way to stretch the dollar..

Do they have a print version of this coupon for those of us that just have a plain cellphone and not a smartphone? Someday I’ll get a smartphone, the day before the next big crazy hits :-)

Speaking of Target, I got that fantastic deal on the Canon printer thanks to you ladies!


There is one under the coupons section at I also believe there will be one in tomorrows target ad

HI, i know it sounds like a stupid question, but what is consider grocery at target? Thanks

I guess it is everything you can eat and drink, excluding pet foods.

condiments, can foods, juice/milk/soda, meats, fruit/veg, chips/crackers/snacks. there is a lot of options.

except milk for kids such as enfamil, pediasure and food for kids such as gerber and the likes

Tricia: the checkout computer accepts it without a problem (customer in front of me today used it), but the cashiers aren’t supposed to let you use it since the valid dates aren’t until Sunday. My cashier either didn’t notice or didn’t say anything since it went through fine.

Christina: before coupons! :) I always give it first to make sure it is the first thing taken off so there are no issues. 

Thanks Jennifer!

Is the 50 bucks before or after coupons? 


Has anyone else been to target and they told you that they do not take printed manufacturer coupon besides target one?

I haven’t had this problem. It sounds like a misinformed cashier.

Has anyone tried to use the coupon to see if the mobile one works now?

I went to target on 11th and spend over 50 on grocery. Can I use this coupon as a missing coupon?

No for multiple reasons. One the coupon isn’t valid till the 18th. Secondly the window to apply a missed coupon to a previous sale is 72 hours. I confirmed time frame with customer service last week. Of course you could always return the entire order and repurchase but you won’t get the items for the same price next week. 

Just an FYI…if you return food to Target, it is marked as unusable and thrown away, no matter whether it has been opened or now. It would be a shame to waste perfectly good food when people all over this country need it. 

Relax. I will never return food. Ha ha. 

Thank u. Just thinking about the possibilities. Ha ha. Get prepared for next time. 

Check with your store. My target gives missed coupons up to 7 days later. Plus their customer service  so fantastic they would do it in   a heartbeat

It will also be in the ad for those of you who don’t have a mobile. 😀

Thanks Gloria! It should also be available as a printable Sunday morning :)

I don’t know the exact Target definition of the word "grocery" but it must apply to more than food because the last time one of these came around, I used it to buy toilet paper. Maybe think outside the "food" box.

Never mind…I just saw that the actual coupon says only "Food and/or beverage" this time. Last time, it was off a "Grocery" purchase. 

I think you’re getting the deals confused. 

Not counting this one there have been 2 other $10/50 deals. The first was $10 off $50 Cleaning purchase which included paper products. The second was the same as the current deal but the coupon was titled differently. It was titled $10 off $50 grocery purchase and the first line of the coupons details stated good only on food and\or beverage purchase. I guess that confused people so now the latest one is titled $10 off $50 food and\or beverage purchase.

Either way, it worked on toilet paper last time. 

It won’t work on toilet paper and other non-food stuff. Last time I had the mobile coupon for $10/$50 I was very close but 1 item in the cart was cat food so it wouldn’t scan. The cashier was nice and just pushed it through since I was only a few dollars off.. but that is obviously YMMV.

Weird. It worked on my toilet paper without any "pushing" through. I guess it’s like when some clearance items trigger gift cards at some stores but no at others. Some days you get lucky.

 need of pull ups so i will try.

I’m doing CVS for diapers/pull ups this week because they’re included in the "buy $30, get a $10 gas card" deal. I  have $2.50 off printed coupons for pull-ups (also some $2 ones) so they end up being $8.99 (price)  – $2.50 (coupon) w/ $3 back in gas (out of $10 total when you buy $30 of certain products) = $3.49 for a jumbo pack.

The coupon says valid 5/18 – 5/24. So i don’t think you can use it till sunday.

I just texted and got the coupon too, says valid 5/18 on mine as well. I texted grocery.

Yes, you will have to wait until Sunday.