Those cute little K-Cups. They mean convenience. They mean fast. They mean caffeine. They mean expensive!

This fantastic New York Times article from February breaks down the average cost of brewing from K-cups at home.
Here’s the shocker: coffee drinkers are paying $50 for a pound of Folger’s in K-cups. No sane person, let alone a Krazy Coupon Lady, would pay $50 a pound for Folger’s coffee. I’d be hard-pressed to spend a nickel (snark alert!)

The author, Oliver Strand, explains the rise in prices is likely due to a generational shift. Boomers consider the price of coffee by the can. Gens X, Y and, um, Z, consider price by the cup — these days $1.75 to $4.25.

Even though they’re pricey, the National Coffee Association says single-serve coffee is now the second most popular way to a cup after traditional drip.

So how can you keep the convenience of the Keurig without the budget of The Donald? Percolate on these tips:

Register your Keurig: Get two free boxes (when you buy two). Register your Keurig here.

Buy a Reusable K-cup: Use ground coffee by the pound to fill a reusable K-cup over and over.  Amazon has two popular options, each less than $15. Option 1 and Option 2.

Make Your Own: Get K-cup supplies here. Just provide the coffee!

Reuse an Existing K-cup: Don’t throw a used K-cup away. Wash, dry and refill with ground coffee. Top with a My-Kap (buy here). A cheaper option? Cover the top with tin foil. Directions here. Find the best deals on Keurig cups. The site scours Staples to Amazon to specialty sites. What I like is the breakdown of price per cup (which lets me know when I’m in my frugal zone). There are even links to free samples.

Use Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save”: Use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option to get auto-delivery, free shipping, and a product discount, and lock in a price you can live with. Cancel anytime.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Bed, Bath, and Beyond routinely offers coupons for $5 off a $15 purchase and 20 percent off any one item in store. These come via mail in their store circular and as stand-alone coupons. Get them electronically. Sign up here. After signing up, get coupons nearly every month. The store also accepts expired coupons. The store also offers free shipping on K-cups.

Use your Discover Card: Discover Card holders know the joys of the cashback bonus award. Redeem with a partner gift card: in this case a $25 card to Bed, Bath and Beyond for just $20 cashback dollars. Or redeem the bonus directly for products, including K-Cups by Starbucks, Celestial Seasonings, Green Mountain and more, all with free shipping. Log in here.

That Keurig may have cost a pretty penny; now keep it running for less.

 This has been a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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2 thoughts on “Brew Savvy: Save on Expensive Keurig K-Cups”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahh yes, much cheaper to be old! I buy 1 box of these for the hotels when we travel. Other than that, I have an insulated steel carafe style coffee maker that I program to be ready when I wake up and it makes up to 10 cups. Sorry, I couldn’t even imagine paying the price for Keurig single cups every day and have to make each one, even with the savings ideas that seem more work than using an old fashion coffee maker. I also don’t buy the crappy coffee. Seattle’s Best #5 ($6 in Wal-Mart with $1.50 coupon=$4.50) is just as good (in my opinion) as Starbucks. I go hog wild with the Keurig singles and buy Tully’s – the best coffee out there in my opinion.

    • becky says:

      did not realize i was spending so much using the k cups. bought a reusable
      filter for my machine the other day and the coffee is even better!!! thankyou kcl for all the great advice : )