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Home Depot Christmas Light Trade-In: Up to $5 Off Holiday Lights

Christmas wouldn’t be quite so jolly without decorations, especially lights. And while the end result is extremely gratifying, the actual decorating process can be exhausting.

First, you have to find all of your decorations and haul them out of storage from your basement, attic, garage, black hole, portal to Narnia, or anywhere else that you might have stored them (and likely forgotten). Then you have to untangle all of the Christmas lights, which somehow magically have tied themselves into dozens of knots while in storage. Next, you plug them in to find…they don’t work. By this time, you’ve lost your jolliness.

Home Depot thinks it’s time for an upgrade. Back by popular demand, their Christmas Light Trade-In runs Nov. 1 – 14. Bring in old, broken, or incandescent Christmas lights to any Home Depot, and receive $3 off your next purchase of Home Accents holiday LED Lights, $4 off Martha Stewart or GE LED lights, or $5 off Ecosmart or Light Show LED lights. Get a discount for each string recycled, with a limit of 5 discounts per customer.


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2 thoughts on “Home Depot Christmas Light Trade-In: Up to $5 Off Holiday Lights”

  1. XenaWP says:

    Here’s the breakdown of prices:

    Home Accents Holiday LED lights: $8.47 and Up

    Martha Stewart Living: $10.97 and Up

    GE LED lights: $11.97 and Up

    ECO Smart: $13.97 and Up

    LIghtShow: $24.98 and UP

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how much the home accents holiday led lights are?