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How to Freeze Bread


Freezing is an excellent way to preserve the freshness of any type of bread, whether you bake it yourself or buy it from the grocery store. Stocking the freezer assures that a tasty slice of bread is ready at a moment’s notice. For best results, don’t top the bread with any type of glaze, frosting or icing prior to freezing.


How to Freeze Bread:

  • If you make your own bread, allow the loaf to cool completely before freezing. Warm bread can get moldy and soggy when frozen. Slice the bread so it can be removed by the slice as needed.
  • Wrap the bread tightly in foil, plastic wrap or freezer paper. Wrap it again in another layer of foil or plastic wrap to seal in freshness and protect the bread from freezer burn.
  • Seal the ends with masking tape and write the date on the outside of the package with a permanent marker.
  • Place the bread in the freezer and store for up to 6 months.
  • To defrost the bread, place it on the counter or in the refrigerator. Allow it to defrost for about three hours or overnight.

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6 thoughts on “How to Freeze Bread”

  1. fleurdelizzie says:

    Thanks! I didn’t think about that, Chandra. I only get good deals on my sandwich bread, and occasionally my store has BOGO free rolls, but I will check out the all recipes website and compare the cost of both. Thanks guys!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I buy loaves of bread from the store too. Don’t have a bread maker. I
    leave them in the bag they are in when I freeze them and they don’t get
    freezer burn, at least, not yet. Does anyone specially wrap store-bought
    bread in foil or freezer bags?

    • anonymous says:

      My mom taught me to save the old empty bread bags. Use a spare bread bag to double wrap the loaf and you won’t have any freezer burn. I’ve found it’s best to use within a month or so after freezing but that is my personal preference.

  3. fleurdelizzie says:

    I get loaves of bread (for sandwiches) from my local salvage grocery store for 99 cents. They have all brands and types. Although the expiration dates are within two weeks of when I purchase them, I buy a bunch and freeze. They still taste fresh and last for weeks in the fridge. I do have a bread maker from my grandma, but don’t know of any good types of mixes. All I see are bake in the oven. Any suggestions?

    • Chandra Leigh says:

      I’m learning like everyone else here and one thing I found to be very true is, “how much is your time worth to bake bread”? I too get good values on bread at the store and my time is too valuable so I leave it at that. :) Kind regards, Chandra