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Mash the Mayhem: Tackle Those Storage Issues with Tackle Boxes!

My grandma always said, “An organized home is the sign of an organized mind.” I don’t know about that, but I can at least try. In an attempt to stay clutter-free, I’m always looking for little tips and tricks. I pat myself on the back for this one!

You know those adjustable plastic containers used for fishing tackle? They are durable, have sturdy snaps to keep them locked tight, come in a variety of sizes and have multi-size compartments inside. Well, they’re useful for way more than just funny looking fishing bait. They provide the perfect storing solution for all those little odds and ends. The best part: cheap. If you don’t have one collecting dust in the garage, check Amazon. I recently spotted one for less than $6.00!

Take a look at some of the storage solutions these tackle containers can “tackle” for you!

  • Battery Organizer: The individual cells allow for perfect organization of your multi-size batteries. Your AAA, AA, and even C and D cell batteries can all be organized into the compartments for easy access.
  • Thrifty Threads: Organize your different sewing threads in one of these containers for easy access! You can sort by spool size or by color if you wish. The next time you go to sew you won’t have to dig for the thread you need.
  • Bust my Buttons: Keep spare buttons on hand for crafting or clothing purposes in one of these containers. You can sort by size, hole count, or even color. This will save time from having to sort through a jar of buttons for the perfect one.
  • Bead Perfect: A lot of my crafting friends swear by these containers for organizing their beads. They are perfect for keeping tiny beads organized and off of the floor. Sort by color, size, or material. When you are ready to craft, all of your beads will be easily visible and right at your fingertips.
  • Nifty Nails: Do you wear artificial nails? I have seen where salons keep their artificial nails organized by size and length in these tackle box containers. It is a great way to choose the exact size you are looking for!

The adjustable compartments and sturdy plastic construction make them ideal for organizing small parts and pieces that otherwise end up all over the house. Whatever your storage needs are, these tackle boxes are sure to help!

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5 thoughts on “Mash the Mayhem: Tackle Those Storage Issues with Tackle Boxes!”

  1. TheRougueCouponScout says:

    Ever get coupons for Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods… use them to get PLANO bins for cheap… check out the fishing section for a selection.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Another thing that works good for storage is empty containers

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found 2 of them at Goodwill, cleaned them up good and use one as a 30 day storage for meds instead of those 7 day expensive pill keepers. Indicated the day with a permanent marker on the bottom which doesn’t come into contact with the meds. The second one is my jewelry travel case. Place all the jewelry I’ll need with my outfits for travel and it’s perfect. I love my fishing tackle containers……..

  4. Msidusa says:

    I took the time years ago to line each compartment with felt so I could store rhinestone jewelry in one. After 15+ years, all of them are still in great shape, no tarnish. I also use them for hair accessories and Bobbie pins, beading, ribbons, etc. I stole my husbands unused tackle box that had four full boxes because I knew I’d use it more than he ever would.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I use it for storing my daughter’s hair accessories and my jewelry too like earring ets