2 Black Forest Gummy Worms $1 each
-Buy 1 receive 100 Plenti Points X2

6 Tic Tac Mints $1 each when you buy 3
-Buy 3 receive 100 Plenti Points X2
-3 B1G1 Free Tic Tac coupons

8 Lay’s Stax $1 each
-Buy 4 receive 200 Plenti Points X2
-Spend $8 receive 200 Plenti Points
-$2/8 Savingstar rebate

2 Colgate Mouthwash $3.99 each
-$2 off In ad coupon X2
-$2 SS coupon
**$0.02 Money Maker**

4 True Lemon Drink Mix $1 each
-I received 10% off because I have silver status making them $0.90
-$1/1 coupon X4
**$0.40 Money Maker**

In the end in paid $12.58 OOP, received 10000 Plenti Points worth $10 and received and submitted a $2 Saving Star rebate. My shopping trip cost me $0.58!!!

Thank You KCL!!


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4 thoughts on “$0.58 for 22 Products at Rite Aid!”

I was able to do it in one transaction. You might have an issue with the Colgate in ad coupon because it states one per person, but the cashiers at my store always just scan them.


Awesomeness for the first time I was a few weeks back in a small town of the day before the game and the first time i got all of that💘💩👧😜😄😝😭💝🎃🎅🎉🎄🎉👻🎅🎊🎃🎄🔮🎊📀💿📼📷📹🎇🎆


was this all one transaction or was it split?


Its all togethor 💘💩💝🎆🎇📀💿🎊🔮🎄🎃🎅👻🎉💝💩👧😜😝😄💘❤😭