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i just want to say my CVS priced change for sunday on saturday after 4 o’clock pm so we are able to start the sale early!i bought 1 organix body wash and 1 organix lotion and 1 mitchum deoderant,used 1 $1 mitchum and 1 $1 cvs mitchum, (2) $2 organix coupon, ialso used $5/$15 & USED $5 ECB’S and paid $$1.57 +tax again i used my P&g rebate.and got back $5ecb’s and $1 green bag.
next transaction on my husband’s card. 1 oreo to go,(2) arm & hammer dryer sheets 40 ct., 1 16 ct.arm&hammer crystal burst power packs,1 mitchum.used $5 ecb’s, paid$1.96 +tax again i used my p&g card.
i noticed there was organix shampoo for $3.49 ea. so,i BOUGHT 1 ORGAIX Shampoo & 1 organix conditioner on sale for $3.49 ea. use 2 $2 off organix.pd.$2.98 +tax(from my $10 p&g rebate visa) and got back a $5 ecb’s,don’t ask why, i don’t know.i thought i had to buy $10 of organix to get the ecb’s.the manager was puzzled about it to,she was my cashier! so,i got $5,$5, and $1 ecb’s and paid $0 OOP AND WILL SUBMIT “TRY ME FREE” REBATE ON ARM & HAMMER AND RECIEVE $3.99 BACK.
going back to get a few more deals!

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